Marrige registration for 25 years

Good day all, would appreciate your sugessions on the below concerns of mine

My Scenario: I am 35 now. My Mon and Dad separated long time ago when I was at 5th standard. Officially not divorced. Since he was an alcoholic and never came back to meet us. My mother married my step father at some temple and never registered it. We neither have photos of marriage. My step father took care of our education (My and my sisters). Around 5 years back my biological father expired (We came to know about it much later). We also cannot get death certifacte for this.

  1. Can I get register and get marriage certificate now for my mother and my step father? My mother is around 55 years old now
  2. Can I change my surname to my new fathers name in my passport, DL, CBSE marksheets and other documents.

The reason for change of surname, is I owe him at least the status of father who took care of us from child hood. It feels odd when some one addresses me with my biological father's surname when my stepfather is near. It hurts him, though he never reacted.

Thanks for the support. 


The birth certificate and school record mentioned the name of your biological father, so the name of step father cannot be replaced. As far changing the name or sur-name is concerned that you can always do without any reason or ground, and  just for your sweet will. You do at least in 2 national/local Newspaper publication of change of name/surname on the basis of affidavit duly nortarised about change of name/surname and get the change of name/surname done in the Gazette of India, copy of the Gazzete you get and use it. The Passport, Driving Licence etc. can get the change of name latter on by using these documents.

As far registration of the marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act,1955 is concerned that can be done anytime during the lifetime of both parties to marriage, proof of marriage like photographs, certificate of temple/priest or witnesses to marriage will be reqired. The parties can even marry once again according to Civil Form of Marriage under the Special Marriage Act,1954 and get marriage registered and marriage certificate under the Act. Proof of death of previous husband, the death certificate will be required in this case if you mention the martial staus of the woman as widow, but if she is just stated as unmarried under the column of marital status, no death certificate will be required.


Dear Sir

Many thanks for your valuable advice.

My apology, i mis understood surname as fathers name. My motive is to change my fathers name in all my documents and i dont have a surname other than fathers name.

As per the document adviser for Passport, it says i cannot change fathers name unless i produce document showing that my father changed his name while he was alive.

Any sugesstions please







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