Proving female impotence in court

1. Which tests are conducted to test a wife's impotence?

Please tell me the names of these tests as i want to get them done persoanlly before the court orders.


2. what should i tell the doctor as to why i want to get these tests done?

what if he refuses if he comes to know that there is a court case?


please give a suitable excuse to be given to the doctor.


Impotence word is no where used for woman in law or in other lexicon.



 Agree with Arvind Sir.


Why are you so angry? please be cool and put your problem.

Every problem has a definite solution.


Thanks for your replies...

@ Mr Gupta

I m not tensed.just asking a simple question.seeking replies from experienced lawyers.

@ arvind & suchitra

i heard court can order med. tests to prove female impotence(both psychological & psychological)

1. pls tell me names of medical tests to prove both physical & psychological impotence in her

2. also let me know if court can also order tests to know if wife has had s*x after marriage,becoz i am clamining impotence in her........

3. in case she is not proven to be impotent,can the marriage get annulled?or i will have to end up paying lumpsum alimony,compensation for harassment,streedhan etc that she has claimed  in DV Act?


plz reply.i shall be v.obliged.


thanks in advance













Sir, I really do not know about the tests Court is going ask for. But, impotency cannot annull a marriage. Only under contravention of S.5 of HMA, a marriage can be anulled, otherwise not. Now, you have to go for divorce only. And you will have to return streedhan too. The amount of maintenance shall be decided by the Court.


Sorry, I hv quoted a wrong section. S.11 speaks about annullment of marriage.


mr sub,



1. Psychological problems are not the bar for pregnancy. Physiological problems are the cause. I do not know what the names of these medical tests are. Better you go to a fertility centre and get the name of it. If you get it, please post it here for our knowledge. Even you search the medical websites also for.


2. It depends upon the court. One time you are telling you do not s*x with her after marriage, and another time you claiming she unable to conceive, both are contradictory statements. Get it checked and have a clear stand. It will help you at court.


3. No, because it has no legal sanction so far.



If i am not wrong,  the word 'potency' deals with men and 'fertility' with women.




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