public street

Which land is public land?

Whether all open unclaimed lands are public lands?

Which lands are public streets?

Whether any open land may be described as public street?

What is the procedure for declaring any land as public street?

Whether all public streets vest in the municipalities?


1- A Place /land commonly  used by genral public with out any Restrictions is public Place 

2- All open places are not public lands

3- All unclaimed lands are not public lands - if it is unclaimed to is the proery of the Govt

4- All  Roads shown in approved layouts declared  as Roads  int he Colony are public  Streets

4- The  Mpl /Local Bodies appraoved maps will be clearly   picture  the nature of the Street - private or public- you can file  a suit for declaration of any way / Road / Street as Publci Street 

5- All Public Streets vest in Govt  


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well answered by My friend Mr. Rao. for more details , kindly refer to s. 2 (e) of Public Premises Act.

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Thanks Mr. Rao,


I may bring it to your notice that my query was with regard to public land and not public place.


Whether the municpalities maintain record of all public lands. If so, under which provision of law.

Also under which provision of law municipalities (local bodies) prepare and maintain approved maps and layouts.

Whether any land vest in the Municipalities as per my query.




1- The Municipalties / Local Bodies will maintain the Public Lands / places  and properties belogning to the Muncipality /local bodies - there will be a Register for this  purpose  in each muncipality/local body  .

2- The main object of the locla Bodies is to maintain pulic places/lands /Streets  and proerties owned by Municipalites/local bodies  and to provide aminities to the Public

3- The  Raods and  Open Places in  Approved Lay out/s  -shall be  be transfered by lay Out owners by  Regd Deed in favour of the Urband Developemtn Authority /Locla Body  ) as Public  Roads / Steets  /Public Open Places/lands  )

3- The Lay outs will be approved by Director of Town and Country Palnning if the lands  are out side the Urban development Authority ( Rural Area & Gramapanchayath/s )  and for lands with in Urban Development Area  by Urabn Development  Authority  

3- Lay Rules and Regualattions

4- AP Muncipalities Act , Muncipal Corproations  Act , Uraban Development Act  and the rules regulations framed there under .




3- Lay Out Rules & Regulatsions




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