Prabhu Deva dragged to court by his wife

For justice and dignity

Prabhu Deva dragged to court by wife

Nayantara and Prabhu Deva

Prabhu Deva is being taken to court by his wife. Here’s why – it seems like a scene straight out of a Tamil potboiler – National Award winning choreographer, actor and filmmaker Prabhu Deva’s marriage to his wife of 15 years Latha Prabhu Deva is on the rocks over reports of his affair with southern actress Nayanthara.

On Monday, Latha, a former actress herself, filed a petition in Chennai’s family court alleging that her husband has been having an illicit affair with actress Nayanthara and that the court should help restore her conjugal rights.

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According to reports, Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara have been having an affair since 2008 when Deva was directing the actress in his film Villu. But Latha decided to take the matter to court now when Prabhu Deva recently admitted in an interview to a magazine that he is not only in a relationship with Nayanthara but is also planning to tie the knot with her.

Meanwhile, in her affidavit, Latha is said to have mentioned that Deva has not been providing her with monetary support. The petition also goes on to state that after first of their three sons died of cancer in 2008, Prabhu Deva left the house the following day at Nayanthara’s behest


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Law Student

what sort of answer do you seek on this artice/news? 


For justice and dignity

Mr./mrs. layeeq(sorry no idea of your gender)


many news articles like this are posted daily in different forums here,including family forums..

i cannot direct members what sort of replies they shud give has the right to present one's own personal views,unless one comes down to personal comments..


so i have no answer to your question ..



Prabhu Deva  is a best dancer a good men that I presume(infact i am fan of him) but after reading this news (an illicit affair with actress Nayanthara) I am stunned shocked, surprise . .


Roshniji aapne meri aankhe khol di aankhen


Anyway,all this persons including others like kamal haasan,saif ali khan,Aditya chopra etc, should be punished but there is no such effective  law relating illicit affair with girls.


Thanks for giving this great news keep it up.

For justice and dignity

welcome my friend!

par ye batao kushan jee maine aapki aakhe kaise khol dee?u r a lawyer...unki aakhe, naak,kaan, dimaag sabhi har samay khule rahte hai.......

they deal with injustice and help victims get their they are doing a social service....


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Roshni jee, 


Here I have only this for you; "Begaani shaadi me Abdulla deewaana.."


You takes too much tension of other's matters.


Are Bhaai, apni choice se khaao, piyo, nacho, gaao, khush raho aur doosron ko unki choice pe jeene do yaaro.....

Law Student

Hello every one myself Layeeq khan m/24 years of age..

now roshni B

As Adv kushan vyas said, its a great NEWS, so i guess this should have been posted in news section, yea? where everyone would be able to COMMENT rather than answer  may be??

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Iske liye ek kahawat aur fit baithti hai;


"Doosron ke fate me taang naheen daalni chaahiye.."

For justice and dignity

@ Mr. layeeq

well i dont understand why u r so concerned abt. what/where i am posting...i saw u today several hrs. that time u had no reply to give to my above post directed to suddenly u thot of a good reply and returned to me with your finicky questionable attitude.!!

please check all forums..u will find that many people post such news.plz go and comment on those posts also 1 by  1 and send me the links of every comment u have made on such threads so that i can know if u r seriously commenting upon me...

now coming back to ur question,here's my answer

i am also throwing light on the fact that how men illtreat their wives and how their mistresses have absolutely no guilt abt. getting involved with married in a way this is also a social article atleast from my side

anything else...or do u want to introspect more.if yes,plz carry on..


For justice and dignity

ram jee,


i am mast and discussing social issues is my passion.

and i am not intruding into any1's personal life...just sharing my views and learning from others...if i just think abt myself,am i not selfish?

like u crack so many jokes in LCI,make us laugh but discuss social issues also like corruption,ineffective justice system of india,etc.


have a good day!




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