14 April 2021 at 21:42

Pay protection

I joined on 16/09/2013 as MPSO in Telangana government. Later on
I joined as degree lecturer in Telangana Social Welfare on 30-03-2019 on lien basis.
(1) will I get pay protection(I. E. Degree lecture salary?) if I go back to parent department. Both the jobs I got through TSPSC


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12 April 2021 at 17:37

Who is a childless widow?

Respected Sir,
A muslim couple had 2 sons, after the divorce with former husband, the lady gets married to an old man (muslim), no offspring from this marriage, the old man dies leaving behind the lady as legal heir.

Can the lady be called as Childless Widow as there are no offspring from the marriage with the deceased? What will be the share percentage in the property left behind by the deceased as per Muslim Shariat Law?

Please share your inputs experts

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Repected Experts,

I have filed Gratuity recovery application to Labour Commissionar office through an Advocate which I got order for recovery on gratuity then filed Form T to generate recovery certificate to proceed for recovery of my gratuity amount to collector.
When it was getting too late I approached to controlling authority i.e. Asst. Labour Commissionar via email and came to know that it was issued already and they sent copy of certified letter on mentioned address in Form-T, and sent me photo of it via email. By looking into letter I came to know that the contact person who filed my application have mentioned his address as C/O instead of my address hence I did not recieved the letter.
I went to him to collect my letter but he denied to give me original and said that he is authorised person to recieve the copy for further proceeding in my recovery application.
I read entire Gratuity Recovery Act 1972 and no where found that advocate is authorised since the recovery application can be filed by applicant, nominee or legal heir only.
I would like to know that is it legal that he is not giving me the letter which is on my name. If not that what should I do. Is there really advocate required in such application since it is not writ petition or any legal calim filed in court?

Please advise.

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12 April 2021 at 05:51

Decree null and void

Society filed suit in district court for specific performance to sign conveyance deed and got decree in its favour in 2007. Land affected by Urban land ceiling so Decree non-est ( ulc act repealed after the decree was passed). They then (post repeal) proceeded in executive court and Conveyance deed signed by a court commissioner. Thereafter society went in for a development agreement (Redevelopment). Redevelopment is complete. As decree is non-est and void, Is the Conveyance deed, Redevelopment deed void and is redevelopment illegal? What action needs to be taken by the original landowner?

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My father was central govt employee. He went missing in 1999. My mother lodged FIR in 1999 and after a year, police submitted their non traceable report to the dept. Dept told my mother that she can only apply for family pension after the period of 7 years. She went in 2007-08 but They told my mother that my father is removed from services.

I filed RTI in 2015 to know the reason of his removal. I got to know that they filed charge sheet on the basis of absence on duty. We challenged the removal order in tribunal. Now they replied that there is other name in nomination so the dept is now saying that the nominated person is first wife of my father. So my mother is not entitled for family pension. My mother never heard her name from my father/in laws. My grandmother was died when my father was 5 and my grandfather died 20 years ago. We also not in touch with our father's brother.

I went to our native village to confirm from the people who know my grandfather/father. One of them told me that she was his first wife but she left him because my father was mentally upset. She filed divorce decree after 6 months of marriage. Ex parte decision was in her favour and she granted divorce. After some years, she got married to another person and my father got married to my mother.

We got free legal aid from Dist Legal Service Authority. Now our lawyer is saying that he going to withdraw case because we hide facts from him or else hes saying that look for that first wife and take affidavit from her that she dont have right on family pension, she divorced with my father and remarried to another person. Second he told us that if we produce succession certificate/legal heir certificate then case can be in our favour.

Now the first problem is that we dont know where is she and second problem is that police didnt provide us non traceable report. The dept obtained non traceable report directly from S.S.P so without non traceable report we cannot apply for death certificate and without death certificate we cannot apply for Succession Certificate and Legal Heir Certificate.

Please help what should we do now?

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11 April 2021 at 13:03

Family pension of widower to wife

A marriage as per Hindu customs is solemnized to look after each other in old age when one predeceases the other life partner. A widower whose wife has died too does need someone to look after in old age. The query arises that for a widower would it not be proper to remarry/live in with a lady who can take care of him. If this be acceptable then she too must get family pension after the widower's death

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09 April 2021 at 06:06

Need judgements


can anybody here provide me that ADMINISRATION TRAINEES are not Workmen as per ID Act.

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I am a landlord in Ballygunge area, Kolkata, West Bengal. My tenant on monthly rent wants to surrender the possession of the self contained flat against a lumpsum money. Since, I don't require the flat, he has arranged a third party, who would take the possession of the flat by paying a lumpsum money ( Salami). Now, what is the percentage of salami, the tenant who wants to surrender the possession of the flat, is entitled to the total amount of the lumpsum money ( Salami ), which would be paid by the third party, as per the prevailing market rate in the locality.

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Dear expert,
I have a commercial shop in my fathers name in slums of malad mumbai Maharshtra since 1974.My father has recieved the patch card holder (by government of maharashtra) in 1976.One Mr. V sharma has showing his status as imla malak as per the property card implemented in 2003.
He is taking the exaggrated rent from the chawl tenents and from us also,now due to the corona,we are unable to pay the rent further,but still we issued a cheque of Rs. 3000/-in month of january 2021.
I have recieved a reply from collecter encrochment after RTI that the said area is slum declared in 1976.
Now Mr. Sharma has issued us a lawyers notice for the (exaggrated) rent or else to evict showing us a licensee and asking for the monthly compensations of Rs.250 per month also the accumalated amount .
I need your help for following,
1) what is the legal status of Mr. sharma for said chawl as per the property card showing him imla malak.
2) Does he has the right to collect the rent or compensation from the slum room occupier like us.
3) What is the meaning of slum declared status of the said slum as per collecters letter for the said property and benefits to us.
4) On what basis and content we can reply to him for the said notice.
5) What will be the future of Mr. sharma as the slum lord.
6) Can he evict us even after the proofs of the said slum rooms or shop.

Request you to please do guide us for the same so as to reply the lawyers notice.
Thank you,

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31 March 2021 at 07:54

Arrogant tenants

Our bungalow built in 1935
Tenants stay since 1940
They have preserved all old rent receipts and proofs of repairing work they do
They used to pay monthly rent of 100

Our son and daughter plan to get married.Can we send them eviction notice so at least they behave properly
tenants were given place as they were homeless so were staying for free since year 1935.fro year 1940 they started paying some nominal rent once in a while

Now we are total 5 owners so each have 20 percent share .We are residential owners but have only 20 percent share.So if we evict tenants I guess evicted property will be of all 5 plus tenants can join with other 4 and builders and try to sell their share of tenancy right or harasse us?

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