Company harreshment after regination

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I want to dicsus topic regarding the Employer creating problem.

My brother is working in XYZ PVT Company.he worked for the company last 3 year .After 3 year he didnot get the good salary. after that he decide to left the organisation .then he regin the company and serve the notice period as per the company policy and transfer everthing to company .And at the last day HR came and say many ill Legal thing that you are leaving our company  that will not good for  you future and we will ruin your future. We will give a chance to work somewhere. And many things .On that time what he said he Record everthing and kept as reserve for future .

Now he is working in a organisation after 1 month he have to submit the reliving letter form the previous company .

They are not issue the reliving letter .they are creating the problem to him and they are harresing him that they will call your hr and complian  againts  you .Now form many days he not mentally stable due to this condition.


Request  to  you suggest us what he need to do



The employee has submitted notice of resignation, served notice period, submitted company property, and now nothing is pending at the end of employee.

Service certificate, relieving letter, FnF wages should have been supplied on last day in office.

The company was duly notified and had enough time to keep these ready.


You are in which state? Does the company has an office at your location and is it registered?

Redg. office of the company is in which state?


How many person are employed in it?


What is this establishment: Commercial or Industrial or small enterprise?

Does it have its certified standing orders and has it extended it to your designation?


Does Industrial Employment Standing Orders Act/Model Standing Orders apply to it and does it cover your designation?

What is your designation and nature of duties?


Are you a member of any employee’s/trade unions?


Are you under probation or your service is confirmed in writing?

Have you signed any BOND?

You may continue to record all calls/meetings!

How are his terms with next employer:::: would it support you even if vindictive and zealous past employer does not issue relieving letter and post adverse comments?






Hi ,

Everthing has been handover to the company at the last day and notice period has been served and nothing is pending to the employee side. Candidate is form Delhi state. it is register at Delhi office and having the branches in 2-3  location. Near about 500-1000 Employed working in this company .No bond was signed by him. After complete the service every one want to experience letter forn the previous organisation . As they communicate the he will issue the certificate after 30 to 60 days and FF settlement. Now 1 month has been over nothing he issued and creating the problem to my recent job. What I will do in this case. As he is very tense in this situation



@ Neeraj,

The query is initiated by Sanjeev Kumar.

You may initiate a new thread for your query.




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