22 January 2021 at 23:47

Divorce petition filed and its 3rd notice

sir divorce has been filed in july 2020 bcoz of external affairs and he has been using naked pics of that girls and harrasing and all such things and my husband has not filed a vacalat at all its 3rd date due to covid .. he has been calling through relatives to takeback case and police complaint also given now he says want to talk to kids which i dont want to allow unless case moves and not leaving my house which is in my house,, what best can be done to get my house back,, he is taking advantage of situation and i have 2 kids outside the house.. is it possible for ex parte after this 3rd date

22 January 2021 at 23:44

Recovery of defamation damages

Hi, Interesting situation, the employee was verbally abuse in front of fellow colleague and on being complaint to higher management about abuse by superior, employee was terminated. Employee filed complaint with labour commissioner against it and then before labour court and proceeding is pending at this moment before labour court. Employee pursued everything in person without the help of lawyer and right now also fighting in person before labour court. It is the case of employee that he want compensation from concern superior for defamation but thought that labour commissioner and labour court will give it because it is employer employee dispute. Now he realised that for this separate suit for recovery needs to be filed for defamation damage. It is more than one year and out of limitation for civil suit for recovery of damages of defamation. If period spent before labour commissioner and labour court is excluded for computation u\s 14 of limitation act then suit for damages will be within limitation. What do you think about it? Any chances of success in this? Thank you.

Murtaza Tarwadi
22 January 2021 at 23:08

Mc not holding sgm nor giving any financial records

Dear Sir /Ma'am,
seek your help in getting my housing society to make disclosure about their accounts... they're doing lot of bungling in finances of our society and it is having highest maintenance amount in our locality. Even an internal audit committee(IAC) was formed in the AGM and they made findings of improper vendor payments. The MC gave irresponsible explanation since 2019. The matter is pending with IAC team not even getting basic access to financial records of the society and no MC members speaks anything on chats, or personal meetings...even 10-12 people went to ask them to resign in December 2020 but they flatly refused by giving a threat of Administrator from Co-operative registrar.

The current MC is not making disclosure any financial records of the society....Please help me draft an RTI application to make them disclosure all mandatory financial documents that MC need to maintain for affixing criminal liability on the MC for embezzlement of society funds etc.

Second issue about STP accident in our society in 2019 and the MC members were arrested for causing 3 deaths of labourers. They settled the matter with police and now after 2 years the municipal assembly passed a resolution to compensate 3 contractor's workers who died in cleaning the sewage treatment plant of rs. 30 lacs. Our society members have to bear higher property tax to provide for compensation that is going to be paid by TMC to these was utter negligence of MC members to employ third grade contractor to cause this accident....The contractor is nowhere in the picture no society members know anything how this whole matter was handled to this situation today.

there are other major issues like conveyance process, sealed club house and one gate being barricaded by neighbouring society to plug our access to main ghodbunder road highway which are deeply messy.

I seek your legal aid in making the MC members accountable & personally liable for the losses caused to the society in the STP case, embezzlement of society funds in conveyance issue of 3.5 lacs paid to lawyer for no movement and many other vendor payments that were issued twice alongwith very high cash withdrawal from society account according to the findings of the IAC. Please help us in drafting a potent letter for calling an SGM ASAP and give knowledge of MC liabilities and records that they ought to maintain but I am sure they don;t do it...we've to file criminal cases and block their transfer of flats till they resolve the issues with the society.

P. Venu
22 January 2021 at 20:56
In Reply To :

Advocate logo

The following information have been sought from the Bar Council of India under the provisions of the Right to Information Act:

1. Has the Bar Council of India or the State Bar Councils designed and approved any logo for use of advocates in their vehicles etc.? If so, please provide a photocopy of the same.

2.Has Bar Council of India or the State Bar Councils notified any rules or issued any circulars/instructions authorizing the State Bar Councils and Local Bar Associations to issue stickers with the Advocates Logo, so designed and approved?

3.If so, please provide copies of the Rules so notified and instructions/circulars so issued.


Madhu Mittal
22 January 2021 at 20:37
In Reply To :

Whether children and husband of married daughter are membe

Respected Sir,
Please let me know whether children of daughter and husband should be shown as coparceners/member of Father Huf or only daughter should be shown alongwith son, son's wife, son's son as coparcener ? please guide.
In another word, there is a Huf named KCM Huf, Karta being KCM
and ncm(son), mm(daughter in law) , jm( son’s son), pm (son’s son ) and married daughter (pg) as coparceners/members ,
after the death of Karta, KCM, his son, ncm became Karta , now Ncm as Karta and
mm(daughter in law) , jm( son’s son), pm (son’s son ) and married daughter (pg) as coparceners/members . Now
after amendment (2005) in Hindu law 1956 and recently a decision of Hon’ble three judge bench of Supreme Court, Vineeta_Sharma_vs_Rakesh_Sharma_on_11_August,_2020 ?
Whether daughter (pg)’s children and her husband become coparceners/members of KCM Huf ?
Please guide,



rakhi raj
22 January 2021 at 20:22

Contract employees

Is 11 month contract employees can do higher study? Such as phd and bed

N.J.S.Rajkumar alias narasimha
22 January 2021 at 19:15
In Reply To :

Fraud cheating with families by brother

Evidence and Proofs would be Mandatory in Legal Aspects. Please First Complete the Procedures as above advised.

N.J.S.Rajkumar alias narasimha
22 January 2021 at 19:13
In Reply To :

Whether children and husband of married daughter are membe

If Banks requires the details it could be provided to them.

N.J.S.Rajkumar alias narasimha
22 January 2021 at 18:46
In Reply To :

Rcr by wife and she not returning back

Seeking an Amicable Remedy / Compromise with the help of Elders respected by both could fetch you an Solution. Courts will not force an Unwilling Wife to live with her Husband.

N.J.S.Rajkumar alias narasimha
22 January 2021 at 18:30
In Reply To :

Compensation claim for death

Better Late than Never.

N.J.S.Rajkumar alias narasimha
22 January 2021 at 18:27
In Reply To :

Reg- stay for miner

If at all you are Very Much Worried about your safety of the Properties Discuss in detail with an Local Kind Advocate and send an Letter / Notice to the Concerned Registrar with Property details and in detail about your Rights in the Ownership and if you are monetarily sound your Advocate could give an Public Notice in News Papers also.

22 January 2021 at 17:36
In Reply To :

Reg- stay for miner

Dear sir,
thank you sir, but need not share now and I want to share after my grand father death now what will do pl suggest me

Advocate Bhartesh goyal
22 January 2021 at 17:21
In Reply To :

Reg- stay for miner

If the questioned property is ancestral then your grandfather cannot legally transfer it,you have right and share in it .You may seek partition and claim your share.

Advocate Bhartesh goyal
22 January 2021 at 17:11
In Reply To :

Payment of gratuity under gratuity act 1972

Payment of Gratuity Act applies on those concerns where ten or more than ten persons are employed or works and employee must have worked continuous in service of more than five is immaterial that terms and conditions of employment is silent in regards to gratuity.if employer and employee fulfill the above conditions than you are entitled to get the benefit of gratuity

22 January 2021 at 17:04

Reg- miner child rights

Dear sir,

what are rights miner in inheritance property and how to save my rights in property



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