Can we cancel marriage registration of my cousin?


We live in a joint family. My parents family and my uncle's family.
Last year, January 2017, my cousin brother came home with a "wife".

His parents were forced to accept it by my cousin. They went to
nearby famous temple and got a pooja done for them.

But we did not click any pictures for them.

My cousin is a 27 year old software engineer in a firm and his wife i guess is
about the same age.

As i used to be close to my couusin, i got him to spill out how
he got married.. He said, they arranged a broker who arranged "stuffs".
What i feel is that broker arranged fabricated marriage card and pictures and
they got marriage registered as if it actually took place, but i think it actually
never really took place but got registered. (We asked for wedding pictures, but they had none and thats why i conclude that marriage actually never happened).

But now is it too late for us to have this marriage registration cancelled (Its been more
than a year) ?
I know my brother will never be on our side for this.
Elders at home are too old to get into such matters but they are not happy.

Girl only has one picture of my chachi (her MIL) putting sindoor on her forhead
(part of our custom).

She and my brother additionally keep all their calls recorded, so
they have call recordings of talks regarding their marriage on phone call.

My chacha chcahi do not speak anything negative about marriage to him
in fear of loosing him. So all call recordings must be obviously
positive talks about marriage but i know how unhappy they are.

Is there anything we can do without help of bride and groom to cancel
the marriage registration without their knowledge? We know marriage date.


It is the court to decided what is right or wrong. And you are not the right person to challenge the marriage of your cousin. 

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His parents will help challenge marriage, just without his knowledge because they dont want to loose him. Now then?


His parents will help challenge marriage, just without his knowledge because they dont want to loose him. Now then?

We do not know which office he had the marriage registered in.. we only know the city where they had it registered. And why arent his own parents the right people to challenge the marriage?


it is somewhere in Mumbai. we dont know which office.


her parents are fine with the marriage. they even go and meet them at their house. His parents has not accepted even though they have to show him that they have accepted. They are ready for any actions to cancel marriage registration. the only proof the bride has is her mother in law putting sindoor on her in a pic.  There was no social marriage so no question of marriage pictures in social media, etc.




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