name correction in ssc or birth certificate

Dear experts,


My Name in SSC certificate and all other documents i.e
(inter memo,drivers license,engineering memos,bank
account,ration card,aadhar card) is printed as SYED ABDUL
RAHMAN BAKHTIYAR, so there is a mistake in all the
documents and my Legal name as per BIRTH
CERTIFICATE and PASSPORT(expired in july 2007) is SYED
ABDUR RAHMAN BAKHTIYAR. I was born in june 1993 and
Passport was re-issued in saudi arabia.
Now i have holidays after 3-2 engineering exams, after
exam i went to PASSPORT OFFICE to enquire how to renew
passport, and there 1 person said me that there is spelling
difference in all documents, then he said me to apply for
correction of name in SSC memo and all other documents
those are wrongly printed.
Then i went to SSC board in Hyderabad there everybody
said that it is impossible to apply for name correction 6-7
years after passing SSC exam.
Now i am completely confused regarding what to do.
I am at the point where i have to take my future decisions
and all my future depends on this decision.
I could not apply for GRE and IELTS exams as i did not had
valid passport.
Please suggest me where the change of name should be
done in SSC memo and all other documents or in BIRTH
SSC looks almost impossible and even by chance that
happens then it is very long procedure of alleast 6 months
and after that all the other documents should also be
corrected which will take further 3-4 months. name uptill 9th standard was as per passport and birth 10th i did mistake and it got printed as SYED ABDUL RAHMAN BAKHTIYAR instead of SYED ABDUR RAHMAN BAKHTIYAR...i my self changed name in 10th declaration form unknowingly.....

2.i visited saudi arabia when i was minor few times

Your reply is highly awaited and also appreciated,
Thanking You.


Dear Querist, First made an affadavit that your correct name is so and so which was wrongly misprinted and after that on the basis of this affadavit file a Declaration Suit and after getting the decree of declaration suit in your favour your name will be changed as no one is above the court.

Thank you sir....i tried that too i asked lawyers they are hesitating to do that.....

they are saying that the mistake should be from school side...But that is not the case beacause i my self wrote my name as SYED ABDUL RAHMAN BAKHTIYAR in admission register and declaration form.

Dy Director

then  you name is certificate is correct as you spelt

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Dy Director

what the Board officials told you.


board member said that it is impossible to correct name in ssc memo coz i appeared for ssc board 6 years ago and all the documents after 10th are related to 10th name

Dy Director

so you know the reply


Hello team, for name correction on ssc memo, I have contacted ssc board and they have requested a letter from school HM. Can u guys help me with letter format for HM writing letter to ssc for Change correction


  1. You have to approach the Muncipal office and submit a name correction application, Along with two gazetted officers’ signatures and need to mention the incorrect name and the correct name you want to have on the birth certificate in the area provided on the application form.
  2. In addition to that submit Rs 20 Notary document for the name change.
  3. After getting the corrected certificate then submit to SSC board correct the same accordingly.


Krishna Murthy Pasupula|Advocate-High Court Hyderabad|




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