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  • Kaushik Nandy says : Tenancy Vs Encroachment
    One of my tenant is occupying tow rooms at my residential building and being used for dwelling purpose but Monthly rent bill i issued for one room as it is being issued by earlier landlord from whom I had purchased the building in 2010 and residing in the building since then. at this stage Can i suit civil case against the tenant/ his son( who is staying in another room) for encroachment of one room and get eviction order if so then what is the process.

  • Umesh Khanna says : benami property
    Sir, The director with zero income of a Judgment debtor pvt ltd Co. which has stopped operations of the Co. after siphoning funds from the Co.has bought a house in his wives name in 2011 , the wife has no known source of income too . in affidavit in high court has claimed house was bought from funds from relatives and friends in 2016 . as both the husband and wife don't have known declared source of income to buy a house .will the house be considered benami property ?pls advise Regards

  • Renny says : Passport Rent agreement
    Hi sir, Is a notarised (un-registered) rental agreement, a valid proof of address while applying for a passport?

  • Ms.Usha Kapoor says : How many points for query reply-reg-
    Dear Mr.RK. Goyal, For each of hall of fame query how many points you'd get. I mean answers for expert queries. Please let me know honestly. To them thanks points also should be added. Isn't it?Thank You. Best Regards, Usha

  • Ms.Usha Kapoor says : How many points for each expert query of Hall of
    Dear Mr.RK. Goyal, For each Hall of flame query how many points you'd get?. Please let me know honestly.Thank you. Best Regards, Usha

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