Stray dog

Could you please give me the list of following
1. Acts and rules related to protection of animals (pet animals)
2. Acts and rules related to cruelty against animals.
3. Number/reference of judgements related to control of stray dogs, stray dog menaces, cruelty to stray dogs,

Thanks in advance


Dear Client,

The following are some of th eAnimalrights Acts andrules

The Prevention of Cruelty Animals Act,1960

The Performing Animals Rules, 1973 and The Performing Animals (Registration) Rules, 2001

The Prevention Of Cruelty To Draught And Pack Animals Rules, 1965

The Transport of Animals Rules, 1978

Transport of Monkeys

Transport of Cattle

Transport of Equines

Transport of Sheep and Goats

Transport of Poultry by Rail, Road and Air

Transport of Pigs by Rail or Road

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals( Slaughter House) Rules, 2001

The Experiments On Animals( Control And Supervision) Rules, 1968

The Wild Life Protection act 1972

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stray dog menace is increasing and fatal in many cases.The right to life is affected by allowing stray dogs to bite people.status quo rules were satisfactory by periodically eradicating stray dogs.

govt should follow it again.It wants to to wear helmet to protect you but makes you a target for attacks by dogs and invading predators.The cases of death due to them should be collected and scrutinised to form a useful law to humanity.




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