Private complaint u/s 420,406,506,r/s34 and getting fear go

Hi Sir, After refusing my complaint in Police station I consulted SP, DSP and didnt take any action after that I have filed private complaint R/s 190 crpc 200, U/S 420,406,506,R/S 34 in magistrate court . Magistrate accepted my complaint transfered the case to police station to register case and investigate and send final report. case file reached to police station on 06.12.2014. Yesterday,I went to police station and infromed about my case. Circle Inspector is telling 'I will not file FIR and send the negative report to court. He completly match fix with opposite party.  Am getting fully fear to go to police station and he telling I will beat you put into cell if you come again police station.Please advise how to proceed with this. Thanks for ur time.


can you briefly tell us contents of  complaint ? Normally they have to file  FIR as per court orders and investigate matters. He is expecting money to do so


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Police reforms are very much needed. This is common story everywhere now in India.


Hi Sir, I didn't record his voice and but orally he threaten. Is it possible to me complain or how to proceed with this? Or what precautions u want me take next time.


Is that compulsory to meet Police station after filing private complaint in the court and same transfer the case to police station to register case and investigate and send final report ? Please advice. Thanks for quick response and time.

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Mr. Srinivas,


I really appreciate for your great step.


Please immediately file a rejoinder with your petition and state everything about that corrupted police to the magistrate.


Please state that they are not complying your order and not registering the FIR rather threatening.

Also in write to SP / DSP and state the same.

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Also flassh it in media.




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