Saving plant kingdom, animal kingdom - how?

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SC to hear plea against new cattle sale rules on June 15,  Economic Times, Delhi Edition, Page 3 (Hard copy Version),    


2. Supplementary Document

NOTE: (1). The e-version of the article is slightly different from the one in hard copy referred above. (2). E-version has 1 more point. That is not addressed in the document.

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The feeling in the eyes of: awe, disbelief, betrayal that its owner who milked it all through... speaks it all. Did this unseen life form that gave milk all through its life do any wrong to deserve capital punishment? Did the owner do this purposely or did s/he not have means to keep it in their home/shed for want of food / space / any other compulsion?

The Gvt can tag them, create a fund, pay them pension in their ripe age, zig-zag fodder trains across the country, build crematoria acorss the country & consign them to flames with at least minimal respect when they depart. Methan gas from marshes is aplenty. But do we have the will?

Let humanity prevail.


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# 33

Cattle Notification Aimed at having ‘Regulatory Regime’, Govt tells SC


* The SC has given too less a time for such an important matter that makes all the difference between life & death.

* The Gvt side seems to need aid to argue the case effectively against well organised, well greased, rich businesses that have petitioned the SC. Thus, Draft version is being posted a week ahead itself. Further, if the Gvt side needs anysort of help in this matter, it may request so & the best possible help would be rendered. This matter HAS TO BE WON FOR THE CAUSE OF THE LIFE-FORMS THAT CANNOT SPEAK THE HUMAN LANGUAGE OR BE PRESENT IN THE PREMISES, BUT ARE BEARING THE WORST OF CRUELTY.

* God will definitely bless all those who contribute in all possible ways for this cause.

* This response is as per the hardcopy version of the news in Economic Times & Hindustan Times, Dt: 16.6.17, Delhi Edition.

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# 34



Despite best of efforts, the document remains a pre-final version. The SC has given too short a time. Never-the-less, it is still acceptable & is being posted with prayers to the all pervading Almighty for help at this hour of need.

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# 35


The saying goes "Where there is a will, there is a way".


What is being sought from the SC is "There is a way, please enable a will".


The painstaking efforts are to enable mankind on a different path & leave the life forms lead their lives normally. The civic society that has evolved from the times of primates, definitely needs to go a step ahead now & not keep bothering on small time concerns. Please .... 

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# 36

Top court stays govt ban on cattle sale for slaughter

  • 12 Jul 2017; Delhi; Hindustan Times


Humble submissions:-

  1. The consideration in the SC Order Dt: 11.7.17 has been on livelihood of people. But life is more important.
  2. All animals, not just the animal, ‘Mankind’ has the ‘Right to live’, ‘Right to dignified life’. But Mankind has not considered it so thus far. Too much of mankind, mankind & mankind only & matters are already worse & is fast going out of control. What is there, the life-forms that cannot speak express themselves are facing it all. But it be noted for sure that mankind’s turn is not too far & mankind will definitely repent.
  3. The super-intelligent animal, Mankind has exhausted its quota of resources & has already preyed far too much on the share that God actually means it to the other animals.
  4. Offices right from gram sabhas, municipalties, vidhan sabhas to parliament & Courts decide issues with mankind as the focus. These decisions do not take the God’s scheme of things & are harming planet earth.
  5. Science can definitely relocate ALL the workforce & the machinery in the slaughter & allied aspects like leather into far better options & no one would lose their livelihoods etc.
  6. India can transform & become the leader in this transformation process. Definitely nothing too big for the hard working people that we are. The high offices & Courts should give apt opportunity to present the new possibilities before them. They could then analyse them transparently. The superiors could value add to the base level work by way of enablement, encouragements, directions, gifts etc. India would then thrive on the transformation business. Food affects brains. Peace will flow all across the globe unimpeded.
  7. These things are not any magic that can be put in place in jiffy. This is lots lots lots lots of work. Needs world class people to lead the change in technology, infrastructure, management & will redefine work in itself.
  8. Honest analysis shows 1-2% of work has been done as on the day & lot of work has to go in right at the concept level itself. The Gvt should not put the bull before the cart nor expect the bull to become the supersonic plane. But then, the bull has its own place & aspects should be built / created in such a manner that the plane get limited to its domain in the new scheme of things. Let aspects be planned such that they phase-in. Then, there will be no pains in phasing out the hitherto practices, only that there be a definite, practical time-frame within which a 100% change could be affordable & enforced.
  9. The Gvt should work up fool proof, fail safe means. But that does not seem to have been the case when it faced the SC on all the 3 occasions in this vital life & death matter. In the same breath, the Kapil ji could have batted the 6 sixers for the cause, but bowled the one ball that knocked the wicket. Is it victory or loss? Sh. P. Suresh’s answer is: LOSS TO HUMANITY, INDIA, INDIAN CAUSES. – God alone has to adjudicate such a competition amongst rivals. Who are we? Who are we, the mortals who would die one day to do so, specially when the power does not vest in us. Prayer to Almighty, the great, the benevolent, the omnipresent. That is all. Let conscience work in this matter, not political thoughts. Let every animal, including mankind take birth, live & die honourably the way God desires, destines & not out of turn, or at the mercy of a xyz for a this or a that.
  10. Gvt’s liability, at best would lie in providing livelihood, proteins/vitamins to the masses at desirable quantity, ease, cost etc all across. The Hon’ble Courts, Constitution, etc that have been named so far by the opponents will, can never say that these should be derived out of that sacred blood & out of that cruel conspiracy that mankind plays on the 2ND Fathers, Mothers.
  11. The high Offices, Courts should definitely ask for proof of concept / practical implementation etc. But should not become a hindrance in the transformation for a worthwhile cause. The petitions that say that killing is their birth right be handled with a tinge of scorn & not corn please, for God’s sake.


If God gives enough, Sh. P. Suresh would post the photographs of the various automated food processors, factories, farms, farm produces etc in the course of time to substantiate above. But let it be assured that there will be no dearth of jobs to any numbers of people who want to work i.e. W-O-R-K & not mean those who want to show they are working by sitting idle on the desks in Gvt off-ices. The new jobs would certainly carry assurance, protection & be fair jobs that’ll enable great attainment & enable super satisfaction to all of mankind. The Gvt should probably think of POPULATION PROMOTION SCHEMES to sustain such mega demands in the new sector! But God is too far when the path is too slippery or when people chose to be opponents even if were to be such a holy cause.


                                               Let wisdom, God, Godliness prevail, specially in this matter.

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# 37


In the context of the argument that swayed the decision away: LIVELIHOOD, following are submitted:-

Vegetarianism & its associated aspects promotes harmony too in the society & is the best livelihood, food option. But, all of the society does not want to accept it. Thus, following will be a practical alternative:

                  TISSUE CULTURE MEAT

The idea: To produce animal meat, but without using an animal. Starting cells are taken painlessly from live animals, they are put into a culture media where they start to proliferate and grow, independently from the animal. Theoretically, this process would be efficient enough to supply the global demand for meat. All this would happen without any genetic manipulation, i.e. without the need to interfere with the cells’ genetic sequences. 


The Need: * Numerous New factories ((Highly hygienic, Ethical),

                 * Massive Redeployment at all levels,

                 * Strict legislations,

                 * Educate the Masses & Encourage Them to Take (Adopt) to New Lifestyle Voluntarily.



Details of The technology & a Sample of the State Of The Art:


2. The Future Will Be Full of Lab Grown Meat

3. This is the future of meat


Today, chicken farming, poultry farming, dairy FARMING etc is found. These consume lots of energy, water, land, resources etc & finally, the lifeforms are only culled in the most heinous way mercilessly. News item states that this technology takes 175 times less inputs to come up with this product & is the hot candidate in NASA's aerospace programme. Can the huge employment opportunities be imagined? Can we not redloy the people in this new industry? Yes, this will sustain (if the Gvt does not run them & allow private sector full access to this area). Cost will determine the demand too.


Even before the ink settles, it is pertinent to note that adversaries have come up with some issues. They have been debated face to face in conferences etc too. The issues are mainly of the foreign countries & NOT OF INDIA. Even, if it were, they can very well be addressed. It is only a matter of time & needs focussed work. WHY KILL THE 2ND MOTHERS & FATHERS WHO CAN VERY WELL BE WORSHIPPED? 


There is lot more to add, but it is suffice to note that India has a rich tradition of worshipping Nature in its entirety & the country has had very rich dividends, be it in terms of good children, society being by & large peaceful etc. The average society, the masses do not want such organised butchery, bloodshed & THAT HAS TO BE VALUED BY THE DECISION MAKERS. Moreover, Article 48 mandates the Gvt to take to kinder forms of Science & Technology to come up with solutions to the problems that confront the nation. The average society definitely did not, will not mandate its Gvt to provide GOVT JOBS TO CATCH, SLAUGHTER, EXPORT BLOOD & BLOOD PRODUCTS. The Rule is definitely right. It had to be re-enacted in August 2017, as per what has been told in the Apex Court. Still not done. Very sad. Let this be the top-most priority.

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# 38


News of ammendments  in 2017  Rules reminds of the Krack-Jack biscuits advertisement where in the umpire, when pressured puts his finger up, down, up, sideways etc.


The 2017 law is fully correct. Any deviation off that is injustice to  the 2ND Fathers & mothers.



The Gvt needs to stay firm on its stand. The rest of it can definitely be put in place.  


The information you share is very useful. It is closely related to my work and has helped me grow. Thank you!

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