My grandfather purchased a agriculture land on my father name in 1966 by registered sale father is minor 2 years age in 1966.according to sale deed my Father is only and fully owner of agriculture land.mutation is my Father name since 1967... property tax is paying by my father since 1967 to till 2019 . possession and cultivation on land by my father since his major time,( more then 35 ) grandfather died in father take a bank loan on this my uncle want to share on this agriculture land. Can they take share on this property ????

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24 June 2019 at 11:38

Releaving letter

I have resigned by sending an email, while I was still under probation.
My HR has neither asked me to serve a notice period neither replied on the email about accepting my resignation.

Later, my immediate boss asked me to handover the data I was working on and also complete certain work, which i did and sent via mail. All the data I worked on was on my company desktop.

Also, by the end of the day I gave my resignation, i was unable to login to my official mail id.

It has been more than 5 days and I have neither received a releaving letter neither an acceptance on the mail.

I need my releaving for me to join a new company or at least an acceptance of the resignation mail.

What do I do?
Is there an alternative to the acceptance mail or releaving letter?

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24 June 2019 at 08:08

Member in Flat Owner Association

We have registered our Flat Owner Association under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975. Is there any restriction that one EC member can continue for certain period only. If so, kindly indicate relevant section under Tamil Nadu Societies Regn.Act. kindly clarify.

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I want to know whether the grant of compensation / award in land acquisition proceeedings are proof of title. Are there any case laws on this point

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Dear Sir
I used to work for an MNC and after quitting the company they filed a case to take money from me due to some clauses in company car lease scheme. I told them to take the car away and that I cannot pay. Finally they agreed and they withdrew the case. However when I checked these records are available online. I want to know how to get this removed from the website.This can create a problem when I switch jobs and the background verification team finds it out.

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Most Regarded professional

I would like your support on how to file a case against an advocate who is 27year a member of a Bar association of district court Nainital has framed a false & fake FIR including cooked incidence to implicate an innocent widow. He with the help of SSP Nainital police imposed section 307, 324,341,427 & 506 on her & family.

Please guide us what to do when one law representative itself scandalously starts abusing, harassing, threatening even to fire & killing threats to a widow. And even tried all means to suppress facts, pieces of evidence, which all prove that she was totally innocent. The lawyer pressurizing local villagers, police, and admin with the help of Bar association protest that no advocate will support or take her case in a lower court or high court all across Uttarakhand.

The younger brother aged 18year of the widow who was not present on that day of incidence on 9th May 2019 nor any FIR was registered in his name is picked up by Police with the advice of SSP Nainital on 13th May 2019 from Restaurant counter for inquiry however was straightway put behind the bars. The family was not allowed to meet him at all and what we came across that he was beaten & thrashed three times worse in the jail by the lawyer & his associate with the help of jailer & police guards. Till date, he was not given any medical assistance and behind the bars for the last 30days plus.

What we know that advocate profession plays a vital role in the administration of justice and is a respected position in society. Where it appears that this type of advocate can go any extend to gain financial interests by grabbing widow assets and land.

I just need your help :
1. Do we need to change our state for filing this case as all the machinery is supporting the advocate?
2. How I can represent this case as a nonlawyer in a court of law?
3. How we can ask for CBI inquiry in our case for transparent investigation?

Looking forward to your kind guidelines

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07 June 2019 at 22:56



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07 June 2019 at 18:44

regarding police CSR report

I got a CSR on January , but still now there is no info from police , I need to know is there any validity for CSR report , please update me

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07 June 2019 at 16:26

Please reply


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My mobile is stolen, I have already lodged an FIR for the same.
What I found that my number is still being used by the thief, so I contacted JIO care for sharing the location and recent call details, but they refused to share the details stating that they cannot share the details with me and this can only be shared with the police.

My contention is that, I am asking the above details about my own number, which is registered in my name in your records and I am providing my identity proof, then which law bars them to provide the details is beyond my comprehension and any reasoning.

How I can get the details of location and call details from JIO, what options do I have legally. or are they right when they say that they cannot provide it.
To me it looks purely absurd and without any logic.

Please enlighten me if I am wrong.

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