15 November 2019 at 20:43

Admissiblity of secondary evidence

hello dear lawyers,

I have a civil suit pending against me and i am defendent

Q1) Is it possible to submit the certified copy as secondary evidence in the last stage of case(Arguement)?
Q2) Under what provision in evidence act ,it is possible?

If evidence stage , additional evidence stage is gone , how is it possible to mark 2,3 documents which are very important to be read by judge?

please guide me

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14 November 2019 at 21:33


A clerk in a senior granted (govt. aided) college has certain doubts regarding his appointment and PF calculations. As college authorities did not take cognizance of his grievances, he communicated with relevant Govt. authorities through written correspondence. Thereupon, the Govt. authorities asked explanations from college administration about his queries. Therefore, college authorities suspended him for communicating with Govt. authorities and tarnishing the image of college and governing trust.
What are the rules about suspension proceedings? How much salary he should receive during suspension period? Is he expected to report on duty? What are the does and don’ts in such cases?

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13 November 2019 at 15:02


Dear Sir,
I applied to my ex employer for getting my gratuity after almost 11 years of continious service vide Form I and Form N on 07/12/2016 and 29/06/2017 respectively. My last date of service was 06/11/2016. The Controlling Authority here in Kolkata, West Bengal notified me and my ex employer to appear Vide Form "O". The OP was failed to appear and submit their AIC for 03 consequtive dates, hence my EIC was recorded on 07/06/2018 as per instruction from the Deputy Labour Commissioner.There after OP had started cross examine me which lasted for 03 days starting from 16/07/2018 and concluded my cross examine on 18/01/2019. They also didn't appear quite a few time during this period. Since then OP has only submitted their AIC but failed to appear before the controlling authority for OPW. They have escaped 10 months since my cross examination was concluded on 18/01/2019 by giving this or that execuses or may be asking for adjounment for the day.They didn't appear consecutive second day on last 11/11/2019 and once again controlling authority fixed up a date on 20/12/2019.

I tried to put up the scenario to the learned experts how the OP is trying to delay and dragging the process. I would like to know from the experts a) can OP delay the process as they have been doing, b) Is there any provision in the law to restrain such activity, c) Doesn't have the Controlling Authority any power to stop thiese practise and speed up the procedure.d) Is there any other authority where I can plea for a faster proceeding.

I look forward to your valuable suggestions \ advice and I welcome any suggestion from anybody which might be helpful for me.
Thanks & regards

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I am working as Chief Manager in Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), (CPSE under Ministry of Shipping). I have cleared UPSC interview for joining as Deputy Director in Directorate General of Shipping which also under Ministry of Shipping.

The provisional appointment letter was received from the Directorate General of Shipping on 09.09.2019 and accordingly I submitted by technical resignation on 30.09.2019. The application to the said post and resignation has been made through proper channel. The technical resignation has been accepted by SCI.

My queries are as follows

1. Do I need to serve the three month notice period in case I am shifting my services from PSU to Central Govt (Group "A" service) under the same Ministry.

2. Will be service period be carried forward and Will I be aligible for pay protection

Thanking you and looking forward for kind help, thanks in advance

Harinder Singh

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12 November 2019 at 22:24


Sir i have a land of about 100 acre in Jharkhand which is gair majurwa khas land. Can i sale this land in Jharkhand please clarify many people are saying we can't sale gair majurwa land. I have my updated receipt till 2019-20. We bought it we have a sale deed , mutation papers, we bought this land in 1970 .

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i worked as a regular PhD scholar during 2013-2018. I submitted my thesis in august 2018. after thesis submission, university sent my thesis for evaluation and both experts accepted and recommended for PhD viva. due to internal politics, university is not conducting my viva.

i need legal help in nanital high court of uttarakhand. i want to discuss my case in detail. please give me your contact number.

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03 November 2019 at 00:01

Gift deed

Dear sir on the year of 2000 my grandmother had given empty land to me by unconditional gift deed method but now her younger daughters has convinced her by saying badly about us
And now my grandmother is joined with them and sent notice to me so can you help me by clarify my doubts thats is it possible to cancle the gift deed by law
And its self acquired property and my grandmother had bought it as own and on year of 2000 she done this gift deed settlement with out any conditions.

Thank you

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Want to buy office room in mumbai under pagadi system. I understand they will issue rent receipt in my name. Now i need to know the details and legality of transaction.
Modus operandi, : any documents to prepare other than rent receipt ....and need to be registered ... any guideline value.... payment to pagadi owner or to both pagadi owner and actual owners? stamp duty/ taxes to be paid for the same..... whether legal ?
After transfer of rent receipt in name of purchaser can new pagadi owner sublet the property ? ....can he resale also with profit/ losses ? can he be evicted on ground of not using the premises ?
in case of redevelopment whether new pagadi owner need to pay redevelopment charges for 240 sq feet room ?

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01 November 2019 at 17:33

Presale notice

What is the meaning of presale notice when it issued by the banks to the borrowers and how it has to be served

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25 October 2019 at 20:21


I had asked for a certified copy of information, under the RTI ACT 2005 regarding third party. But the reply excepted by the concerned PIO is from an another person, who has objected to my giving Information by the PIO. is this act of the PIO legal in RTI law. Query is can any Tom, Dick, Harry reply on any one's behalf. note. this is serious question, no further facts to state. kindly help.

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