Fraudulent loan liability

Hi All, My husband got a huge loan from a bank to start his business. He could not repay. The bank is harassing me. Let me explain you how the loan was obtained: I have a small business firm in my name. My husband approached the bank through my firm without my knowledge. He also got my false signature on a paper/form and made me the guarantor. In a similar way, he duped my parents too and made them guarantors. I have some small businesses and the bank is constantly threatening and harassing me now for the loan my husband owe them. I have received several notices from the bank by now and am scared to death. I am also very confused because he has used my bank account for his loan transactions and the record is there. One might think I am involved in this but in the name of God I swear I was not aware of what he was doing. I realized the situation well only once I started receiving the notices from the bank. My husband and I are living together since several years but we do not have a legal marriage document or ceremony. What should I do to come out of this situation in a legal way. I cannot repay the amount in any way. Kindly suggest the approach I should be taking. Thanks

If everything is as you said its a very tricky situation. Basically you are saying your boyfriend (since as you said you guys don't have any legal marraige) has taken loan on your account with your signature and duped your parents as well.
If this is true.... maybe you have any proof of such conversation or anything ?
what your boyfriend is saying right now ?


maybe you have any proof of such conversation or anything ?
Response: I am not sure what more proof can I provide other than the notices from the bank, bank records, etc. Could you kindly suggest what type of proof is possibly needed here and if I may ask, why is proof needed and for what to be proved.

what your boyfriend is saying right now ?

Response: He has been saying he will repay since many years (almost four years), and even paid a bit at the beginning and then stopped. But as of now he is not even paying, and threatening he will move back to his hometown (Delhi) and not do anything about the loan.

For the purpose of getting more clarity of the situation: It is beieved that the bank manager and my husband were partners in getting the loan approved. If this thing makes some bells to ring. 


your qry seems to be unbelievable.


Proofs of anything that support your his conversation, or his promises that he ll pay the amount that he has taken on your account.

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