S.B.adil rahman

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Whether in a disciplinary proceeding an electronic evidence of the prosecution without any certificate u/s 65 B of the Evidence Act or the original instrument from where it was copied can be relied as a proof of misconduct of employee under the doctrine of the preponderance of probability? If not so then what are the parameters to prove the electronic evidence in a disciplinary proceeding. I am finding no judgment on the admissibility of the electronic evidence in a disciplinary proceeding on the basis of the preponderance of the probability. Experts to kindly resolve the problem based on settled laws.


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25 July 2020 at 22:45

Counting of past service

I have served a private college from year 2011 to 2016, Where I was a regular assistant professor. Afterwards I left the college for my civil service preparation for 2 years. In 2018 I got job in state government university. Will my past service from 2011 to 2016 will be counted for career advancement or direct recruitment for associate professor or because of 2 years of service break it will not be counted ?Universities are subject to UGC rules. Plz help.

Neeraj Gupta

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20 July 2020 at 13:49

Non payment of salary

I am a teacher in school and teaching students by online methods sending videos to parents. However, today 20th July 2020, I have been called in school stating no need to continue school as of now since number of students are nominal and I will be paid half only for the month April 2020. Till date we have not received any payouts and was working to send study materials without payouts with an hope that school will give my salary. Now all hopes are ruined. Pls help me.


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Recently it is observed that many high level retired Govt. employees join political parties post retirement and criticise Govt. policies.Does it affect their pension .Will it amount to misconduct.for which pension can be withheld/reduced/forfeited.
Historically the pension was given for being loyal to crown..


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Sir/Madam, I am working as a senior level manager for a company at Bangalore plant, having registered office in Mumbai, Originally I was posted at Chennai at one of their group company in Jan 2014. Every one from Chennai plant left or settled and now only security staffs are avl. I offered to quit in July 2019 and MD asked me to stay and they are having plan to revive the business and planning to start another green filed project. I was transferred to BLR Group company on 1.9.2019.The same day the board passed a resolution and resolved to depute to Chennai plant and once again designated authorized signatory. I had to take care of all activities covering all departments, statutory requirements / audits, Banks, Customer, Supplier, ex employees and all other stakeholders requirements / Queries / Doc / records / court cases / legal issues for last 3-4 years activities and working on few orders on hand and send techno commercial offers to customers / current compliance on time because company is not closed yet and not liquidated. During lock down and unlock period too obtained TNePASS and visited few times to factory and besides visiting others OD, working from home and making work diary and send by email on daily basis.Salary is being paid from BLR plant. During lock down, Apr May and June 20 salary paid was only 50% of Basic and HRA only despite sending attendance with work diary details. EPF was transferred BLR acccount under same UAN but PF statement are not reflecting. Asking details of Group medical insurance policy details but not received.HR is not clear on Gratuity payment or will be carry forward. HR is not responding at all for anything. Pls advise on a) How to get pending salary b) Group mediclaim policy c) Gratuity d)PF.I am ready to quit post COVID 19 Lock down and my notice period is 3 months. Please advise


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09 July 2020 at 17:16

Salary not credited for 3 months!!


I work in a yyy company where I am not paid for the last 3 months. Now I have an offer with another company.
When I ask the salary balance to my current employer, he is asking me to re-sign first and then to proceed with the settlement.
Should I re-sign here to claim the salary balance or ask him to work on the settlement first?
Also, he is forcing me to submit the assets and re-sign.
can someone tell me the procedure to move this legally?

Note: I don't think the employer will actually give me the complete salary balance.

vijay kiran

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09 July 2020 at 00:51

Trade unions

My doubt is can a trade union buy shares of its own psu if the pay is going for listing of shares

What's the actual position of trade union in the eyes of law

Pls explain

Thankss in advance

Raghwendra Singh

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Dear Sir/Madam I started my carrier in Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) , Ministry of Defence , Govt. of India in October, 1998. I shifted from DRDO to ICAR an Autonomous Research Organization under Min of Agriculture, Govt. India through proper channel by submitting technical resignation on 24 Feb, 2011 I submitted an application for regularization. My present department i.e.ICAR is asking for contributory pension and gratuity and leave encashment etc . Please suggest me any rules if an employee shifted form central to central govt. whether it is mandatory to submit these contributory pension,gratuity and leave encashment from previous organization.??? Please help me in this regard , so that my services can be regularized

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02 July 2020 at 14:00

About retrenchment

Dear lawyers we around 750 workers worked for power plant are redeployed to some other power stations in that 750 workers around 300 workers are redeployed to power plant which is nearest to us 60km long and it's sub critical plant and it requires man power but the chief engineer of power plant where we worked about 22 years almost is telling the management there is surplus staff but he's showing 750+ app contract based workers turned as artisans and as said above 750 workers out of 300 the rest 450 workers are redeployed to power plant which is around 200 kms is inunder construction in fact even civil construction is not done it might take around 5 to 6 year's for cod and after cod has done there will be work for our workers we had a doubt and requesting that plz post us to place which is nearest to us and there's requirement of workers but the management is crucially without any mercy first redeployed us to another power plant which is 200 km far away and now has ordered to join ts transco which is another corporation we are suffering a lot for management decision and we are suffering a lot without our families plz help us

jagadish paranjape

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30 June 2020 at 11:23

Method of oral evidence

In courts the evidence of witnesses is taken in definite sequence.After examination of one witness,and after his cross examination the next witness is examined.This gives opportunity to parties to correct mistake committed by earlier witness in evidence of subsequent witness.Is there any bar to asking the parties to submit total evidence of all the witnesses at one time by Affidavits and then give an opportunity to opponent to cross examine the witnesses.This would considerably reduce the litigation time.


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