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Hi All,

On an unfortunate day because of few influences I have posted a facebook post in a closed group of my society with a fake profile. 

Please note the fake profile has not done anything illegal or obsene or against law, it is purely for some random work related testing purposes and hardly have any activity.

I have posted something that made baseless accusation and with in 12 hours when I realized I remove the post and as well deleted the profile.

But now since it is a fake profile and post few people in society are targetting this and have reached Cyber law police and as per police since it is a societal matter they asked them to wait for 1 week cool off period to see if the individual can come out and public apology. If not as per them they will take 4-5 weeks of time and find the person.

Question: I have not made anything abusive, not p*rnographic, nor morhped pictures, not anything that can ignite communcal clashes. But unfortunate I did this but I am scared to come out as my family will be devastated and we cannot live in the society anymore. Also please note we have an admin who need to approve for any access to the group and now whoever is the admin approved around 210 profile without verification. Since my post is just baseless accusation against few individuals is this against law?

Question: Since I deleted the profile what kind of orders does facebook need to give them the information regarding the profile? My understanding is Facebook need a court warrant to get the needed info? In this case will there be court warrant?

Also I have created one specific email and sent our apologies without revealing my identity to all individuals whom I made baseless allegations. 

Please suggest what should I do now? I am repenting my mistake but at the same time I cannot come out since it will have grave repurcursions on my kids and family :(.


Please help !!!


I am not a lawyer, my suggestion is to reach out to the people 'affected' politely and apologize and promise them you would not repeat this again. Instead of sending emails & posting on FB, you should establish communication directly (via phone etc etc) , kindly document/record your efforts to end the stalemate it may help prove you have genuinely reached out after wrong doing....., hope this helps. 

All the best 


My entire family will be brought to shame sir, society community individuals are not that friendly. So is the question.


You are worrying too much. It's not a public post and you have deleted and apologized also. Relax. Nothing will happen.



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