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13 April 2021 at 00:46

Adding last name

Hello, I'm currently pursuing B.Tech. My 10th, 12th CBSE certificates, aadhar, pan card, everything has just my first name HIMANSHI.
I'd like to add my last name SINGH.. How can I change my name in CBSE certificates and is it important?? (HIMANSHI SINGH)
I have to go abroad for my Master's degree. Will adding a last name be a problem for me? Please help me.


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13 April 2021 at 00:24


Hello Expert,
My uncle lost one application filed by opposite party and order is passed on this exhibit.
But now uncle is out of city and appeal need to filed on urgent basis.

Can lawyer in Civil Judge Senior Division file Appeal in District court without my uncle signature? If yes, please provide us some rules under which lawyer can file appeal, or party sign is mandatory to file in Appeal.


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Shall society utilize the fund from the Major Repairs & Maintenance Fund to build the solar project


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Dear Sir,

My father 1acre agriculture land purchased of Elder brother in the year 1998. This land is given by Government of Karnataka in the year Jan_1977 and issue authority letter June-1977. there is clause of govt. land there is no partition / sell upto 15years of land. My father in 1998 without registration. in Sub-register office they made Partition on his 1acre land.
1year back my father elder brother is dead. now her daughter and wife troubling to us in agriculture land. Kindly give the solutions.

salman khanOnline

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12 April 2021 at 12:41

Fact about power of attorney

what is the practical difference between Power of Attorney with CONSIDERATION and Power of Attorney WITHOUT CONSIDERATION.

Kindly elaborate in simple understanding language.



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12 April 2021 at 05:51

Decree null and void

Society filed suit in district court for specific performance to sign conveyance deed and got decree in its favour in 2007. Land affected by Urban land ceiling so Decree non-est ( ulc act repealed after the decree was passed). They then (post repeal) proceeded in executive court and Conveyance deed signed by a court commissioner. Thereafter society went in for a development agreement (Redevelopment). Redevelopment is complete. As decree is non-est and void, Is the Conveyance deed, Redevelopment deed void and is redevelopment illegal? What action needs to be taken by the original landowner?


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11 April 2021 at 20:03

Exorbitant charges demanded for noc

Dear Sir/Madam,
My wife purchased a piece of NA land from a cooperative housing society in a village near Gandhinagar at Gujarat in 2011. A sale deed was done between the secretary of the housing society and my wife at SRO Kalol.

Now she intends to sell the property. The buyers lawyer is demanding 7/12, 6, 8A and NOC from the society. The developer who is the secretary of the housing society was approached. His answers are as below
a) 7/12 will have the name of the society and not of the plot owner.
b) He is asking her to sell the property back to her at a cheaper price than the prevailing market price or else pay an exorbitant amount to get a NOC from the society without which she cannot sell the property to anyone.

Please advice how to proceed further.

Thanks in advance.


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11 April 2021 at 17:09

Ancestral property

According to supreme Court judgement In Vineeta Sharma vs Rakesh Sharma on 11 August, 2020 . Father need not be alive till 2005 for a daughter to get share equal to son.

Section 6 of Hindu succession act 1956.which was amended in 2005 is retrospective.

My grandfather died in 1942.i have ancestral property on my name.i don't have any sisters or brother s. My father has a sister.
Now my father's sister son asking share for her mother using hsa 1956. My father died in 2003. Grandfather died in 1942.
So Hindu succession act applicable even if father died in 1942. Please explain. Because hsa was enacted in 1956 right.


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11 April 2021 at 15:54

Finger prints at sro

Hello Sir,
I purchased a plot this month.
InĀ  Sub Registration office(SRO), Vendor's thumb impression was not accepted.
So, they took middle finger impression.
Is it fine? Or will get any problem in future?
And also it's not mentioned in the document about impression details

Mrs R ChowdharyOnline

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Our town fall under the Raebareli district of uttar pradesh. My husband use to work in state government and we built our house in the town. Also we have farming land and one shop. Shop is bought by my husband and farming land is from ancestors. Now my husband is no more, he died almost 14 years ago. Around 8 years ago my elder son does intercaste marriage against my will and his wifes parents will. His wifes parents were also not interested in this marriage and they also broke all the realtions from their daughter. My husband had given all the farming land for farming to smal, local farmers who use to give 50% crop share to us , same farming arrangement is continuing till now. After my husband's death my elder son has started keeping all the amount after selling the crop and not giving single rupee to me or even to my other two sons. I ignored this as I never wanted any dispute in the family. But now he has starting harassing me. Many time he came home drunk and started fighting and quarrelling with me. I am diabetic and BP patient. He wants to take all the property and mastermind is his wife.
I want to disown him from all the properties and from the house which me and my husband built.

Please suggest what action I should take as I have a fear that he and his wife may start harassing me more. And their intention is to harass me to the death so that they can capture all the property.

Thanks and regards



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