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I have 1 case of name change. But cant able to find solution help me.

There is 1 girl. Her name is Sharma aarti rameshbhai in all certificate. But her father’s name is rameshchandra. Her father is no more.  Her brother is out of country. When she invited her there is problem that father’s name is different. (rameshchandra and rameshbhai). She applied in Gazzette office in gujrat(rajkot) that there is name problem and both are same person. Officer asked for father’s affidavit but father is no more. so father’s elder brother’s affidavit was submitted. But officer said that her name aarti is same in all places and ramesh is also same but the problem is Chandra and bhai which is put in her father’s name ok so give her father’s affidavit .but her father is no more so what to do? she have affidavit that Sharma aarti rameshbhai and Sharma aarti rameshchandra is same person

for that reason in her passport her name is written Sharma aarti ramesh. No problem of bhai and Chandra.  And she visited.than she is back .

No any problems. But now she is married and she is out of country. The problem is her father’s name in passport is ramesh and in her all certificate is rameshbhai. And originally rameshchandra . but now what to do she cant able to get job. Coz in the certificate her father’s name is ramesh bhai and in passport Sharma aarti ramesh.

NOTE: there is all document of house, her brother’s name and all places father name is rameshchandra.

But in her document means in certificate there is SLC and all degree certificate father name is rameshbhai. And in passport marriage certi and in dependent visa ramesh.


Her husband is applied for his PR . But bcoz of her problem he cant able to apply her PR.

Now what to do? only  her affidavit is enough ? pl give any solution.




pl read that her brother invited her. (in place of she invited her)()3rd line of 1st paragraph



Make an affidavit that there is mistake in my name and person rameshbhai & rameshchandra is ame one person also make an application under prescribed form for publishing in government gazette also publish an advertisement in local daily newspaper of name change - your nameis changed and with all certificate and all papers always annexed your all documents with respect to name change. also gazatte officer will issue one certificate of change of name after your notification is published in gaztte consult local lawyer and following him - pl do not forget to affix adequate stamp as required under your state law.


Dear Advocate Chitra,

I concur with Mr.Arun Trivedi and would like to add that the affidavit which he is referring to should be attested by First Class Magistrate.

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i faced similar problem.

at court though i wrote my name correctly but in all my papers i appeared in a diffrent name. i was refused by the clerk of supreme court to accept my documents. then i apply to district court, after checking they found that it was their clarical mistake. thereafter they correct it and issue a fresh certificate to me.


The issue is correct name of dead person. The mistake committed appears to be during the life time of the dead person, by himself. Therefore the correct name has to be proved first and consequently correction at all places. For this civil suit for declaration is the appropriate remedy.


Thanks to all .


here the main problem is name change of dead person. it means the father's name was correct but by mistake written wrongly . 1 time i tried to correct it but officer asked about the dead persons affidavit. how to proceed?


Please any one provide me address and contact number or web as of RAJKOT GAETTE OFFICE.


Thank you sir for advice though the procedure give a affidavit format 


Dear Sir,

My father was died at balasore govt hospital but at the time of registration there clerk done a small mistake actual my father name is "Nageswara Rao" instead of that he entered as "Najeswararao"here the main problem is name change of dead person. it means the father's name was correct but by mistake written wrongly . but for rectification officer asked about the dead persons affidavit. how to proceed?
please help me iam non residing person of balasore im from Andhrapradesh and the death happen at Balasore , Odisha state.


uma sankar





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