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Living with two wives

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Helping HAnd correct....This problem can be solved if word man or woman will be replaced by word person in all criminal laws...Indian law needs amendments but our law makers are sleeping.....

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Originally posted by : Helping Hand !

Originally posted by : TGK REDDI

I agree with Shri Rocky Smith and am hurt by the comments of Dr, Katta Venkata Rama Krishna.    On the other hand, I disagree with  Dr. Katta Venkata Rama Krishna.

1.At the outset, the legal position can be discussed only with Experts/Advocates.   Please tell this to LCI.    We won't interfere if it doesn't allow us.

2.Shri Rocky Smith's advice is legally right.   I don't bother Ethical and Social Values which have no definition.    Rama is respected for monogamy while Krishna and Draupadi for their polygamy.    Krishna's childhood was praised which was worse than Duryodhana's.

3.Can you say that Shri Rocky Smith has no freedom of speech?

5.That's what Shri Rocky Smith asserted.

6.But the Questioner doesn't say he'll marry her.    He wants to live together.     It's not bigamy.

7.two unmarried.    This definition is wrong.     A married man or a married woman can live in relationship with another person of opposite s*x.     A wife can't prosecute the woman while a husband can prosecute the man.    Though I'm not an Expert or an Advocate, I can say that this law is gender-biased.

8.It doesn't amount to adultery.    Section 497 of the IPC may be seen. Culture.    You needn't be so proud of Indian Culture.    There're Keechakas, Syndhavas, etc.    Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara asked Anasuya to serve food nakedly.    Can you boast of Sati?    Can you boast of untouchability?

10.Shri Rocky Smith is well experienced and highly educated.   He's an asset to LCI.

11.You can stop wasting your precious time by not reading the replies of non-experts.    You're not, dear Sir, supposed to prevent our participation.    Pro bono Advocates and Experts?    We think vice versa!



Mr Reddi and Mr Rocky,

Now going by your thoughts and Rocky's replies and few others, law is like this and now as defined by law if there is no problem with a married man living with a divorced woman, while he is still married and stays along with his wife, can also live with a widow and also a unmarried female?

How fair is it?

If there is no scope for ethics and social values at all why is there a need for such law to govern the land in which we stay?



Mr. Helping Hand !,


As Indian Judicial System is unable to give justice/equal protection/equality before law  by making a matter lengthy (denying justice) and extort innocents,

Self-defense is their right under the following section –


IPC 97. Right of private defence of the body and of property.—Every person has a right, subject to the restrictions contained in section 99, to defend—
(First) — His own body, and the body of any other person, against any offence affecting the human body;
(Secondly) —The property, whether movable or immovable, of himself or of any other person, against any act which is an offence falling under the definition of theft, robbery, mischief or criminal trespass, or which is an attempt to commit theft, rob¬bery, mischief or criminal trespass.

So nothing wrong I have advised; right?  wink


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Nice thoughts by Reddy ji & rocky ji.....

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So the conclusion is: -


No-one shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law – As per Article 21 in Indian Constitution, Live-in-relation is legal in India if and only if women is unmarried, divorced or widowed irrespectively the marital status of a man.


However, I personally don’t recommend any divorced women since most of them have 498A, DV and other matrimonial dispute background. 


So its better to go for unmarried female or widow if one wants to go ahead with live-in relationship.

Thanks very much for your inputs Sri Reddi and Sri Rocky.  Your views are groundshaking.  Thanks.




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