Civil Procedure Code (CPC)

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  • Madan says : Transfer of share of Property
    A small clarification regarding transfer of share of legal heir: Let us say A has inherited his part in a ancestral property property. Now A dies and there are 3 legal heirs B, C, & D. Can "B" now transfer its share (1/3rd) in that property in favour of C ? Is the consent/signature of the other party "D" required ?There is no partition made after the death of A and these three have naturaly become the legal heirs. Let us say "D" is not aware of this settlement..!

  • SANTU DINDA says : Fillinf up attestation form
    Sir, One paper in my 2nd yr grad. exam was cancelled doe to unfair means. I passed the paper in 3rd year as supplementary exam.In job attestation form "Have you ever been debarred from any Examination or restricted by any University ?" what should I answer here?

  • Divakar says : Please,8365.0.html

  • Member (Account Deleted) says :
    respected, if a person who is not married only had sex chat with a married girl with her consent on a social networking site. and they both never met. and the chat was only for 2 days is this any offence committed by that boy?if her husband finds that chat can it be any harm to that boy? who never met her.

  • aditya says : property distribution case
    The situation is ,my grandfather had 40 acres of landand he had the following relatives :: 1.son1,my dad 2.son 2,my uncle(has 2 daughter,a wife but died) 3.daughter1,my aunt 4.daughter2,my aunt grandmother My grandfather divided 12-12 acres of land between my dad and uncle (before he died) and he kept rest 16 acres of land with him and he died without making a will so my question is both aunts and grandmother are claiming over the rest 16 acres of land and want to be distributed among themselves so can they have it legally ,my dad has no problem but my widow aunty of my expired uncle has problem so can they have it. Q2. If the above situation in q1 is not possible than tell me how the 16 Acres will be distributed among family membersmembers since my uncle died leaving two daughters and a wife..

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