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Dear Experts,

1. I have rented house for primary school, for one year time from jan 2018 to dec 2018.

2. Both parties written an rental agreement on stamp paper and stamp paper agreement was expired.

3. we did not register the agreement again in the jan 2019, the other party paid the amount in account up to april 2019.

4. the other party told me they are vacating the my premises in may ending 2019. but they were demanding me to return deposited amount Rs. 80, 000/- first.

5. during the agreement we have a point saying that after vacating the premises, building of the school should be painted by their end. they are asking me to give back deposited amount.

6. the other arty lady was harassing me and blackmailing me by saying that I have harassing her through phone and demanding the deposited amount and not hand overring the premises keys, the party locked my house.

7) they are telling, they sue me for harassing the lady. her husband was telling that his wife uncle was lawyer and other uncle is DSP (Police)

8) How can I trust her, if the other party will not doing painting for my house, If I give back her deposited amount. what to do? they are not giving the my house keys until I give their amount.

Thank you



It is a repeat query, but the fact is that the earlier was not responded by the expert members. Can anyone guide her now.

If the agreement says so, then you may send a letter to the lady statig about the clause of the rental agreement and ask her to comply with the same i.e. painting of the house or you can give the quote to her and adjust the same from her refundable deposit amount.

You may also give an NC in the local police stataion, if you feel threatened by that lady.


Adv. Rohit Dalmia


Electrical Engineer

Rohit Sir, Thank you for your prompt reply.

Greetings Experts and Senior mmbers,

Actually the Note says - 

1) I, ZZ w/0 Mr. YY will do the paint work by 10th June 2019. In any delay in painting, cheque shall not be encashed by party. I will also pay the due amount of Rs.00000/- by 10th June 2019. 

2) I have received post dated cheque of Rs.80,000/- towards, security deposited, dated 12/June/2019 of MMM bank., tjis is also brouughtout that cheque belongs to A/C No. 123456789 and hold by  Ms. BBB w/o aaaa.

3) Handling over of premises will be after enclosing above cheque only. In case of cheque bounce/non encashment for any reason possession will continue with me.


1. sir, by June 10th 2019, building colors have to get it finished by the party, but they are not responding to the calls either reply back to my SMS, but they are expecting the Cheque to be encashed.

2. Sir, guide me whether to STOP the post dated cheque by requesting bank.

3. Accoring to the agreement if ever paint work is delayed I can STOP the cheque.

Please let me know how to resolve this situation.

Electrical Engineer

Agreement was made on 30th-May-2019.


kindly share the agreement copy on my whatsapp number. without looking in it no further opinion can be given. you may call me if you wish to discuss the matter. Regards



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