Stalker (my ex girlfriend) broke into house

I have recently found out that my ex-girlfriend has acquired a spare key to my apartment and had visited my house in my absence. She was spotted by my neighbour two times. Nothing seems to be taken but this is a violation of my privacy. I never lived with her in my house nor ever gave her the keys. What can I do in given circumstances?

When I called her she said she had not entered my house. She is a very controlling person and is a threat to my safety and privacy.  When I told her that the building's security cameras have caught her, she believed me and said that she did not know that our relationship is over, although I had told her clearly to stay away from me.

Our building does not have security cameras and I have no evidence, except that my neighbour has seen her leaving my house twice over the last 2 months.

What can I do? Please help



Change the lock,  change the apartment just as you changed the girlfriend.

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@ Dev. I wish as lucky as yourself. Your ex girl friend eh. She's never seen your gadgets. ? I bet thats the first thing lovers do, explore each others stuff. How can that be an invasion of your privacy? Gagets get rusted with age like toasters.


@ Advocate Suchitra:

What can be done to warn her not to continue such activities? Can I get a restraining order? Is there anything like a restraining order in India? I have already changed the lock.


I suggest you start stalking REKHA . Amitabh Bacchchan won't have any objections now.

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I do agree with Suchitra.  You can file an injunction suit against her restraining her from obstructing to the peraceful enjoyment of the suit property.  You have make an allegation against her , you have to prove prima faciea case, but in your case it is difficult.  So follow the suggestion given by Suchitra.

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Suchitra has told you the right thing. I would like to add that when changing the lock, change it with a good lock with at least level 2 security for which duplicate keys cannot be made easily, else duplicate keys can be made for any ordinary lock within a matter of minutes, even without making any noise by a clever lock smith.

If living in apartment owned by you, it is not always easy to switch apartment then at least do the following:

1) Install a lock with at least of level 2 security. For details refer:

2) If possible install multiple locks on main door and also locks in internal doors.

3) If possible avoid follwing a fixed time pattern when leaving or entering house.

4) Avoid answering telephone calls or emails from unknown numbers and email addresses. Change your online identity i.e email id, messenger id etc.

5) Take any other precautions that you think fit as per your circumstances.

If living in a rented house/apartment then do the following:

1) Change the house/apartment at odd hours without making much noise and giving any information to anyone in locality, neighbours etc. as to where is your new residence going to be.

2) Do not transfer your landline phone number or Internet Service Provider to the new apartment. Rather close the account and get a brand new telephone connection and tell the service provider to not list your name, telephone details in publicly available telephone directory either in hard copy or that available online.

3) Do not transfer your cooking gas connection or any similar service/utility to new address, instead close it and get a new one.

4) Distroy the SIM of your mobile phone and get a new SIM from different service provider.

5) Avoid answering telephone calls or emails from unknown numbers and email addresses.

6) Create new email address preferably with gmail as it does not reveal your IP address in the headers of your email, whenever you are responding or writting an email.

6) Do not update the address, phone, email etc. in your present bank/insurance/stock broking etc. account details, if possible close these accounts, instead create a new accounts with a different bank/insurance/stock broker etc.

7) Avoid updating your address etc. in driving license or car registration. If needed get a new driving license from different licensing authourity if you also have alternate residense or address proof. If possible replace your car so that no body can identitify and track you by the car number.

8) Also take all the precautions mentioned(numbers 1 to 4) under category when you "own the apartment."

9) If doing a job somewhere switch the job without leaving any trail at your old job.

10) Take any other precautions that you think, will make impossible or atleast really difficult for any hired private detective/s to track you to your new location from the trail left behind by you in form of above/similar situations/accounts/services/utilities etc.

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I think if you don’t make any step then first change your lock and in future never put too much trust on girls as some girl can do these activities again in future.

Ok, you put trust and she misuses you but why? Why she enter in your house? If you said that “I had told her clearly to stay away from me.” So, she can have doubt that you have some evidence and for that she comes to your house to collect probably that I guess. Or probably she still loves you.

So,dont file case only change the lock or marry that girl that still loves you as she like your home sweet home too.


She might have photo or photostat of your diary/other documents to claim live-in relationship and may expose you for you cheating on her.

Tips from Democratic Indian are good. However,  what you sow so shall you reap.




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