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I am currently working as clerk in government department. I want to do b.ed but b.ed is conducted in regular mode and I cannot attend classes due to my job. I had contacted a college and they are saying that attendance will not be an issue and I have to come only for exams. I want to know that if after completing b.ed I got job in government school, Will there be any negative consequences in the future for my job?

GM Vru

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Dear All Advisers i need a clarity in my stand, please help me with correct advise as per Indian Law.

I was in to Long Distance relationship with a girl for 4 years, between as everything over. Due to my current situation in my family not accept our love , i am trying her to explain the situation for past 1 year. she dint understand and she started to threaten me using our close Photos, whatever thing she want me to do.She use to threaten using the photos for past 1 year, i was completely done with my love started anger and done with everything in my life.

Now she is started threaten me that she file a case against me in court to marry her, she is saying a reason that because of over love she threaten me to thing what ever she want. Since she have our close photos and we were in to physical relationship, is it must to marry her as per Indian Law. no other way to recover in life only way to surrender to her since i had physical relationship with her.

Please advise me i was feld up with my life, i am working in abroad now dont want is going to be the procedure, is my job get affect because of her case she is going to file against me in the court.


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21 February 2020 at 18:17

Alimony query

In a divorce case filed by husband while granting an alimony does court gives one year salary of husband to a graduate not earning wife?
Is there any way to reduce the amount?
If husband is not willing to give this much amount then will court take husbands unwillingness into consideration or will force him to pay that much amount?

suneetha Jain

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21 February 2020 at 14:30

Sc st attrocity case

Sir, My Cousin was falsely framed in SC ST Attrocity case in Visakhapatnam. Still negotiations are going on for compromise in Police station. It is said that anticipatory bail cannot be given to my cousin because of SC ST Case. It is also said that after my cousin is sent to remand after filing the FIR, he will try to get the bail from local court. If Bail is not provided by local court, we need to go to High court and it is told that for bail in local court, cost of advocate fee will be Rs 20000/- and for bail in high court, cost of advocate fee is Rs 60000/- I request you to please advise.


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21 February 2020 at 13:59

Compensation, pf ,gratuity eligibility .

Iam a professional doctor , worked for a NGO for 12 years and 6 months. Initially I joined as a salaried employee , after 5 years the management told me that they will hereafter consider me as a consultant(no document or agreement signed) for which I was told about some tax benefits (which I was not aware of at that time) will be there .
I left the institute in September 2019 as they said they were closing the institute for non availability of funds . They paid me August 2019 salary . But to my surprise , it was a conspiracy to send me and I came to know that the hospital was running right from the next day itself and they also employed an other doctor .
So now my question is , is this the right way to send me out who gave my prime 12+years to that institution to develop it and what all benefits like PF , Gratuity , compensation am I eligible for ?
Kindly help me .


Akshay Mayekar

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21 February 2020 at 13:12

Early reliving from company

I am working in cognizant Company as since last 3.5 years . I have got an apportunity in other company with good package .
As per cognizant policy I have to serve notice period of 60 days and I still have 19 pending leaves . If these leaves are adjusted then I can easily get freed on 6 of March .
Accordingly I had spoke to my team leader and manager but they are not accepting anything and denying for my early relief .
Pls advice me what shall be done coz I want to get early relief at any cost on 6 of March 2020.
Pls advice as it's an urgent issue .


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21 February 2020 at 13:05

Promotion from feeder cadre

ratio of 60:40 in promotion to the post AEE from the cadre of AE and JE of two different feeder cadres... as results of which AEs who are senior to JE would be meted out with injustice...

Pushpalatha H

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20 February 2020 at 20:46

Family matters

My mother's property was pledged by her brother and his son. They took a loan from co-operative bank 10 years ago. The loan was taken in different peoples names including my mother. Now the bank forwarded the matter to the loan recovery department. Their property is also pledged with another chit company. My mother is illiterate and she didn't know the correct situation at that time. They told her that they will repay the loan immediately and it was only a small amount. She had full faith in them. At that time we were in Bangalore. When she got notice from the bank , she had psychatric problems. She is bedridden for the past 3 years. My question is can she go the Vanitha Commission file a case against them ?


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20 February 2020 at 19:27

Dispute about property

One of our family friends want to dispose their property and divide the proceeds among their three children ( one son and two married daughters ).
The property is solely earned by the father ( not ancestral ). However the son is demanding the whole property or proceeds to be given to him and none to the daughters.
My questions :
1. Do the married daughters have right to property( earned solely by the father, not ancestral ).
2. In case succumbing to pressure from the son, they write or transfer the property/proceeds only to the son, can the daughters challege it in the court of law ?

Jeetendra Rathi

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20 February 2020 at 18:59

Patnership deed registratation

i have my Firm in name of RATHI DISTRIBUTORS, SOLAPUR FROM 1987




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