How to recover your lost mobile phone?



First step, you have to understand and assert your legal rights. Start by filing a First Information Report (FIR) at the nearest police station. Don’t forget to mention each and every detail of the incident, in the FIR. Secondly, approach your service provider, with a copy of the FIR. You may go to any authorized center, of your service provider. Following your application, the company will block your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card, so that no one can misuse your number.  
The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number plays an important part, in tracking back your mobile handset. The IMEI number is an international identity number, which is unique to every mobile handset. No two mobile handsets can have identical IMEI number. It is a 15 digit number, which acts as a digital finger print. Further, the IMEI number can identify the model and location of the handset, every time it is used.  
The IMEI number is usually printed in the compliance plate of the battery. Further, the IMEI number is flasshed on most mobile phones, by dialing * # 0 6 #. The IMEI numbers are allotted by bodies authorized by GSM Association. This helps the police to track down your handset easily, with the help of the IMEI number. 

Who needs phone location track and how to track phone location with this OX Mobile Spy?

Company who distribute cell phones always want to learn whether their employees are in rational use of vehicle and they go to the place where they should go, Cell Phone GPS Tracker gives you detailed information you want to learn with GPS location.

Location-specific information can be tracked especially for person who get lost when travelling unfamiliar places, or elder parents who are in amnesia may forget where home is, children get lost and so on. Then this OX Mobile Spy mobile phone location track function urgently needed.

OX Mobile Spy is both a mobile phone information backup software and a spy-tracking software, Which all depends on how to use it and how to review of it. By the using of it's backup function, you can easily backup contacts, messages, calls to your own email. By the using of it's spy-tracking software, you can use ox mobile spy's GPS location trace to find lost persons, use software installed in cellphone, messages, contacts and calls information to monitor your kid's suspicious behaviour.




I just download the ox mobile spy and have a try, yes, just within five minutes, i receive test messages i send and received even deleted, call histroy, contact list and apps installed, completely and swiftly.


What in case if the offender is using the mobile without a SIM. Todays mobilephones have more utility than just calling. 

IMO, until the equipment is operated with the SIM card or with GPS on its impossible to trace the mobile. 

Only when the IMEI gets bound with the IMSI (SIM)  could the mobile be tracked. I have seen handsets which cannot be operated without a SIM. 

But i doubt the current generation smartphones have this feature... 

Any objections ?...




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