Does a minor child have rights in grandfather's property?

I am a single mother having legal custody of my child aged about 2 years, after divorce. can my minor son have any rights in his grandfather's property as no property is in my husband's name? can I claim that right on his behalf as he is minor?

my lawyer advises that I can't claim it till his grandfather dies and property comes in the name of his father. but I am confused, so please experts, advise me what should I do?

thanks in advance.

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If the grandfather is alive then nobody can claim any rights in his property during his lifetime.


mam archana, wat if he made a bill before dying then?

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Perhaps you want to say Will. In that case, if the will is valid then the property shall go to the beneficiary of the will.


thanks mam @ need help.. dont think too much.. take your have already agrred for  7 lacs alimoney..take mcd.. get some job .. and bring your child..of your own.


mam, thanks for ur reply but after the death of his grandfather, property will be in the name of grandmother and then should I have to wait for her death to claim my son's rights?

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After the death of the grandfather the property will not devolve only upon his wife i.e. the gm but, it will go to all his heirs.

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