16 October 2019 at 08:22

On ni act case

accused gave me a cheque which is dishonored and i sent a registered notice to him on 23.08.2019 and immediately on 24.08.2019 he replied through his counsel by denying the facts of the notice. i filed a complaint under section 138 of Ni act on 08.09.2019 and the same is returned for pre limitation i.e. not gave a time of 15 days for accused for the payment of cheque. my question is it is not valid for pre limitation or not but he replied to my notice by denying the notice facts. what is the solution for this how i move on court. please respond. thanks to all advocates.


16 October 2019 at 07:43

Prolonging the case

My wife physically assaulted me in the premises of women cell in 2016 April.

A criminal case is in progress against her. In June 2016 she filed RCR in a different court

In August 2016 she filed DV against my parents and my 81 year old grandmother at Magistrate court in another district. Her claim is that the property owned by my grandmother is her shared house. Highlighting the reason that the marriage was conducted in a church adjacent to the house of my grandparents for their convenience. I am born, studied and working in another district. In September 2016 she filed 498a in another district. The petition includes stories of stolen ornaments, damaged certificated, physical and mental torture etc.

In December 2016, I filed Divorce.

All the cases are going on.

In August 2019 I got Speedy trial order for DV. since wife went abroad when a part of her cross examination was over..

So, she came home for 4 days and just before the commencement of second part of cross examination, she deleted 3 major reliefs in DV in magistrate court.

Then she filed almost the same petition in family court in the same district. She went abroad again. I understand that this a step to prolong the case for several years. What can be done from my side for speedy disposal?

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If a member of the housing society has been to jail in past and has criminal records in his name, can He contest elections for being Committee Member or Office bearer of Co.Op Hsg Soc Ltd?


15 October 2019 at 19:37

498a,500,420,506 against me

Dear sir /madam, Kya notary marriage certificate is valid marriage certificate by court or not


15 October 2019 at 19:02

Property partition

my grand father,had three sons,all three r died ,the property is in name of elder son,his wife is alive,my question is weather the property will get transferred to this wife, is their any option for jointly transfer, who r all eligible for the grandfather property.

As the minimum age for owning a property is 21 years, can a child of 18 years receive a property or money from maternal uncle?

I think its property via gift is possible from the age of 18.
Or by setting up a trust?

I think money is treated differently.

Thanks you.

Dear sir/ Madam In one company their HR Team has make telephonic discussion with worker. In their discussion company management demanding workers resignation till -----------------Date. , workers are ready to give their resignation under following condition. 1. Required to receive their all pending salary till last working date. 2. Required to receive their Next three-month salary in advance. 3. Required to receive their total Full & Final Settlement with their deducted LTA , & gratuity, all statutory dues like PF & Form No. 16A of Fy. 2019-20. 4. Required to receive all demand in one time settlement with experience certificate & relieving Letter.
My Query is Can workers get next three months advance salary after date of their resignation / last working day.


15 October 2019 at 12:17

Seizure of paternal property

Property is in the name of my father and my elder brother is absconded in bank fraud case in which my father got bail. Arrest warrant has been issued against my elder brother and investigating officer said your property will be seized.please guide me what to do

I have purchased a flat in an apartment complex consisting of two residential MSBs and an Office building within the same complex. There are two issues with the promoter:
1) Inordinate delay of over 4 years in delivery; promoter refused to compensate for the delay though it forms part of the construction agreement; how do I proceed to recover compensation?
2) The UDS is allotted disproportionately - the factor is about 0.4 for the residential section and 1.3 for the office section; is this tenable?

15 October 2019 at 09:14

Testing expert



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