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hi..i gave complaint to high court vigilence department and chief justice of high court against one judge for dismisal of my case in illegal detaintment by DCP..i have strong evidence under section 220 IPC but judge didnt exmaine and bother about evidence and simply judge dissmissed case..i applied appeal in high my question is already police system corrupted and evern if judge corrupted where will common man go?????


Not only judges but also ministers and many officials are Caesar's wives.       But if they're, in practice, not.       An honest person can't become a minister.     Can't become a sarpanch even.

After all they came from us.

If people are not honest, how can they, who came from us, be?

There's one speciality, however.

Judges are more high handed, irresponsible, reckless and puerile.

If one wants to see the most notorious criminals, one must look for them only in judges.

That said, I must also say, " A judge's post is a crown of thorns".

The scenario demands transformation in people.

Now to the point.       You can file a complaint.      But you must obtain sanction which is almost impossible.

Even if you obtain it, court won't, most generally, punish the judge owing to the stubborn notion that, if a judge is punished, judiciary will collapse.


we people are like a moth to the flame.


I tried to modify my above reply only a few seconds later.    MESSAGE MODIFIED appeared.     But not modified.

This has, of late, become usual.

The if in the second line of my above reply is to be deleted.


Agree with Reddi.

Judges became corrupt much before politicians became corrupt.

It is difficult to elucidate how judiciary works in India.   Its not definitely by the book.

I am of the opinion that one should not get entangled into such places where we cant fight or where we expect justice from others. To live a life like that will be a happy one and satisfying one.

Just think I come to you telling my story, there are lakhs in queue before me and after me.  Whose will you listen? How long will you listen even if you are paid 1 crore per month as salary?

Lot of things have gone into making this nation corrupt, judges are just one among them, I agree with Reddi.. You may read from whree I stopped again Mr Reddis reply.



Impeachment of judges has been a very rare sight ih India and this is a fight next to impossible. You should not waste your time. If you really can take the struggle that is involved you will have to go big. An extra ordinary incident exposing the judge can make it work. Normally, they are not scrapped. Go for ministry or the SC, if they take consideration!

Good Luck!


Its so sad to read these comments.  I know that India is a very corrupt country but I was holding one hope and that is about India's judiciary.  And, if the juriciary is also corrupt, there is no hope left for the country. Its only a matter of time before India will become like a lawless, tribal society . 

Consequences of that will be that all foreign investors will flee, rupee will collapse and inflation will skyrocket. It will be jungle again. That situation leads to more corruption and more chaos and more economic pain to public.

Current govt's efforts to control corruption , if fails..will lead to great tragedy for the people.  Corrupt people are coming under severe pressure, and my own logic tells me that they will fight very hard before they go down.

But on a positive note, India is still a better place than many African and Middle Eastern nations where people can not even dream of justice. In India atleast there is chance of getting justice though it is hard journey.


Shri Aks

Dear Sir

Please don't deem so highly of Indian Judiciary.     It's the most rotten institution.

But our judiciary is far better than the judiciaries of many other countries.     I know about the judiciaries of Libya and Bahrain.       They're worse than India's.

After Sridevi's death I started hating Dubai's judiciary.       India's is not this worse.

So I appreciate the last para of your reply.



Shri Raghav Arora

Dear Sir

For prosecuting each and every judge, impeachment is unnecessary.

But, as with any other public servant, sanction is necessary.

But justice is unobtainable.       The Complainant will be a voice in the wilderness.

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Shri TGK Reddi ji, I totally agree with that. That was exactly the point i was making. Voice in the wilderness is the result, when you seek to raze a judge in India. They take revolutionary efforts to be overthrown which is not an easy job.



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