Cheated by loved wife



respected lawyers i am from kerala.

I was a seminarian(student of priesthood)

i met a girl and we loved for seven years and registered our marriage registrar office on april2011.she was at her home only because i had some problems to take her to my home because of relegion but unfortunately her parents came to know and she had filed to nulify that marriage.she was in true love but she has been changed by her parents.i talked and tried to chnage her but no use.i lost my hope in her.she allegation is i forced her to love and also to marry me.
I have all the evidences to disprove her allegations.

she forced me to love and had told me that if i go to seminary she would suicide i have the love letter to show this.

I lost my prestige life and career and even parents for her.
could any one say can i do any thing against her legally.can i complain to the police or elsewhere for cheating and spoiling my life.

Even though i and my relatives convinced her she is not ready.she and her parents look for money and status.i am asked by my relatives to go against her.she thinks that if she annuls the marriage then no one will come to know the marriage and can marry as first marriage.she has slept with me for three years and she says that no intercourse.i hope she is not a normal person.please what could i do against her and her parents

dear experts I can disprove but the truths she hides should be explored.She hides from her parents and the court.She had written to me about her father's torture also.we had met regularly at her home when ever there was no body she hided it.she had spoiled my life and there any possibility to do against her?
they do not want divorce because she says if ti divorce then she will be second married.she challenged me that with money and power they will make it nullified to do as first marriage.all the people must come to know please help me


dont contest her petition - let her get marriage annuled - if u contest & she backfires, whole planet will fall short for u.

by the way, pl dont repeat the same query again & again.

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@ Amit let him ask man until he gets satisfactory advise nothing wrong in asking same question over and over.

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let her go.She exploited you mentally as well as physically.You are lucky that she excused you from her grip very easily without garland of DV/498A..

I can understand your mental condition but you can't force anybody to love you or marry you.Accept what life has given you.You will be happy.

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  if a husband   can be prosecuted  for  similar thigs   done  against  wife ,  why a wife  cannot  be  prosecuted  for  the  same reason, why asking  an aggrieved person to  accept  a position   that may encourage  wrongs ? fear of  prosecution  is  no answer to a pure legal question  to do justice ,  the aggrieved party   can  well   file  suit for declaration  and injunction  including  damges, moreover, discouraging a litigant   to resort  to  legal remadies may  amount to  contempt of  court 


this  views  are  purely  academic 




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