Sex before marriage & marriage after seducement

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Sex Before Marriage & Marriage after seducement

32 days before the marriage the groom seduced the prospective bride to have s*x with him. The marriage was solemnized after 32 days. Before marriage the groom gave false information supplied to her about himself like (i) He is a Supdtd in Customes (ii) He has a flat and 4 wheeler in Mumbai . Immediately after the marriage the boy demands a dowry of 1 crore Rupees saying that he gave false information before marriage and that he intends to buy a flat & car now. For 3 days after the marriage the boy s*xually exploits the girl at his parents’ house, against her wishes (due to her being depressed due to demands of the boy) and then the boy refuses to take the bride with him to Mumbai and leaves her with his parents who pursue the demand. On the bride’s inability to pay the amount the boy’s parents call the girl’s father and ask him to take away the girl as the boy is not happy with him. Fearing for girls safety, the girl’s father takes away the girl with him

Later  on the boy calls the girls (on telephone) and asks her to take Rs 5 lacs & make him free from the marriage bond. The girl was told (though she has no evidence) that the boy has another offer from another girl who would pay a good dowry.



1.Can the boy be booked for rape (s*x before the marriage) besides booking under various sections of dowry crime etc?

2.Can a case be lodged for having s*x after marriage against the wishes?

3. Can a case be registered for cheating against the boy?

4. The girls parents and the girl live in Bhopal the marriage took place in Bhopal, The boys parents reside in Chandigarh & the boy lives in Mumbai. Where will each of the cases be registered?


Case gonna be registered in Bhopal....not only rape also dowry domestic violence and s*xually harassing wife etc etc... Its true an ultimately u have to compromise and will loose wht u have

The framing of this question seems to be an assignment for a law student is this correct? It does not mean that a solution cannot be provided I am sure the advocates have done their best in providing a solution to fit the scenario posted.

Assuming that ur allstated facts r true, then ur own questions have answer. The place of jurisdiction has been answered above by my colleague. Thanks

Adv. Sandeep Naik  




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