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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    I have fought matrimonial litigation for almost 4 years, I believe that I have gathered some kind of expertise in these matters, would like to help others with problems related to family laws and dowry/ PWDVA related issues.

    My area of expertise
    Dowry, Family Laws, Custody, Marriage, Divorce, PWDVA

    My experience in the area (years):
    4 Years

    Organizations I belong to:
    Delhi University

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials:
    MBA, LLB

    Award & Honors:

  • Kaushik Nandy says : Repairing permission of rented room.
    Sir,One of my tenant who is in procession of one no. room at 2nd floor of my residential house and paying monthly rent of Rs. 26/- (twenty six) per month in kolkata municipal area, The room is in dilapidated condition and need to be repaired which will cost approx. 40,000/- so I proposed to enhance the rate @ 40,000/-/36 months ( repairing cost would be recovered in three years) but , tenant neither willing to pay enhance rent, not willing to vacate the room , at any moment there could be an accident due to bad condition of dwelling unit, and tenant verbally asking to give him repairing permission, PL advice course of action.

  • aditya says :
    Sir I am from chhattisgarh. There are 30 acres of ancestral land in my and my brother's name(jointly he is partner in every acre of land).he took loan of 3 lakhs from government bank under some kind of farming scheme,putting the land as security(since that land placed as security is also in my name so signature was also needed but he fraudly released the loan without my sign),now he was unable to pay the loan so, he asked me if l pay the loan then he would give me 3acres of his share.I paid the loan he said that he would give me this and this... land(without any legal formalities just orally) meanwhile he died without registering that 3acres into my name. Now his widow is ready to give me 3acres as promised by her husband. So here my question start: 1.can I separate ""only"" that 3acres which are going to be in my name as our 30 acres are jointly in my and my deceased brother's name.since I don't want to have a partion. please tell me. A way...and sir i would be glad if you tell me the documents and procedure involved

  • rishi says : answer this please
    1. Sir i am from family includes my father ,mother a brother ,sister1, sister2 and myself. 2. We had a property of 40 acres in village out of which out of which 25 acres is in my and my brothers name rest 15 acres lies in my father's name. father died in 2005 without making any will.according to law it must be divided among class 1 heirs.but even after my fathers dead the 15 acres are even now in my fathers names ,which means that legal distribution haven't took place. 4.after that in 2011 my brother died due to disease and his wife along with his two daughters live with me and also my mother lives with me. 5. So sir my question is .is there any way,"" i am repeating any way""I can get those 15 acres.because my mothers want me have it because my two sisters want their share .also my brother's widow is not sensible as she wants to sell her property without thinking about her daughters. Please please please answer these its a very serious matter. And if you have any doubt about the question please ask me I will clear it

  • veedu says : Case on criminal breach of trust
    I am in relationship with a guy since 3 years. We know each other for past 10 years. We studied in the same school.We were happy in the relationship and had normal fights like other couples do, nothing drastic.We both signed a contract that we are in relationship and will end up married.I have all conversations with my lover recorded in my phone with his awareness and he too has recorded conversations. But i doubt he is cheating on me.He promised to marry me but keeps postponing.Once when me and my parents put pressure on him, he asked his friends to abuse me.He has accepted this in facebook chat that he asked his friends to abuse.After that we fought and i abused him too.My parents talked to his parents and his parents gave assurity that they will marry us to each other and his mom told that I am her daughter-in-law no matter what.But even after all this he is dodging from marriage and still now telling some reasons to avoid marriage.He is telling he cant marry me now as his elder borther has to get married but his elder brother told clearly that my lover has to marry me and need not postpone his marriage for his marriage sake.But still he is dodging marriage. He asks me to not talk to him and acts disinterested in me always.When my parents went to his home to ask again for marriage, he insulted and disrespected my parents. When I called and asked him he said he wont marry me and switched off his phone and escaped. I have evidence for our relation and photos together, voice records, facebook chats, gmail chats.Can I file a case against him for breach of trust and cheating, false promise of marriage and cheating after having physical relationship. I dont have medical evidence of physical relationship with him but he once came to bangalore to my home and he accepted on phone that he had physical with me and on video chats too. Please guide me

  • Harrassed by False Case says : False 498a case against my family
    Respected Sir, Request you to guide us. My family is being harrased my younger borther's wife and her parents. The case in brief is produced here - 1. My brother got married in Nov'12 2. Within a month his wife started showing true colors and started fights with my brother and as she belongs to richer family than us she started complaining on everything. Her father used to come to our house every other day and started interfering in our daily life. 3. Seeing that they are polluting the environment of our home, we decided to grant the wish of my brother's wife of living separately. Ours is joint family. We are three brothers- all married and living with our parents in a rented flat .. Due to my job requirement i am currently posted in a small town nearby and visit my fparents atleast once in a month. 4. They started living separately but my brother's wife was even not happy with this. She keep on torturing my brother with her demands . She wanted to take full control over my brother in all sense. 5. As the matter got worsen,we involved other relatives from both the sides to resolve the issues between them. The relatives concluded that the girl is hyper and thus an agreement (MoU) was prepared in presence of relatives from both the sides describing the guidelines for both of them to follow to make their married life successful. 6. However, things did not improve . The father of the girl even came to our office with some locan goons and threaten that they will cut my brother's limbs and malign his image in the office he works. We immediately lodged a complaint in local Police Station. 7. We sensed that the girl might file a false case against us u/s 498a. So we used to keep police informed by way of General Diaries whenever any untoward events happened. 8. In Dec'13, there was big fight between the two and on the same day the girl left the place with her father. 9. The matter again went to our community and the girl's father demanded huge money as alimony. We are of limited means , my brother is salaried. My father is retired from his small business which is currently looked after by my elder brother. We by all means and ways could not meet that requirement. 10. Since Dec'13 the girl was living with her father as per her own wish. We even informed this to Police by way of GD. 11 When we declined the girl who earlier wished to take divorce started forcing to stay together again with my brother. We have earlier tried every ways to reconcile but every time the girl made our life hell. My brother was not in that position to continue with her anymore and he filed a divorce suit against her in last week of Jan'14 12. All of sudden , in Mar'14 police came to our house and took my brother into custody. They informed us that the girl has filed 498a case against my brother. We asked our lawyer to take care of the matter as we were confident that we have informed police every time and thus nothing would happen. But thanks to the corruption the lawyer changed the side. The father of the girl has great influence in the local police station and he even managed the lawyers. 13. Every thing happened like a bollywood movie where an innocent person runs pillar to post but the corrupt officers and power and money has a final say. 14. My brother was jailed and we all who never knew P of police and C of court found ourselves helpleless. Despite our legal right to have access to a copy of FIR and other documents we were not provided. We then hired one another lawyer who against a good money secured us the documents. We were totally shocked after reading the FIR as everything our there was a lie. 15. But due to panic and suggested by many on not go in legal battle route rather to talk the girls family to know what they want. We approached them the girl said if my brother lives with her she would withdraw the case. 16. We were into panic and a couple of days later we were informed that if does not opt to what she wants police will start arresting my parents, my married sister and we two brothers. 17. We are nothing in terms of money and power as against the girls father. We are a simple middleclass family.The only thing in our mind was to get my brother out from jail. So we went to meet our brother in jail and conveyed the intention of the his wife. Fearing that his parents would also put into jail my brother completely broke and he agreed to stay with her. 18. Dramatically things happen and the girl gave a undertaking to the court that he has no problem with her husband and he can be released on bail. On the basis of this the court issued a conditional bail order. 19. We were then asked to withdraw all our GDs with Police station and also the Divorce suit which my brother filed and in return they promised that they will withdraw the 498a case against us. 20. As we were at a receiving end we did as we promised. The bail was with a condition that my brother would visit the IO three days in week. For couple of weeks my brother visited him but after that the father of the girl said he will manage and asked us submit the attendance diary to him. We in good faith handed over that diary to him and told the police verbally about it. Police told that no issues as anyways the case would be closed. 21. This time the girl stayed at her choice of flat and she ensured that my brother meets his all materialistic demands. 22 But having done as per the girls wish she again started fighting with my brother on pitty issues. She wanted my brother to act like her pet dog which follows every command of his master. 23. The girl by now knew that with misuse of her power she can get anything done from my brother. She quiet often threatened by brother that if he does not fulfill what she says she will again complain against him with police. 24 The matter was informed to our community , they warned the father of the girl not to misuse his power and restrain themselves taking legal route on the basis of false case. 24, Months passsed and In July'14 a fight over a very small issue broke between both of them. The girl again showed her hyper nature. My brother immediately informed about this to a senior member of our community. He asked my brother to meet him. 25. This time my brother narrated all the things happened after he came our from jail and started living with her. We came to know how the girl has mentally tortured her and she even beaten my brother. My brother was very depressed and he was not position to continue this relation with her anymore. 26. He conveyed this community member and his wife also explaining the detailed reasons for his wish not to continue this relationship. 27. But the day he said this, from the next very day we got a call from the IO to meet him. He asked my brother that why he is not visiting the police station as per the court order. My brother made him remembered that he was not asked to meet them as his father in law was taking care of the matter and case was about to be withdrawn. 28. Well in reality nothing such happened and the case is still open. He again used the same route to force him continue this relationship. Now my question is what should we do now.? Where do we stand legally.? Please suggest.

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