My brother is guarantor for business loan of his friend, his friend have mortgage his agree land to the bank. But bank have given another loan to other person on same land, without informing my brother. In this case can bank occupy my brother's property if his friend failed to pay plan?

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17 January 2019 at 10:10

About govt orders of ap

Sir my father sold 3 acres of agriculture land to govt of Andhra Pradesh in2006.Mentioned G.O MS.no.192 social welfare and G.O.ms.No.29 revenue.but it is not available from last year.how to get sir pls..

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07 January 2019 at 18:13

Affidavit from family members

I am planning to buy a 156 square yards plot in 1 acre venture in village.

My doubts:

1. Land owner purchased this 1 acre in 2003. Is it necessary to take signatures from wife and children of land owner at the time of registration?

2. Land owner has not taken layout approval. But He is willing to pay land conversion fee in Panchayat. Is it ok?

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08 December 2018 at 12:39

SRA Scheme Eligibility


We have 2 slums in Mumbai one in my Father's name and another in my name...the first slum was purchased before 1995 and we have all the required documents photo pass etc...the second slum was purchased in 2008 in my name..the photo pass is still in the name of previous house owner which is before 1995 and I have electricity bill and Aadhaar card in my name and address of this slum since 2008...also i have recently purchased a flat in Badlapur in my name.

Will I be eligible under SRA scheme for this second slum..i have agreement proof.. photo pass in the name of previous owner... electricity bill and Aadhaar card in my name since 2008.

Please help..

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20 October 2018 at 21:30

Transfer fees

Hi,I bought one flat 2 years back .In sale agreement there was one clause stating clearly "seller is liable to pay any maintaince dues,electricity and transfer fees to society".After we entered our new home ,Builder left society and we came to know that he handed all reponsiblity of society to a local man who reside in our society and is also a agent.
After few months ,That guy started managing responsiblity of society like water ,maintenance other stuffs.He also starting selling flats that were unsold before builder left.
Now he is demanding transfer fees from us.What should i do in this case.I had already showed him my sale agreemnet that seller is liable to pay transfer fees because we had that in clause of agreement.Seller is no more in this city and neither he is picking call.What legal actions should i do because that guy whom builder had handed over society is threatening to stop our water faclities. even if i am paying maintenence fess of society from last 2 years.
Please solve my problem with legal solution
1.Am i eligible to pay transfer Fees?
2.If yes then whom should i pay,Builder is nowhere and that guy dont have any proof of his position if he is chairman or secretary
3.If the seller is liable to pay and he is not available what should i do
4.Guy is threatening to stop our water and electricity connection can i take a legal action against him..even if i am eligible to pay transfer fees?
5.What documents should i demand to know that guy is real responsible person(chairman/secretary) of society

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12 October 2018 at 11:54

How to make buyer to pay balance amount

Hi Sir

we have done sale deed for property . we have got 2 post date cheque for balance amount of transaction. All cheque details are mention in agreement . buyer has paid first cheque amount also. now for payment of last cheque he need more time to adjust money. In more 20 days cheque will be invalid as it will cross 90 days from date mentioned on cheque. Buyer is ok for giving different chequqe as replacement of invalid cheque.

Need advise, is it legal to take replacement cheque , if yes what legal documentation we should do so that in future if new cheque bounce we can take legal action. we are ok to provide him some time but he should be legally bound to pay.


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08 October 2018 at 14:03

Cancellation of registered sale deed


Can anyone advise me on my below mentioned issues:

a) "A" was the absolute owner of some residential plots. A has given GPA to "B" and accordingly "B" sold few plots to individuals. One of indivual named "G". In 1999 G has become one of the plot owner through registered sale deed by GPA "B".
b) In 2000, "A" filed a civil suit against his GPA "B" and in 2001 settled their disputes and "A" has ratified few registrations done by GPA in the settlement which was apporved by local civil court. In this settlement, "A" though ratified few registrations, the doc. no. registered for "G" not factored.
c) In 2001 "A" sold the plot already in the name of "G" to "R". "R" again sold this plot to "L" in 2004. In 2014 I bought this plot from "L". Now when I tried to sell, I have noticed 1999 transaction in the EC. I approached "L" and "R". "R" said sale of "G" got some settlement, hence "R" bought the same from "A". But documents towards that settlement or cancellation of sale by "G" tthrough GPA is unable to trace.

My concern is :
a) in the absence of such settlement copies between "G" and "A", how "R" bought the same plot. Here twist is that "R" was one of the witness for "G" in 1999.
b) If "R" or "L" is able to get some documentary evidence, how can this be reflected in EC
c) If I want to cancel my sale deed with "L" what is the procedure I should follow to get my money back from "L"
d) I could notice this 1999 transaction only when I tried to sell now.. Hence can I file a suit now as it is more than 3 years since I bought the land from "L". If not what alternative I have ?

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04 October 2018 at 10:49

Possession of land

Our late mother bought some plots in Dist. Fatehpur, U.P. about 22 years back, but till date we the surviving legal heirs could not get the possession over the said plots, actually, we dont know even the exact location of the plots in the concerned piece of land. Can we compel the district authorities to locate our plot in the concerned piece of land and let us have the possession over the said plots. Because, we paid stamp duty and registration fee etc to the state govt. and as such they must be responsible to let us have our due and legal rights.

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03 October 2018 at 10:53

Will veelunama

Respected sir/madam

My grandmother(fathers mother) written a will in favor of my aunt(fathers own sister) witnesses in the WILL are signed by two of my aunts(fathers own sisters) is the will is valid if i challenge it in a court can my aunts (my grand mother own daughters) can sign as witnesses in the will.

please give your valuable suggestion

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Dear Sir,

Kindly provide me a name of Government Authority who is authorized to issue Occupancy Certificate or Completion Certificate for small town buildings plan in rural area which was approved by Thane Collector office and sanctioned by town planning, Thane, Maharashtra.

Thanking You.

With Regards,
Santosh Kale

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