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Hello I have recently learnt that the a lot of private companies use specific confidentiality clauses restricting it's employees to openly discuss about salary within one another. My query is whether this is allowed or is it voidable or void ab initio as this completely defeats the purpose of wage and pay equality for the same role and hours. Any suggestions or advice will be helpful, thanks.

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31 July 2021 at 06:55

Application of law/act.

Query, on what pretext/conditions 'Pre-emption act' and 'Stay order' can be sought .are these two remedies applicable to civil,& criminal cases.

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30 July 2021 at 20:32


My friend send me a file on whatsapp to further send on instagram not disclosing the facts of file due to which my account of instagram has been disabled. Can I report to police or any action as per law can be taken against my so called friend. Please advise.

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Dear Sir, Chennai Metro rail at Koyambedu has started to build elevated bridges in Porur via duct, chennai. They have issued noticed to us saying they need 68 Sq/m land for acquisition. Then in their second notice, they extended the measurement from 68 Sq/m to 99 Sq / m. Our land is 2400sqft. Based on their measure, we loose 1010 sqft. We have raised complaint in PM and CM greivance cell. But i received a letter that appropriate action will be taken but still nothing happened for one year. We built shops in our land for our livelihood. My dad is owner of this land is 80 years old and no other house/land we have. There is another way where they construct bridge without destroying our houses. Can we take the another route to court and get stay order from court? Or any other way to stop land acquisition Sir. Please reply.

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My neighbour is converting the home which is right beside my entrance into a restaurant, the smell of cooking is creating much problem for us to stay even inside the room also. Even the customer are making dirt outside of my house after consuming product from this restaurant.

Suddenly they changes there balcony in ground floor into a restaurant.

What steps I can take to resolve this problem? Please help me urgently.

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Dear sir/ madam,

Is there any provision to attend meetings by a proxy in co op hsg society in Gujarat?? If yes , on what grounds and how much time a proxy can attend the meetings with a written P.O.A , where a property owner has been advised that not to attend meetings for medical grounds

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23 July 2021 at 00:11

Bigamy case

Respected sir's
Can I file bigamy case against my father.
At Present my mother is no more.
I am leaving in property which is in the Name of my father and leaving in the same since last 30 years.
Father filed case against me for maintaince.

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We have applied for a Liquor License of retail vend on 13.09.2019 for 2019-20 after paying Rs. 25 Lakhs. License was issued on 22.02.2020 with validity upto 31 march 20 only, after substantial delay on department's end. We requested the department to refund or adjust the Fees on pro-rata basis but they denied by giving the reason that the License fee should be valid for 2019-2020 only and we lost our hard earn money for nothing. Kindly suggest us any legal remedy which we can exercise. We will be very much obliged.
Thanking You

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16 July 2021 at 13:07

Ews certificate

Sir In 2017 I resigned my central gov job. In 2019 I applied my EWS certificate for financial year 2018-19 in which i didn't mention my previous salary or job bcoz there was no space defined to mention abt that.
Is there any issue?.

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Is there any time limits beyond which the accounts of a Housing Society cannot be re audited by the Deputy Registrar?

Certain financial irregularities committed by the Managing Committee in a Cooperative Housing Society in Pune, Maharashtra in the year 2009 - 10 have come to light now in 2021.
The managing committee has also manipulated accounts and written back arrears on Members going back till the year 2000 when all these had been audited at that time and the matter resolved amicably.
Can those accounts be re audited by order of Deputy Registrar. And what is the procedure for the same.

Also, is there any time limitation bar on till when the arrears can be recovered from Members of the society?


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