guardians interests are undermined by the icse school

My Son Angshumoy, you all may know him & might have seen his Cricketing photos, who's Overall Percentage of his final term is 82.60%; all term Average Percentage is 84.27 with one or more subject highest mark obtained in each term, Math Average Percentage is 96.60 also IMO School ranking is 04th! But Report card formalities of Promotion not maintained, as “Promotion to Class...........Granted/Refused”, kept blanked.

I believe it's nothing but the act of depriving me and my Son of our fundamental rights! Only because I, as his Father (Guardian) raised my concerns time to time to the School Authority and all of those were ignored intentionally by them as, _

Starting with the concern of Mental Math of Class-IV & then Class-V.

Starting with the concern of Mental Math of Class-IV on 07th May 2014, when my ward was in Class-IV. Which was of Zenith Publication & by the Authors Mr. Subrata Biswas & Binita Biswas,

Again with the concern of Mental Math of Class-V of same writer on 19th March 2015, when my ward was about to start his Class-V. Both the cases, Author admitted his mistakes and my concerns but School Principal didn’t changed the book, giving the reason that though my concerns are correct but I was the only Guardian out of 300 Guardians of the Class did the complaint! Can it not be considered that way that School authorities are not aware of their responsibilities!

As we all know that Mental Math book of ICSE Board is not a book of Mathematical text but it’s a book of Mathematical Questions for students’ aptitude test. That happened only when School changed ICSE ongoing Delhi publications to local Zenith publication. So the distortion of the quality of book and its mistakes are extreme concern!

Shows that things were happened with their mutual interests, otherwise by virtue of their Nobel profession they should have changed the book proactively. 

Shows that intention of School VMS & its management is something ill feeling/humiliating towards my ward!

It was on 2015, when my ward was in class-V, I put my concern/objection regarding Filmy posters (posters of filmy heroes & heroines) in a weekly circulated paper “TTIS” for school students is being made compulsory from Class-III to V, published by The Telegraph.

My observations & concern to Editor (by e-mail) and the School regarding the Posters of Film Stars and the wrong business attitude of TTIS, which was also published in TTIS 1to7th Feb2015 edition, in a moulded form of “No Posters Please” which should have been as “No Filmy Posters”. Where I asked the value addition of these posters among these little boys & girls and requested to stop publishing those posters.

Thereafter on 03rd Oct 2016, when another concern I raised on a shadow picture graphics of three girls printed on the subscripttion forms of “Youngs Metro” of The Telegraph publication for School! Purpose of that picture & the value addition also being asked by me and I didn’t contribute the subscripttion charges till date, though they declared it compulsory from Class-V to IX & XI. If we look to the Subscripttion Form of Young Metro, I can find some graphics at the right bottom of it. Need to think, whether that graphics are suitable to the young students of Class VI to X.

Whether that matches with the morality guidelines of School Editions and the Swami Vivekananda?

All these weekly news circulations are being made compulsory for each students of the school Vivekananda Mission Joka, Kolkata, WB!

But, Note Books , Souvenirs , recently opted Weekly Circulated Magazine/Booklets, which are in the course of School or College Education either display the Ideals of the nation honouring our Article 51 A  [b]  ; or ; Nature ; or ; Animal Welfare ; or ; the Highlights of that particular Educational Institution . THESE SHALL NOT DISPLAY OTHER THAN THESE OR, THE OPTED HEROS, HEROINS & PLAYERS.

Therefore, I request the institution as well as the Ministry of Education to discourage the independent systems that may divert the Indian Children please.

There are Guidelines are frequently revised to address emerging concerns but can always be summarized in one sentence: “Don’t deceive the reader”.

There after School Authority won’t co-operate my ward Club CAB participation last year on 28th Jan 2016 but they left their School Academy Boys to play on the same day, as he was not participating School paid Academy, but I accepted that too!

It is again questionable why a capable/eligible Cricketer of a School can’t be permitted to play School CAB if he is not a member of School paid Academy!   

Now, on 22/02/2017 Madam Vice Principal also advised me to lift my Son from your School as I am having all such concerns/disagreements and not satisfied with your systems and non-responses of my disagreements. Madam Vice Principal also told me that I admitted my Son knowing your system and I am supposed to accept your system. But my concerns are being raised in those cases wherever School fails to maintain the system within the guidelines!

Because of the present condition of Report card formalities of Promotion as not maintained, as “Promotion to Class...........Granted/Refused”, kept blanked and already all of my ward's friends completed their admission and got their new books too, except my ward even he is performing in his Study and Cricket and being counted within the best!

It's only the act of depriving My Son Angshumoy of rights!

My ward is already being noticed / found demoralised in his present activities by all of us & even by his house teachers & Cricket Coaches too!

Shows that intention of School VMS & its management is something ill feeling/humiliating towards my ward!

In fact Madam Vice Principal already said particularly that "you don’t give any importance to the Guardians concern!"

School Authorities also don't acknowledge any letters or concerns of guardians. As per the statement of Madam Vice Principal, VMS is having of around 4000 students and if everyone starts raising their concern, is not possible!


We pay high amount to School, expecting that dignity and respective loyalty from School too!

School management must maintain the dignity & loyalty towards your students in their endeavour!

We need to prepare & project the case for policy reform for desire civilization!

 School must follow or rather need to be directed to follow the system within the guideline as desire and should extend honour/respect to all Guardians to improve the Teachers-Guardians relations further in future to maintain the greater public interest!


Judiciary need to step in to give direction because due to executive inaction, as the laws enacted by Parliament and the state legislatures for the poor since independence have not been properly implemented. 

It is felt as the evidences that Guardians interests are undermined by the Private School Authorities.

Believe that public interest litigation (PIL) is the principal legal remedy for a common man and it is main weapon of judicial activist of these matters.

In this situation the court being requested to accepts the public good. In the legal horizon of PIL in which court of law can initiate and enforce action to serve and secure significant public interest.

It justified the PIL's saying—"If the courts did not entertain the matter relating to irregularities in the quality educations, promotions and there by admissions to the next session of the private schools, which affect and humiliate the career of many, who would come to rescue of the common man?”.

In present scenario, it is very rare where you can find a Guardian raising his concern/disagreement towards his wards private school authority. Even it is raised; these private schools do not give any acknowledgement of the petition rather don’t give any honour to the petition or petitioner. They even openly deny acknowledging any Guardians petition. Moreover Guardians are getting afraid of being treated their wards badly by the School and its management with ill feeling/humiliating towards their ward, as in this case.

So the guidelines are essential in respect of acknowledgement of Guardians concerns and to extend the honour/respect to all Guardians and to improve the Teachers-Guardians relations further in future to maintain the greater public interest of private schooling!

Should we live with such compromises! 

Are we not supposed to get changes as desire?

Few protest of such kind can lead PIL to streamline private sector schools in desire form!

If anyone can share their such troubles, plz share at nandi.manas@rediffmail.com

Please find some of the evidences by clicking the link below , _


Thanks & Regards,

Manas Nandi

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