Birth certificate case

My son's birth certificate does not include his name. Furthermore, my name and my wife's name are given the name of the house, for example Govindan (A) Murugan. Parvati (a) Nadi, in which only the certificate of my certificates and the name of my wife's certificates, This is my son's birth certificate Govindan and Parvati that only written, the son born by the time I lived in the house address and 14 years, using the phone number of the registered, and I at the address of residence, when my name to the nearest police station pettikes recorded Ttullatu, Therefore, there is no certificate or other evidence for the name of the house, so I have received a mandate to include my son's name in the Puducherry court, But that does not respect the order. It is not your son who has some other evidence in municipality, but some of the names of Parvati are some of the Aadhaar card sheets and some of the certificates are asking me to bribe my son's name, The most important thing is that in the name of Parvati they have her husband's name Sivasanmugam and the home address is different from the birth certificate and the cell number is different, so they argue that they are not real parents, If our name is different from birth certificate, the address where I resided at the time of my son's birthday and the phone number used for 14 years, the reason why they refuse the complained in the police station, I took my wife to my pregnancy and papers and medical papers expired in Chennai in November 2015 and my DNA does not agree with my wife because of the birth of my Son. How can I include my son's birth certificate and change our name,



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