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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    My forte is Direct Taxes and Corporate Matters, I deal in Formation of companies, creation of partnerships, trusts and societies.

    My area of expertise
    Income Tax, audit, Company Law

    My experience in the area (years):
    15 years

    Organizations I belong to:
    Vishal Associates, Janardhan Rao Deshmukh & Co

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials: LLB

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  • DR SURESHA G says : Property Issue
    Dear Sirs I have a quiery . I will appreciate if the club members give their valuable opinion . My meternal Grand father is Late H Sanna Somappa Died in March 1975 My Grand Mother is Late Gangamma Died in June 1997 They have 10 childrens 1.H S Hanumanthappa -Died in March 1985 at the age of 52 years -Married 1955 2. H S Parvathamma Alive - with 3 Childrens age 72 years as of 2015-Married 1956 3. H S Revanasiddappa Died in 2004 at the age of 62 years - 3 Childrens (1 Expired ) -Married in 1966 4. H S Nagarajappa Died in 1996 at the age of 51 years - 5 Childrens Married in 1966 5.H S Jayamma Died in 2012 at the age of 66 years -5 Childrens (1 expired ) Married in 1959 6 H S Heggappa Died in 2006 at the age of 59 years -5 Childrens Married in 1968 7. H S Sharadamma Died in 2009 at the age of 60 years -4 Childrens Married in 1966 8. H S Bharamakka Alive age 64 years -3 Childrens Married in 1966 9. H S Rathnamma Alive age 63 years -2 Childrens Married in 1970 10 H S Gangamalamma Alive age 61 years -4 Childrens Married in 1975 Late H Sanna Somappa had property as follows 1.56 Acres of Irrigated land in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of 56 Crores as of 2015 property value 2. Khana Koppalu in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of one Crores as of 2015 property value 3. Houses in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of 50 lakhs as of 2015 property value The above three properties are distributed only among 4 male childrens 1,3,4 and 6 in 1980 ignoring the female childrens The legal heirs of 1,3,4 and 6 sold few properties The quiery is Is there any chance of getting shares for 2,5,7,8,9 and 10 Daughters of Late sanna Somappa (The alive and the legal heirs of deceased) If so could you please advise how to approach Awaiting the response from the member friends Dr Suresha s/o Late H S Sharadamma .(7th legal heir of Late Sanna Somappa)

  • DR SURESHA G says : Property Issue
    Dear Sirs I have a quiery . I will appreciate if the club members give their valuable opinion . My meternal Grand father is Late H Sanna Somappa Died in March 1975 My Grand Mother is Late Gangamma Died in June 1997 They have 10 childrens 1.H S Hanumanthappa -Died in March 1985 at the age of 52 years –Married 1955 2. H S Parvathamma Alive – with 3 Childrens age 72 years as of 2015-Married 1956 3. H S Revanasiddappa Died in 2004 at the age of 62 years – 3 Childrens (1 Expired ) –Married in 1966 4. H S Nagarajappa Died in 1996 at the age of 51 years – 5 Childrens Married in 1966 5.H S Jayamma Died in 2012 at the age of 66 years -5 Childrens (1 expired ) Married in 1959 6 H S Heggappa Died in 2006 at the age of 59 years -5 Childrens Married in 1968 7. H S Sharadamma Died in 2009 at the age of 60 years -4 Childrens Married in 1966 8. H S Bharamakka Alive age 64 years -3 Childrens Married in 1966 9. H S Rathnamma Alive age 63 years -2 Childrens Married in 1970 10 H S Gangamalamma Alive age 61 years -4 Childrens Married in 1975 Late H Sanna Somappa had property as follows 1.56 Acres of Irrigated land in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of 56 Crores as of 2015 property value 2. Khana Koppalu in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of one Crores as of 2015 property value 3. Houses in Hale Kunduvada Davanagere City Carporation . Which is worth of 50 lakhs as of 2015 property value The above three properties are distributed only among 4 male childrens 1,3,4 and 6 in 1980 ignoring the female childrens The legal heirs of 1,3,4 and 6 sold few properties The quiery is Is there any chance of getting shares for 2,5,7,8,9 and 10 Daughters of Late sanna Somappa (The alive and the legal heirs of deceased) If so could you please advise how to approach Awaiting the response from the member friends Dr Suresha s/o Late H S Sharadamma .(7th legal heir of Late Sanna Somappa)

  • varun says :
    Unfaithful girlfriend Sir, I saw your profile on I have an Issue, I would be greatfull if you can suggest me some thing. Issue: I had a girlfriend. We were planning to get married this year. Our relationship was very deep and intimate. Suddenly from last 1 month or so she changed her mind and started refusing to marry giving feeble reasons. I tried to convince her but she and his younger brother are threatening to lodge a false complain against me that I have been stalking and harassing her mentally. We were having sexual relation and it was her who initiated. My query: If she lodges a false complains, to counter it, can I lodge a complaint against her for physically exploiting me by promising to marry me?? I read many times in the newspaper where woman are lodging complaint against men on the above bases, under the charges of rape. Can it be applicable vies- versa? I no longer wish to marry her. I have some of her photographs, 100s of SMS and some videos by which I can prove that we were having very close relations. Thanking you. Varun Sharma Email: Cell : 9429173460

  • anmol awasthi says : taxation
    sir, if two indian companies sign an agreement to sell [of 55% major shareholding] in luxembourg, what would be the impilcations? there is a lot more to this problem, but does the signing of agreement in luxembourg affect?

  • Mangesh K says :
    I would like to give you full details of my married life start to end so that u can come to some conclusion. I came on my annual leave on 09/11/2008 from Gulf to India after a period of 1years 9 Months on my second annual leave. In around 2008 We ( My Parents ) started looking for the bride for me so one of our known Mediators and his friend brought one marriage proposal for me and we also agreed so as per their instruction one day on 11/11/2008 father & Younger Brother Came to our House for enquiring about me. They asked me lot of questions about my house, family, income of source, Position of the company and position of me in the company working with atpersently. While going time they gave us Her photo and Horoscope and taken my photo as they already received my horoscope earlier from Mediator also they invited us to their house for seeing their daugther for the further procedure to be carried out. On their invitation we went to there house on 20/11/2008 and found everything ok as we didn’t ask any question’s. I talked to her alone and asked her about whether she was having any affair because if she has she can continue because we will not marry each other due to the same matter. But she refused and said that there was no affair of her going on. At this I gave her full details about our family and our status and also about I can’t take her with me till 2 to 3 years as I am not in the position to take her abroad. I also advised her that if she feel this relation won’t satisfy her she can withdraw because it should be true and not a sort of compromise. I said her not to come under any force and marry me. I also gave her 2 to 3 days time to think about this decision and reply when I came down as we were having conversation of her house balcony I said to her father while going time not to force her in any terms for the marriage and let her take own decision because marriage because is was not a compromise. After the same they gave us reply on the phone through the mediators that they are agree for this proposal and then too I called her personaly and asked about the same that she has been forced or it was her own wish for the marriage and she gave positive answer that she only want love and respect and nothing else from us. After that she started calling me at night due to which we fall in love. On 26/11/2008 she said me on telephonic conversation that her parents are opposite for this marriage as I was working in abroad and they had a wish that I should take her with me but it was cleared by me at the time of first visit of us and their people that I can’t take her due to my position was not in that level. Then she said that on 27/11/2008 there will be meeting in our house and there will be problem due to this matter which her parents will make issue off on that I said her not to come to my house for any further discusion because when I can’t take her with me then its of no use to talk on this matter only if they are agree with my terms and condition they are welcome to come and discuss the matter. As a result her family and the mediators come to my house and started discussing about the engagement and marriage preparation but didn’t spoken a single word about the matter of what she said me so I thought it was my duty to take it as priority to ask them about her question’s but it was surprising that her parents were very surprised about it and they said in front of mediator and my family that they don’t have any problem with my job even if I don’t take her abroad with me as I made it clear from first. When we both family taken the decision of marriage By the time I taken her to the Temple and her parents taken my parents in the kitchen and said the truth of their Marriage that her mother was not of our Caste and she was from lower caste also her father said that he has ran away from his house and married his wife. Marriage should be true relationship so nobody now-a-days takes it as a caste to caste matching profile should only marry each other but it should be true between the bride and the groom so we also thought and taken it positive and we didn’t taken any action for the same. In this matter we can come to the conclusion that from first sight itself we were going on telling them truth about my parents marriage, The death of my father and reason for the same but this people were always hiding their truth till final stage as they came to know that we were going to marry and taken decision only that time they said the truth to us. As a result they fixed the date only for engagement and not for marriage. In the presence of everybody the mediators started to call caterers, Booking of Hall for the engagement which was held on 20/12/2008. That time I given her mobile of Nokia N95 worth rupees 25000 which I purchased from Gulf new brand piece with bill . She was going on calling me at night and I also entertained her. When the engagement was going on my mother given a gold necklace to her but after the engagement she given it back to my mother and said may tomorrow who knows what happens ? On this my mother felt very bad for hearing this words from her mouth and we both were shocked but soon we thought that it was her honesty and innocence due to which she returned it. I was going to post pond the engagement for 1 year but her parents were in hurry that I had no chance to do enquiry about her family as they stay in far which is out of city and in that remote area no body knows us as per her statements on phone call she used to say that there is no good relation between her big brother and her sister-in-law. Her big brother used to stole money and beat his father he is drunked person, Having all the bad habbits and not obeying anybody. Her sister-in-law always wearing torn clothes and coming in the hotel in front of customer which is very bad for them as her character was not good and the villager in area are all robbers and always fights with them stealing utility and not giving money because they are all from one caste and we are from from other so they treat us like this also she said that her family doctor is not a good fellow and always asking money roaming with them free and eating food in there house free due to which we didn’t enquired about them and she made everybody criminal in front of us. Also on 19/11/2008 before she came to meet me as it was me to call her there was less time left for leave days were going to finish. Her parents drop her at near my home highway at 2:45 pm and continued as they want to go to their relatives by own car. Then we went in one good restaurant AC to take breakfast then I was planning to take her some Theather to watch movie or some garden where we can have plenty of time to talk but she refused and said that we will go my house were we sat till evening 6pm alone. We done kissing and it was enough because we were not married so nobody would proceed further in the sexual matter before marriage. Her parents took her back without meeting my parents and talking to me I thought may be they thought something wrong about the meeting of myself and her. After the engagement and while engagement they didn’t talked with me I thought may be they are very tiered due to the work load which suddenly falled on them and long travel from her area to hall. The expenditure for marriage and engagement was recurred by them which is totally 3 lacs 64 thousand over all including gold silver expenditure etc and I have with me the list of the same as she came with it while coming to my house after the marriage for the payment. Our mediator asked me about the marriage date I said we can go for june 2009 any date as I will come on leave hence they agreed. Our telephonic love was continue by the date for me to go back came and I requested her to come to airport to give me send off but she refused telling that if she will come there her father business will have lose because she is the only person look after her father, House and business and big brother and her sister-in-law are useless she also committed that whenever they go out of house the are many dacoit in there house so they don’t go anywhere but I don’t understand when they come for engagement in temple that time why it not happened? After that she suddenly change her tongue and came to our house on 23/12/2008 as I was going back to Gulf on 25/12/2008 and it was difficult for her to come from her place to airport. She stayed with my parents at night and I stay at my house alone and in the day I taken her for shopping in pantaloon where she purchased dress worth rupees 4500 and I given her 1500 rupees to call me whenever she want in emergency because I will be in Gulf and don’t want her father money to be waste for calling me and instead I used to call her she only called me for 15 mins and said the money has been finished everybody knows in 1500 rupees we call in gulf anywhere for minimum 40 mins. There was one of cussin uncle’s dauther marriage where my parents and she was also invited due her new relation with us at our native place. As a result my parents talked to her parents to come attend the same but they only send Her so her ticket and all expenditure’s was carried out by us as she was going to become our family member. Unexpectedly she played a game over there actually there for a program on 1st day were some of our relatives said that the marriage of us to be kept in village because they became old and can’t come to attend as they promised that they will provide hall, cateres and other all marriage requirements very easily and in less money and if her family can’t do they will take care of money problem also. By the time my mother said we will see because according to the her, Her father can’t travel as he is having problem of urine and he does it any time that they have to take care of him by keeping bucket while he is sleeping time too. So the matter of marriage at village was closed over there itself. What she did is she given miscall to me at night and I called her she said that my mother is creating problem for her parents and they can’t come to village for marriage and she want us get marry at village but I said her that I will talk about this to my mother and she fight with me that I am taking side of my parents by time I got angry and disconnect the call I send her message that if she is not happy with me she can tell her parents and cancel our marriage. Also next day afternoon I called my mother and asked that why she had taken decision of our marriage to be conducted in village but my mother tried to convey me that she had not taken the decision and it was our relatives choice but my mother has refused and my mother shouted me that why I am sending message like this to cancel marriage she was crying and showing to them that we both realized a little that something was wrong with Her and left it thinking due her father problem may she did like this. This was her 3rd planning of fight preparation between me and my parents and also she was sucessed at all the times. She was with my parents in the village but her parents used to call on my given mobile phone only to her and not to my parents. They didn’t wished to me and my parents for any of the festival which should not happen it is very necessary to keep the good relationship. She was carring a packet of biscuits which her parents gave her to eat what she did is she never removed it out and one day there was too much Red ant in the house so my mother searched and found the red ant is due the butter inside the bag of Her in that case also she said me that my mother is always checking her bags its obvious we are not theif but if she will again hide food in the bag and we have face red ants due the same. Why I don’t know she always tried to make me and my mother separate by playing this types of game. But its true that she always doing like this and making peoples to fight due which me and my mother used to fight and till now there is problem between us due to her. I would like to give one more incident that at the time of our engagement my cousin sisters said Her to do make-up that she should look like bride that also she tried to put it on my mother’s head that she don’t like to make-up and my mother is going on forcing her for it that time also my mother and me had a fight. I was at abroad and I used to call her daily for 1hour because she always states that she loves me and can’t leave without me and we continued like this due to which I kept more trust on her. One day I said her to get passport so that I can bring her atleast 3 months on visit visa with me if possible and there was one more difficulty that without marriage certificate I can’t take her with me and she has to wait till marriage and till I get accomadation and visa as I had already said her at the time of our first meeting that I don’t know when I can take her there and also there is no guaranty of my job may be it will take another 2 to 3 year. At this time she stated that we had promised to get marry by june 2009 and why I am not in the mood I explained her that my uncle has passed away and due to this and according to hindu dharma we have wait for the 1 year from the date of his expiry so she asked me that we can do court marriage and that is not according to hindu act and can’t affect any of the hindu dharma rules. I was puzzled on both that she don’t care that my uncle has passed away and that may she thought that they didn’t helped us when our time was very bad and not become good brother to my mother as per my record which I had already explained to her and that how come it can happen because for making the same notice should be given by both of us in front of magistraite before one month. Then she said that there is one idea for that she will do setting and I have to give signature on court register marriage papper and send it by fax or scaning so that there will one month time and I can come for marriage and get certificate so I came back on 06/06/09 for my exam and court marriage and we got court married on 17/06/09 as she was knowing from first that I will come for the exam which will be held in the coming dates of june 2009. We were together for 4 days within these days she said she don’t want any sexual relation because we are not married according to hindu religion so I thought may be she was right and she went back to stay with her parents and I came back to my work at Gulf. Also I gave her 4500 Rs to call me when I will be in abroad which she never did. Before going back to Gulf I talked to her father and convinced them not to go for arrange marriage as we are court married and I will take her to some temple do hindu religion marriage and give reception according to my status to our friend and relatives. Her father agreed and after I came back to Gulf her family went to my parents and said they want to conduct arrange marriage when I came to know I called upon and asked Her that what was going on ? and why they want this shit and when we don’t have any demand pls give-up and cancel the same but they refused and she said that her father want to do kanyadaan according to hindu religion and she is the only dauther so pls try to understand and I also kept quit in this meeting of her parents there was one strange thing that they says that she made a call of 10 thousand rupees to me when I used to call her and she never called me only she was giving me tension and miscall. Only the thing is after every thing she should tell me that she loves me too much and if I wont marry her she will die also her parents as they they are very old. By the time my uncle passed away and my mother went for his death in the village she called to my mother and shouted her that why she went and she always spoiling money. She also said me the same thing which created problem between me and my mother till now. At the time of diwali she was suffering from malayria and she said me as I was calling her daily I also called to her family doctor for the same and he said that there is nothing serious she will be ok soon by the time I called to my mother to wish her for diwali and my mother said me that why Her had not came on laxmi poojan as she had promised to come on the earlier day due which they had brought sweets for her and her family which got spoiled as nobody eats sweet in my house due to diabetic patient and dress material etc. I got shocked and again fighting with mother because she said lie when she was suffering from malayria how come she can promise and come for the laxmi poojan and my mother also didn’t said anything as she also was not knowing this game played by Her. I came back again on 12/10/2009 from Gulf and on 13th Nov 2009 it was my birthday that I want to celebrate with my wife but she spoiled the full mood she came to house in the afternoon 12: 45pm or may be 1pm and started the same rubbish game that your mother is asking for clothes and gold etc. I didn’t believe it then her mother came with saree and gold which was 2 bengles and 1 chain,and silver small item to keep sindhur I seen all this and my head got shot I didn’t talk to my mother not eat food and birthday got totally spoiled actauly she said all lies and that too my mother didn’t demand anything as she should arrange all as they didn’t mentioned it and when my mother asked they given her bad words which spoiled the relation between them and my parents. She always plays because I was at abroad and not knowing what is going on here. So I married her thinking all will be ok and may be she will realize her mistake if realy she did it. On the day before marriage that is on 20/12/2009 her parents without notice kept one function in the hall as it was booked for 3days as our both side relatives were going to come from village and for staying them instead of hotel hall was good and rent also was less due our reputation. In that the breakfast and dinner soon was arranged by my mother for all people coming from village and infact they came late due to plaine was late and all breakfast was finished by Her’s guest but we didn’t taken it in the wrong way as it was kept for both parties. I saw her and ask why she was angry that time she didn’t reply she said after that she didn’t got breakfast and she was feeling hungry so I brought samosa’s for her and her people through cleaner’s in the hall and gave them to eat after few hours there was food kept for all to eat and we taken dinner by the time Her brought her plate and showed me one brown rice piece as a worm in the plate and to change caterers immediately again it was to spoil our name and to fight with the person who is in our well known person. The real fact was she played there also she got breakfast 3 times by my anty and said me lie that she didn’t got and after that again she said lie that there was worm in the food it was brown colour rice. We got married by hindu culture on 21/12/09 At the day of marriage she didn’t talked to me and her parents were not interested to talk at all with us so we also didn’t talked and we were confused that what went wrong then too I taken it lightly because now we were on the final stage and may can loose our image by cancelling marriage after a court marriage. She also did this purposely to make us in guilty in front of all the relatives and friends and also they can lodge a complaint and put us in prison without bail. While I was coming from Gulf she said me to bring chocolates I brought 10000rs chocolate for both my mother and her separate so that there would be no fight atleast for this. After marriage again she said she don’t want to have sexual relation because she can’t give me child and she is not interested in sex I thought it will take her time to understand and I should give plenty of time to her so I waited by the time I was called by one company for interview as I was looking for job here in India so that I will be with my wife permanently. On 02/01/2010 My mother came to our house with some vegetables that I love made of her hands and satyanarayan pooja Prasad but Her saw her from the glasshole and didn’t open the door for fifteen minutes then my mother again she knocked and knocked the bell she opened the half door and said that I am not there and closed the door. My mother went back also she said her while going time from out side that not to tell me and she will also not tell me next time don’t do this Her also agreed. Before going as my mother was tiered my neighbour gave my mother water and made her sit till she got relaxed and let her go her house. At around 4:30pm I called her and asked about lunch whether she had or not she said that she had lunch but there was one incident happen and instead of somebody she would like to inform me I thought may my neighbour said anything or may be her parents but when she said me that she was in the sleeping mood and my mother came it took her time to open and she opened only one door due to sleepy mood my mother shouted her and went back from the door. So I said no problem but don’t do it next time and I called my mother to say sorry my mother said no problem and she cut the phone call. At this I felt there should be something wrong so again I called my mother and asked about same giving my promise she said the real matter I went home and asked Her but she just shut her mouth and not replied me she was only staring at me in the mean time I called her parents and said the matter that she is not giving married life happiness, Not opening the door to my parents what to do but then too there was no reply from them. We got arrange married on 21/12/2009 and while coming from marriage to the our home she did not talk to me and my parents even at marriage time there whole family was in rage. On 22/12/2009 she said me that she want washing machine I said ok I taken her to the showroom and purchased new one of her choice. As we were just setting up our newly Married life and nobody was living there so it was taking little bit time as my mother had done full preparation of food Materials item like rice, dal, jeera, mustard seed,chilly power etc to make a food. On 22/10/2009 she said me that she want to make chapathi so I said ok and brought 5 kg wheat from market as per Her instruction as it required to be clean before mixing I was waiting for her to clean it. On 23/12/2009 Her’s mother called me that she will bring flour powder from her house to make chapathi that time I got shamed and angry and that I can’t give my wife proper food and her parents has to take care even after I had married her and said her I don’t want there single money or help in any manure and that I can take care of her myself because I love my wife and know how to run the house I will never take anything from any body even if I die. I asked Her that what’s wrong and why she had called her mother regarding chapathi flour can’t she wait for 2 more days by the time within 2 days I gave her flour for chapathi. She never gave me respect and I used to give her too much love and taking care of her so much. I taken her to village as it was necessary in our religion we believe after marriage the cuple should go to their holy ancient God ( Kul Deveta ) and take blessing for their new life Hence I thought after the same it will be clear and all problems will be solved. She saw that I was going on visiting all temples and giving donation of 500 rupees at each temple what she did is while coming from one of the great and swayambhu temple of Godess durga in the bus she was laughing and said we are Beggers & bastured in the bus while retuning back from the temple and she just took the topic that what was horoscope how much marks were matching between you and me that time I thought that she knows he horoscope was duplicate as her birthdate as per passport is 07/05/1982 and in the horoscope is 12/05/1982 which I came to know when she showed her passport after the arrange marriage. I didn’t said her anything because I was on the right way but it was very bad to here from her mouth. At night on that day we were sleeping my mood was not good because she given me bad words and was going on thinking about our future she came to me and started talking to me I said that I am not well and we will talk later in the morning but she again abused on the same as well. She threw mangalsutra and said that her husband is dead after that I felt very bad and said sorry to her in the morning but she stopped talking to me. This passport is also having a big story I said her to obtain passport within our marriage period because for making passport 3 months time was enough after engagement. She said that she don’t have any legal documents like School and college leaving certificate because she had not taken it from the college and she will first have to get from birla college which was near from her area and then start the procedure so it taken her 3 months to get as per Her and she has not showed it to me till last we have check whether it was true or not. Her passport procedure took more than 7 months so I said to Her to contact my cousin sister who is my lawyer atpresently and given her no. as I called to my cousin sister to help her due I was in the gulf also she said that she will definetly help her in this matter if she will call her then to Her did not contact her. After our arrange marriage When I seen her passport I asked her that what is her exact birthdate because in passport its 07/05/1982 and in horoscope its 12/05/1982 she said that she was born on 25th april but due to wrong communication and her mother is having language problem as don’t know hindi language at that time the date got change in her birth certificate as she was homely birth and not in hospital and I have to agree her. After arrange marriage on 22/12/2009 she brought a list of expenditure for the same and I was ashamed listening this and she said me to give it back to her by depositing money in her account then to I gave her a necklace worth rupees 2,50,000 with bill so that she can check any where which I brought from Gulf as a token. In the village I taken her to mostly all the jeweler shop to check the price of her gold ornaments which she had got from her parents in the marriage as she want me to deposit the same amount in her bank account and she was also going on demanding that I should make her joint account in my other banks. She said her younger brother is an agent in some finance company so if I pay him 20,000 monthly after 3 years he will pay me 3 times my amount saved that I came to know that there is something going wrong and I not done what she expected from me. Also she said me till I fulfill her such types of demand she can not behave with me like my wife and will not have sexual relation ship with me as she want all this money as a security. We came back to Mumbai from the village after that I saw her attitude was totally change and she was no more interested to stay with me and she used to tell me that she can’t satisfy me anymore nor sexually and also she said that I should give divorce but I thought that the situation can be handled so I waited. One day on 29/12/2009 I taken her with me to big bazaar and found that she was avoiding me and trying not to show anybody that she is my wife as she never put sindhur in her head and also hiding mangalsutra. She said that she don’t like make-up and mother was forcing her at the time of engagement but it was strange that she was doing make-up daily and she know after lipstick which Gel should be applied on it so that it won’t get discard. After seeing it for 7 days I called her parents on 10th jan 2010 and said all the matter that why she is doing I can’t understand and pls try to make her realize that I am her husband on this her parents said me that when I am going back that time they will take care of her and they taken all the gold items silver items her closthes and every thing which she brought while coming and only left little clothes that she can wear in for 3 or 4 days till I go back to gulf. In between this days I asked her that I will get her mobile repaired because she use to tell that her mobile was having problem of voice incoming side which I given her at the time of engagement and that she forgot charger at home which was available in bag and she was lieing with me. I taken that mobile without telling her to my friends shop and after repair connected charger available with him and checked it was shame for me that the no. of Mr. Shyam who was before working at America and atpresently at bahren his bahren no. was feed in that. I asked Her about it and she said that it was shyam no. and she wanted to call him in our marriage I asked about how she knows him she said that he came first before me to see her and she said he can’t marry her for more 4 years so she had married me this made me totally tense because this person was in America when he selected Her and now in bahren so how come she can get his bahren no. wherever he goes that means it was clear so she didn’t had sexual relation with me and also stated that she will stay alone in my house when I will be back to Gulf. Within this left day I asked her that pls agree if she had done any mistake and that it won’t hurt anybody and I will make all clear but she refused and said she had not done any mistake except she can’t give me any child due to she don’t want to keep any sexual relation with me her answer was very difficult for me but I left her in the city with her brother who came to take her as there was no vehicles going to her area as road were dig which 45 mins distance from there. While going time I taken her to good restaurant for food and She had nicely than I gave her Sweet to carry at home from a reputed sweet mart. I asked her that my coupen for railway has finished and I have to take ticket in line so can she give me her coupen which I found in her purse she kept in front of me in the morning she said that it belongs to her brother and she can’t give due to the same. After she went home her sister-in-laws parents came to me and asked what was the problem and I said every thing to them that time they said that this people Her family is not good. He said that she used to hate their daughter and not giving food when she was pregnant at that time they throw her out of the house and when she was in the serious condition her family doctor also said that he taken her sister-in-law to his house and called her father who were in village to take care of here other wise she would have died. Then I went back to Gulf on 14/01/2010 and I started calling to her big brother and sister-in-law and found out that she was not a good character girl she was having affair with the person named Anil in 2001 who was working in the bank below her house. She used to go to his house in the time of college. Whenever she want to meet him she used to know the ladder’s and walk so that he gets a signal and one day her big brother caught her in the godown with her boy friend Anil in the abnormal position and he slapped her for this she said to her parent that her brother was wrong and they are just friends and as a result her parents blamed on her brother only. This was the story of 2001 to 2003. Then I asked them about and they replied she was having affair with Shyam she used to call him at night and tel him that you are my husband and I am your wife writing letter to him which came back so many times. As a result I tried to find out who was Shyam and was this the real fact and I tried to contact him with the help of the local Arabic people who were friend of mine and found him but can’t reach to him as I was in the another area and it was not possible for me to go there as my passport was with company. He said me on the phone call on 12 july 2011 as the local Arabic people asked the truth to him or according to them they will make him go in the prison for some another reason and he said me the real truth that all the mistake is done by wife she want to marry him as he was earning good salary 10 times and he was good qualified person and I should not drag him in any matter. He said me that he will send me email with his photo Attached that he is innocent and as a result he send me the same email on 8th Aug 2011. Now finding his no. in her mobile shows this whatever her brother and sister-in-law was telling is true. She always trying that I should be separated from my parents and making me alone trying get my money trying to get my house shows that she was only in the greed and don’t like me there was no love only a game which she used to play but the god is great that he made me alert on time. She used to call me and tell that I should give her divorce so I said that when I will be back in india I will do the needful or she can send the pappers over there same like register marriage time she had send to me if its urgent or wait till I come back. Then she started going on demand for divorce and money. I came back to india on 28/03/2011 and called her that come and meet me with her parents and mediator but she refused and one day she said she want to meet alone but I said her that she is always lieing so it will be better that all her parents and everybody should be present for the divorce in matual consent they agreed and now they were doing drama that their lawyer is on leave as she is newly married and going for honeymoon and then they said that they are going for some function at village so after that they will proceed and in march 2011 they said to wait. I wait till june and consulted one Advocate who said that she will send her a notice from her side for divorce but she send it back stating unknown on that envelop so she called her on her cell phone and asked about the same that why she has written unknown on the envelop she said that she has not reiceived it and send it again so it was send by professional courier and through registry also both was received by her and till now that is 30 Dec 2011 she is telling her procedure is going on she has consulted an Advocate who has lodge case against me before 4 months but I cant understand that from 4 months she has lodge the case than why don’t they called me in the court now in this matter my Lawyer called upon her lawyer and she said that she is the biggest lawyer from supreme court and she don’t have office and she only contacts people on phone calls which was lie she had a office. When I called her two times she adviced me not to call her and take a advice of my lawyer. As I was going on calling her she never said me that were she had put the case and what was the matter she had put also I went to her house for councelling her but she not agreed because her condition was to come with me to my house and that if the flat were I stay should be transferred on her name as it is on my father’s name. I had not agreed her demands and as we were talking for 2 hours a day, she said me to meet again and I went to meet her by the time summons were coming from the court but due the flat was closed it was send back. I met her near her new house area and she said the same demand to close the case but I refused and insisted her that she should tel me the dates so that I can come to the court and take summons or give me the same by hand directly as I am not staying there. One day she called me and said that I should directly come to the court and given me the address and not said what she had put in the same. I went directly on date she had given me and found that the judge fired her lawyer because she directly called me to the court without summons. But he agreed and given permission to proceed with the case. Now she had put Marraige petition under section13 (1) (i-a) and (i-b) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1995 as amended in the court on 10 Aug 2011. She is not coming for any dates and only her lawyer is coming there by 2 dates we put reply for the petition and her lawyer asked for the maintenance which passed on the 5th date that I should pay her 2500 as her expense for the court case one time and 1000 rupees monthly as an maintenance. After this her family went to the mediators and said that if we give our flat to her she will stay with me and also she can give divorce on mutual consent. Hence we refused and she had put 498a with all the IPC related to the same matter private complaint directly to the court against me and my mother. Now the marriage petition matter is pending and judge has decided that if she wont’ come for the avidence next date that is 09/08/201 then he will dismiss the case as she is already not present till yet and her lawyer is not coming from last 2 dates from the time of maintenance judgement and orders in the court. On 13/07/2011 the police officer called me and her for the statement as court has send the matter to investigate under section 202 and there upon coming to conclusion that all the allegation of dawry and other related matter was false. She said that she wants to stay with me now she say that if I will agree that she can stay with me in my fathers home then she can take back the complaint as her all the allegation are wrong and came the picture of the police officer’s the statement is still pending for both of us till yet and that the officer want us to compromise and that if not we should get divorce on mutual constent. By the time I said him that I want some time to thinks on it he had given us 5 days time which is over by today. I had submitted all the court paper that she had put in the marriage petition with our reply submitted in the court for the same, The list of price of all the expenditure in her writing which she brought to me including gold and silver ornaments, our mediators from our side and from her side statement paper which claims that we don’t want anything and not had asked or forced them for this marriage and dawrry, Also I had submitted my education details which is 7th fail School leaving certificate on the both police station and court were she had put marriage petition as an avidence. I had also have the proof detailed below which has submitted both place. 1) My entry & exit status on passport. 2) Marriage certificate. 3) Gadget of her name changed. 4) Passport copy of each page of mine with entry exit entry. 5) Passport copy of her. 6) Horoscope copy of her. 7) Photos of court marriage. 8) Marriage invitation card of both people’s. 9) Copy of my lawyers letter which was send to her. 10) Print of Shyam’s Letter. 11) List of the bills that she brought to me of her marriage in her handwriting. 12) The SMS which I had send from gulf to her written in the book with date and time in her Handwriting Please take this matter as an priority and guide me. How I can get divorce in the court as judge has said that he will dismiss the case by next date if she won’t come and give the avidence. How I can take revenge when we had not done anything and got spoiled our name with money and time, I had lost my job due to this shit and she had played a worse game. She had mostly convicted my parents name in all the allegation when they were not coming in our flat and staying away in there another flat. My parents had not done anything and her cruelty is worst so what can I do to make her family understand the same pain and drag them to the jail because this case is false and worse. We had sufferd a lot from last 3 years. Pls guide us in the same matter.

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