Civil Procedure Code (CPC)

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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    I have fought matrimonial litigation for almost 4 years, I believe that I have gathered some kind of expertise in these matters, would like to help others with problems related to family laws and dowry/ PWDVA related issues.

    My area of expertise
    Dowry, Family Laws, Custody, Marriage, Divorce, PWDVA

    My experience in the area (years):
    4 Years

    Organizations I belong to:
    Delhi University

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials:
    MBA, LLB

    Award & Honors:

  • Vick says : 376
    hi Shonee , i have a 376 on me or 6 years n reason is falso promise to marriage byt the wiman in question is 38 years old with a 10 yr old child and has a subsisting marriage. 6 years the victim , IO , witness no one come beside severeal summons and warrants. do you have a solution. ?

  • Rajeshwari Patel says : Gazette Notification is legal /valid in Abroad
    I am going to change name by "Gazette Notification". My Degree certificates(10th, 12th, BE, M.Tech) and EMP Certificates( Experience letter) are with OLD names and Passport will be with “NewName”(will change after Gazette Notification). Will Software company in “Foreign Countries” will “accept or consider” Degree certificates and Emp certificates valid with Old names? Since Name change is not done by foreign authority where I am going to work.

  • H Patel says :
    Please Advice! help Sir, I have posted a query titled as "Seeking advice on rent case". I will be thankful to you for giving your valuable advice on this. Regards H Patel

  • Member (Account Deleted) says :
    respected, if a person who is not married only had sex chat with a married girl with her consent on a social networking site. and they both never met. and the chat was only for 2 days is this any offence committed by that boy?if her husband finds that chat can it be any harm to that boy? who never met her.

  • Smita Verma says : Marital Discord and Coarse of action to be taken
    Greeting Sir, I am in very much need for your assistance as I am suffering a lot in my my pathetic 2 years of my wedlock. 1. Got married on 14 feb, 2014 in Chandigarh (My MIL and FIL resides) and Hubby lives in Delhi. 2. Thing not working since very first day of my marriage. 3. Husband and his family complete mama’s boy, rich, arrogant, very rude and only son. 4. Took me to London for Honeymoon where only 205 love and 80% ill treatment(Verbal cruelty, insult, say me non-sense ,illiterate, ill-mannered, immature, no dressing sense). 5. He is Sr. manager earning 17 LPA and me in HR in Pvt company earning 20 k PM. 6. Do not pay me anything, even take everything from me also. 7. I fall sick due to his behavirol and mental torture in the month of may 2014 and dignosed with Brain TB(Due to stress, hypertension, malnutrition ) completely curable and Pregnancy. 8. He and his mother visted so many doctors to get the baby aborted but they failed 9. He took me to Fortis for treatment and his parents urged him to leave me home saying she need attention and care , he did the same saying she need care and she full attention. I took 1 month sick leave and mediclaim from my office. 10. He visited me on Sunday till july 27, 2014 but speak only little with me spend 2 hrs with me and then go back, besides this no phone call, no monetary support , no help. 11. All medicine, doctors visits are with my parents. 12. When I joined back office in the month of June 2014 after recovery, I insisted him to take me back home for which he gave me several excuses so that he cannot take me home and I got intention that he will never take me home.i resigned from my job with tha hope to go back to him as he said leave job first but after I stopped working he stopped all means of communication with me and ignored me like anything,no watsapp, no call, no message response . 13. When I messaged him 1000 times he messaged me in very rude manner that don’t disturb me as I don’t want to keep you with me I am fed up of you and much more and I cried a lot and informed parents, so my parents visited him to talk to hi, approached his parents to amicable settlement but no result came, my parents said all will be fine once baby born. 14. In the month of December my baby born and my father informed him and his parents about grand son they came running very next day and even I felt happy that now things will be alright. 15. But still my hubby and In laws didn’t talked to me well and only playing with baby, not concerned for me. 16. Later on feb 13, 2015 my MIL called to inform me that My hubby will come to take me back home so get ready and he will bring me to Chandigarh where his parents live. 17. I happily accepted and packed my bags and my parents were also happy that they are changed and all will be fine now as baby boy born. 18. I spend 3 month again without my hubby in an isolated room with no money, no help in taking care of baby and no support from my hubby. He visited 3 times there in Chandigarh but never talk to me, only formal talks happen between me and him and little of sex. 19. Then again his parents made a prelude to kick me and baby out of there house as am just like burden on them and wanted to get rid of me so they called there son on 29 making wrong allegations against me that I ued to fight and go out late night for walking which were absolutely wrong and called my parents and said to take me back. 20. My parents came, had a long discussion and all thing settled and my father took me on there words for 15 days and after that my hubby will come to take me back. 21. But that was my last time at that house after that they never called , message me, never picked my call. 22. So on day after 20 day uninformed me , with my parents and son went to my hubby house to live there but he made excuses that he is looking for some other house and will take her after some time once shift to other home in 15 days, but that day never came. 23. I messaged him so many time to take me ad 15 day also passed, when no communication so we approached his maternal uncle, his close friend but all our efforts failed , Then again I with my parents went at his home and this time he didn’t allowed to enter his home and when forcefully we manage to get inside he escaped and this was first time I called police and police tried to call him but he didn’t responded. 24. Then with police and neighbour knowledge we get to know that he is in very deep affair with a very affluent lady(40 + years of age) with 3 children and hubby live mostly outside , used to visit him almost every day and night and love each other from 2008, that’s why he don’t wish to keep me and baby and also he cleary mentioned that he will never ever bring me back. All his parents, mamaji anf friend know about it and it was just a so called marriage to bring a maid in the form of DIL to live at parents house in chandigarh and let son enjoy his life life before, they never loved my son and me and only tortured both of us. 25. My hubby is ever partner with that lady in her running business. And my hubby is greedy and lusty. 26. We Complaint in CAW cell Srinivas puri, mediation failed, when time came to file FIR now IO is saying not file any FIR and seems like IO is being compelled to say like this as earlier he was in our favour and even he know that he is wrong everywhere and having deep relation. 27. So kindly advise me what to do , what action can I take to give him a lesson. 28. I don’t want to give him divorce, I want to maintain me and son alone with no money and other things , only old aged parents and 20 k salary even that too am in danger zone and have to leave job as baby need me full time. 29. Kindly suggest what course of action can be taken to get money, shared accommodation or separate house to take care of me and baby.

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