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Working as an Advocate in Distt. & Session Courts Panipat.


Job Responsibilities:


·        Client counseling and development

Advising clients on Contract Law, Constitutional Law, Company Law, Property Law including Land Acquisition, Stamp Duty, International Trade, Conveyance and Specific Relief.


·        Research

            Research for case laws and analysis of various kinds of laws.


  • Active litigation

Handled matter at all stages like Civil, Criminal, Consumer, Revenue, Banking, Insurance etc. before the District Courts and other Tribunals like M.A.C.T. Distt. Consumer Dispute Redressal  Forum, Executive Magistrates etc.




Name                          :           Sachin Bhatia

Office                          :          Chamber No. 286

                                                 Distt. Courts Panipat

Mob                             :           09812283330

e-mail                         : 


    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    Related to Civil, Criminal, Consumer, Revenue, Banking, Insurance etc.

    My area of expertise
    Civil, Criminal,Consumer. Revenue etc

    My experience in the area (years):
    4 years

    Organizations I belong to:

    Publications or writing which has appeared :

    Educational credentials:
    M.B.A. L.Lb.

    Award & Honors:

  • Prateek says : sir plz write your valueble comment on this Prateek Handa 9027277736

  • NIXIE says : Service issues
    Please advise on

  • V K Dalal says : Will written by mother under influence
    We are 4 brothers and one eldest sister. My father died 6 years back. He survived 13 years after his by-pass surgery, which was financed and cared by me only while I was working in Delhi. I am second brother and lived out of my native my education and job for all most 38 years. I supported the family to the greatest possible level, and passed most of my savings to my parents for family, social and property related issuesrs. My sister and youngest brother joined hands and conspired. Till my father was alive, as my parents were under the influence of my widow sister, most of the funds were misappropriated by the duo. Immediately after the death of my father, my sister emotionally blackmailed rest of us and could get away with fathers property through a Release Dead in her name. Now, to get acquire of my mothers left over property, the duo has played an ugly game against my the entire family. Within one month of my father’s death, they first got their name incorporated in all the bank accounts, locker, FD's and DMATed shares of my parents. All such investments would automatically be theirs, once my mother is no more, as she is already 76 years old and she is suffering from many chronic ailments. Now the worst part is, now the duo desire my eviction from the present residence, which happens to be in my mothers name. Present house was built with a big financial support from me while my father was still surviving. I have got many letters from my parents, in which, there is an elaborate mention about my financial support . There is one Affidavit written by my father, where, disposition of one of his property in my name is available with me. As I was away from the native, parents were influenced by the duo through their own malafied conspiracy, the property which was disposed in my name by my father was sold, and most of the funds were used up for building duo's property. When I finally returned back to my native, I could sense all these anomalies in my absence. When I tried to expose the facts, I became their enemy, and they targeted for my eviction. Now what ever shelter is left in my mother’s name, where I am presently residing with my wife, the duo wants to acquire that too. First they could get a registered will written in the name of duo's children. Consequently, just to escape from future litigations, they resorted to my eviction by terrifying my family. First they submitted false reports through my mother for police actions against my family for an in- evident domestic violence. Here they failed in their motive and got exposed in their malafied intentions which are indicated in the police investigation reports. I could get the Police Investigation reports under RTI Act. Duo's did not stop here in their malafied venture/endeavor, they further influence my mother to file legal complaints against my family under "Domestic Violence Act. 2005" and "Welfare & Maintenance of Parents Act. 2005". I am sure, with the available facts, my family would come out to be innocent. In the current legal battle, we are only defensive in the current proceedings. I am sure, I n the absence of any evidences, as reflected through the written affidavits and the verbal arguments during the proceedings, we should not face any legal problem. But, definitely, we will have to under go churning in the legal process. NOW MY FINAL QUERY OR CONCERN IS: WHAT HAPPENS AFTER MY MOTHER? HOW THE WILL IS SUPPOSE TO BE CHALLENGED AND UNDER WHAT GROUNDS? IF ANY CLARIFICATION IS DESIRED PLEASE SUPPORT THE CAUSE.

  • sweta says : Consumer Case
    Sir I wanted know to file a consumer court case. Is there any online way to do it? I live in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad so kindly tell me which court my case will file? Regards

    Is there any high court or supreme court judgment with respect to whether Insurance Co can withhold the accepted under protest. I have accepted the claim under protest & Insurance Co. has refused to pay the claim since I have not discharged clean voucher

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