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23 July 2021 at 18:42

Procedure to dissolve dv case

What is the procedure to remove DV and 498a cases and take the complaint down , that are filed in the district court?


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Father wanted to sell a plot of land to person X, and person X had paid 50% of the amount, but person X was not able to pay the rest and kept on delaying it for 6 years. They signed a MoU with a stipulated time to get into some agreement, although there is no registered sale agreement here. However, after my father has passed away, person X shows up on our door demanding 50% of the amount with interest for all these years. Are we liable to pay person X back?


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Respected Sir/Madam
My Father was pass way. house was in his name.Presently My Mother(65) and Unmarried sister (40) were stay in that home.There are not allow me in that house.They refuse my self and my wife.How to enter in that house, can ask rent for my share of that house,can my wife file petition for residence under women protection act.(My Family belongs Muslims)

Pundalika Achyutha BhatOnline

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Sir - can anyone help me to know why there is no category of Co-operative Law in the discussion forum or Ask the experts column ?.
Also if some member wants to discuss on Co-operative Laws related issues - is it Okey if that member selects Corporate Law ?.


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23 July 2021 at 04:00

Exchange of flats

I have exchanged the flat with other owner in the same building/society. Can the society members ask me for any exchange fees or charges. For eg. As there is entrance fee who purchase a flat in the building and seller also pays fees to the while leaving the building (which the maximum amount is 25000). I'm already a member of that building neither entering for the 1st time nor leaving that building. So, can society ask me to pay for any charges/fees legally which is prescribed in the cooperative society act?


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An chargesheet is filed in the court under 338 IPC for an accident case. The injured filed an petition in MACT court for compenstation .
Are the criminal case procedings for 338 are set aside and can get acquitted ?

pradeep chaudharyOnline

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23 July 2021 at 00:11

Bigamy case

Respected sir's
Can I file bigamy case against my father.
At Present my mother is no more.
I am leaving in property which is in the Name of my father and leaving in the same since last 30 years.
Father filed case against me for maintaince.


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I and my husband are getting divorce on mutual consent. Out of our wed lock we have a daughter who is a minor . As decided between us, I will have her full custody and father will have visitation rights.
My husband wants to gift deed his flat to our daughter before the divorce. he is sole owner of flat so he can be the doner.
Q1 Can he sign as donee as well? Or can I sign as donee?
Q2 After divorce can I live in the flat with my daugther?
Q3 will my husband have any rights (as natural guardian) to sell or rent out the flat even after gifting it (after divorce )?
Q4 Can I rent out the house for daughter's medical or educational needs without husband's permission (after divorce)?
Q5 Can he trouble me for the flat like entering the flat as owner (as daughter's natural gaurdian)
Q6. Can I and my daughter get society amenities access once the flat is gifted to her?

Pyarali NayaniOnline

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I purchased a flat at yari rd Versova Andheri West through my sole source of funds in July 2005 I had also kept my wife as a co-owner and we signed and registered the purchase deed jointly. No percentage ownership was mentioned in the agreement or in the society correspondence. As a part of procedure that time, we nominated our son Rafiq Pyarali Nayani as a nominee 100% and submitted the nomination form in the society office signing jointly.

In November 2011 my wife left the house along with 2 minor children at that time we had 2 children son 10 yrs and daughter 6 yrs (daughter was born in October 2005) over a domestic/family disputes. Since then till date my wife was staying separately along with our children at different locations. My wife had also sent written intimation the society office in 2012-2014 saying that i should not be allowed to rent, sell, transfer the property and she also requested copy of the sell agreement and nomination registration. Which society office gave it to her without taking my permission. Last month on 27/6/2021 my wife passed away at her Bandra maiden resident. I was informed for the same so I attended the funeral.

A very next day on 28/6/2021 my son wrote an email to the society office saying that "he is the nominee and my daughter is legal heir in the said property and I should not allowed to rent, sell , transfer the mentioned property to anyone else"

Further society office also received a letter from my son's lawyer asking society not to permit me to rent, sell, transfer the flat and also asked to register his client Rafiq Pyarali Nayani as a member/shareholder and to nominate my daughter Elham Pyarali Nayani as a sole nominee and if it is not done then there will legal consequences against the society and me.

Society told me verbally that now I can't do anything as I don't have any rights to rent, sell or transfer the property. Which I m bit surprised.

As I have purchased the flat through my sole source of funds from my singal bank account and till date I m paying all the society dues and property tax through my sole singal bank account.

Please let me know what are my ownership rights and also rights to sell, rent, transfer the property


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22 July 2021 at 14:30

Renewal of rental contract

1. i have a three years rental contract (duly registered) for my flat in gurgaon  which is expiring in nov 2021.
2. i want to extend the contract for one more year with increased rental .
3. is it advisable to sign a new contract for 11 months or  extend the present lease  which is better and legally enforceable .    if i extend the present lease  for  11 months, do i need to register the rental contract again ?    

4. how much before the current rental lease should i sign the agreement for extending the lease.
5 any other imp thing to be aware of ?



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