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Dear Sir and Madam, My name is Mukesh Joshi, 35, I live in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, recently I was ruthlessly terminated from Hexaware Technologies (Rs. 3000 crore by revenue, located in Mahape, Navi Mumbai) for wrong charges of non-performance. This was done because I raised few questions regarding my salary and unjustified performance ratings given to me by my boss. and also for complaining his aggressive and ruthless behavior. On 26th of February at around 5:00 PM, I was asked by the management that I had been given enough chances to improve performance in the past and hence they would terminate my employment with immediate effect and this will stand as the last day for me in the company. I was asked to resign and leave the company with immediate effect. The charges are baseless and unjustified as the actual non-performers are in the company. My performance was up to the mark and hence there is no question of giving me of multiple chances in the past to improve my performance. These charges have been framed against me by Rock James - Manager, shared a wrong and fabricated data to the management. He had taken the management into the confidence in my absence, and only listening to one side of the story they decided to put pressure on me to resign with immediate effect. � The people in HR and the SVP of the company were not ready to listen to my clarification as to the performance data had been fabricated by Rocky James, instead forced me to put down my resignation letter immediately. To avoid the scene, fearing of wrong decision making and to avoid succumbing to pressure I chose to walk out of the conversation and the company itself as I was in state of panic due to thoughts of my future. I told the HR Head and Manager - Roshni MJ and Veenth Gopalan, that they cannot force me to resign especially for non-performance as the charge are not true. I asked Vineet Gopalan - HR Manager to give me the time to think over the situation and allow me to talk on Monday, 29th Feb, 2016, which also happens to the salary day. However, I was pressurized to resign on Friday, 26th February, 2016. I had already completed my shift for the day on Friday, 26th Feb, and had off days on Saturday and Sunday, hence wanted to make a decision on Monday, 29th February. I was confused and baffled by the news itself, hence wanted some time to think over the situation to come back on Monday with fresh mind and having clear understanding of to respond in such a scenarios. However, when I came to office on Saturday, I found that my ID card was already blocked by the company administrators and was not working, I was locked out of the company. I was not even given a chance to show and prove myself non-guilty of the charges of non-performance in the past 8 months. I was rushed into a resigning from my role with immediate effect on Friday, 26th February. Now that they have terminated me from the job on Friday, 26th February, 2016. I do not have a job in hand, and have no idea as to how to approach the situation. I am married and have a 4.5 years old school going son to take care of. The company's decision of terminating me will have deep and far-reaching impact and bad consequences on my future career. They have ruined my career as no reputed companies hire terminated employees and employees who have been non-performers in the past. How will I now feed me family now? Who will hire a terminated non-performing employee? It is now a question of survival for me and my family? How and by when will bounce back from here? I do not have money to survive more than 5 days from now and the company asked me to wait for 45 days to get the salary only for the number of days that worked. I will get no letters of relieving from the company. Adding the whole month of February I will have to wait for the salary till 75 days (2.5 months) I am not at all prepared for this situation and do not have money to survive those many days without salary. I do not have a job in hand right now and do not know how things will go from here. There are some of the questions I do not have any answers for at the moment. I am under lot of pressure and my future career and survival looks highly uncertain to me.� In today's economic scenario it is difficult to get good jobs, it becomes even harder when you do not have a job at hand already. I have 13 years of work experience in private sector and I know that no reputed company would like to hire a non-performer, someone who has been terminated from job and by a reputed company like Hexaware Technologies. Also not having a job at hand means to compromising on the salary offered, instability and unreliability of the candidate. �� I have tried all possible means to save my job by trying to talk to the company management over the phone, but I am not getting responses from them. On 27th Feb, I had written an apology emails to the Chief People Officer and Head of the department seeking a chance and promising change in my approach towards raising concerns, however, I was given a cold response.� I have been framed in the whole story of non-performance, this is because I had been asked few questions and issues related to my performance review and net take home salary with head of HR department. Also, I had complained about Rocky James, who is a very aggressive and short tempered manager to the Human Resources. I had complained about his aggressive behavior towards me. Due to this he immediately alarmed the influential people in the company by creating a story of non-performance for past 8 months. He supplied a wrong data to management and requested my removal from the company. The people in HR, did not give me a chance to respond or prove my innocence either verbally or in prints. However they consistently pressurized me for resignation with immediate effect. Hence, looking at the situation, I chose to wal out of the conversation and the company on Friday 26th, February. I requested give me time at least till Monday, 29th February, 2016.� Also, on Monday the HR Manager, Vineet Gopalan, said over the phone that I have been terminated because I was abusive towards the HR, which is also a blatant lie. I did not do that as I know doing that would make my situation even worse and would give them a real reason to terminate me from the company. I earnestly request all of you to help me in the time of crisis in my career. I want to defend my case and do not want to allow these people to ruthlessly end my professional career. They have put me on street at the moment in terms of job by teaming up together and framing wrong case against me. As I had been asking few straight and hard questions related to my net take home salary since January 2016, and had complained about the aggressive nature of my boss Rocky James. They framed me for non-performance and removed me from payroll unethically and ruthlessly without giving me time and considering my situation. In fact I had been appreciated far too many times by the Sales Directors and Vice Presidents far too many times for my good performance in the past. Could please anyone of you respectable people help me in this situation as the charges of non-performance and hailing of abuses are absolutely untrue and unjustified. This is injustice and biasness as the actual non-performers are still sitting in the company with a secured job and future because they did not ask questions to the boss Rocky James I seek help and advice from all you people on this matter and request you the people to save my career and the future or else I will be lot of trouble as to a respectable career in future.�Please help me in getting my termination resolved amicably with the company and please ask the Rs. 3000 crore big organization to act responsibly towards me and not put me into unemployable situation for no reasons. Regards, Mukesh Joshi 9768571777 Kharghar, Navi Mumbai 410210



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