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Ravikant Soni's Expert Profile

Queries Replied : 736

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S/o Shri Niranjan Soni Advocate,

Op. Gandhi Girls School,

Sujangarh 331507 (Raj.)





    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    i am expert in civil law specially in family & matrimonial law and cases relating to property disputes. i m also have interest in negotiable instrument act's cases.

    My area of expertise
    Civil, Family and matrimonial disputes, property disputes, negotiable instrument act

    My experience in the area (years):
    9 years.

    Organizations I belong to:
    Soni associates

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials:, LL.B.

    Award & Honors:

  • mohanlal says : Maintenance issue
    Maintenance issue Facts – A notice has been served to me by the family court in connection with a maintenance case instituted by my wife. I have to submit my written statement in this regard. I have serious threat to my life in the city where this case has been instituted. My Queries – 1. I don’t want to appear in the family court at any cost because I have serious threat to my life over there. 2. But I also want to submit my Written Statement (WS) in the court. 3. I also don’t want any interim maintenance relief from the court to my wife due to of my absence on the coming date and 4. I also don’t want the matter to go in ex parte. Please suggest the suitable procedure to accomplish all these at once. Regards!

  • ganeshgaja says : cancellation of sale deed
    Respected sir My name is SANTOSH. My father name is HONNAPPA and my mother name is ASHA and my grandfather name is REVANNA. My father made a 2nd marriage with BHUVANESHWARI and she had a child named RAMYA. There was no permission given from my mother ASHA to my father HONNAPPA for the 2nd marriage. My father HONNAPPA and grand father REVANNA sold a piece of land in Hyderabad in the name of RAMYA when she was minor. At that time REVANNA is living and At that time I am 17 years old. They didn’t declare my name(SANTOSH) in that sale deed. The sale was made for her(RAMYA) future life settlement and for her education. this was the reason told in the sale deed and there is no need to sale that property.This was came to our(SANTHOSH) notice after 7years of sale of the property.the property sold by my grand father REVANNA is ancestral property. The sold property was taken by my grand father REVANNA by selling one of the ancestral property. My mother ASHA and me(SANTOSH) filed a maintenance case against my father HONNAPPA. In that case my mother said that he has a kept mistress named BHUVANESHWARI. He(HONNAPPA) was living with her(BHUVANESHWARI) and me(ASHA). He didn’t give any amount to live and to full fill our basic needs. For that my father HONNAPPA said In the court that “he didn’t marry any body and he doesn't have any kept mistress” and he has to maintain his mother and his brother family. So he cont give any maintenance to my mother ASHA and SANTHOSH. And he said that SANTHOSH is major so he cont claim maintenance. Both of them(HONNAPPA and ASHA) were Government employees. We have taken that said court copy and the case is still in court. My father HONNAPPA declared BHUVANESHWARI in all the official and government documents. But he had said that as stated above in the court in maintenance case. 1.can the court statement document which was said by HONNAPPA become a primary(legal) document than the govt.document? 2.which document will be taken as strong evidence in court when I filed a civil case against HONNAPPA for sale deed cancellation? 3.can I give the maintenance document declaration to court for sale deed cancellation that RAMYA is not a co-owner of the sold ancestral property? 4.did RAMYA has rights on the sold ancestral property even though my father(HONNAPPA) did not declared her(RAMYA) in the maintenance suit? 5.which type of civil case I have to file in the court for cancel the sale deed made by father HONNAPPA and grand father REVANNA? 6.will the document showing RAMYA as HONNAPPA daughter become a illegal declaration in sale deed? 7.can SANTOSH can win in this case when he challenge this sale deed? 8.will SANTOSH will be declared as the co-owner of that Sold land? that the said sale deed is legal or illegal? 10. will this case become a criminal case or civil case? there any specific time period for sale deed cancellation case? 12.the property buys from the means of ancestral property becomes ancestral property or self acquired property? Please help me to get my property……………… Santosh family tree REVANNA(late) HONNAPPA s/o REVANNA ASHA(1st wife){living} w/o HONNAPPA BHUVANESHWARI(2nd wife){living} w/o HONNAPPA SANTOSH s/o HONNAPPA RAMYA d/o HONNAPPA

  • mani says : plz help me in getting my childrens back
    my husband wants divorce and i dont i m here on my brothers home and my parents hav expired we are from poor family and my both childrens daughter 10 yrs old and son 4 yrs old are with my husband they are demanding home and money for business otherwise they are telling me they are not ready to accept me. i and my brother are not able to meet there demands . so now what should i do. in 1999 my mother married me and she spent 15 lacs on my marriage. now how ll i get my childrens with me and what is the procedure to take maintainance or the money which my mother hav spent on my marriage.from past 12 yrs they hav torched me for money and till date they are demanding the same. plz help me sir i m helpless.

  • rajesh kumar says : st land
    sir,what are the ways by which i can purchase scheduled tribe land from a lady. i am non st . and residential plot belongs to 5th scheduled area which is in dist bastar , chhattisgarh ?

  • Yogesh says : Auction with out notice
    if the muthoot finance auction my gold what doe i do ? It shows that principal amount Rs.1,07,000 (Rupees one lac seven thousand only) against Collateral Security of Gold Ornaments and interest Rs.57,816 for 17 months 10 days. The original rate of interest is 2% per month as agreed upon and the actual interest for 17 months 10 days should be Rs.37,086 (Rs.1,07,000*2%=2,140 per month *17 months and 10 days). Now I am very surprised to see that the amount of interest calculated by Muthoot Finance Ltd.i.e.Rs.57,816. The difference amount of interest is Rs.20,730 (57,816-37,086) that is almost double of the actual and put the burdon of the interest on the head of the customer though the customer is having the intention to pay the loan with actual interest and also you have even not followed the nature of justice by putting an un-appropriate burdon of interest on the customer. I am ready to pay the interest amount as agreed @ 2 % per month and which is justifiable to the me. I am very happy if you put the appropriate burdon to the me without imposing the excess heavy burdon of interest ,which is twice of the interest amount as I already given to you my Gold ornaments and also this rate of interest @ 2 % in higher side as the collateral security of Gold ornaments proved. I am afraid that you can manipulated the amount as well misused my collateral security of Gold Ornaments because you do some surprise activities with out knowledge of the customer. I personally visited to your Branch at Chembur and requested kindly accept may cheques and honored the same in to your bank account on due date. but as confirmation received from Muthoot officials the companies policy is that the Muthoot finance does not accept the cheques. i.e. Negotiable Instrument and only payment in cash accepted. That means the company is trying to do all transaction in cash and try to avoid freedom of the customer and try to hide legal cheques transaction of customers. Further I request to you that I will send to you the cheques towards interest portion @ 2% per month as agreed upon, provided all the unnecessary interest burdon release upon my heads as I already stated genuine reason of my illegal termination and financial position. I will courier the cheques as and when I will get some borrowed money from relatives and parents, kindly honored the cheques against interest portion @ 2 % per month as agreed upon. I am waiting for your positive confirmation in this matter as I am facing genuine finance problem and my intention towards payment of loan with interest is very clear and I want my Original Gold Ornaments, already I handed over to you as Collateral Security.

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