08 August 2020 at 13:53

Regarding change of religion

I was married as per Christian rituals.My husband is converted from hindu to Christianity and is also SC.He forces me and my daughter to change our caste too.They are enjoying dual benefits....benefits of Sc as he is in government job and also as a Christian..How can I prove this in court?I also have filed a petition for dv.Can an individual enjoy benefits of SC and can he force us to change our documents.


1. Whether an unmarried daughter be legally forced to vacate a dwelling house? (the nature of the property is self-acquired property)
2. If, yes. What is the legal procedure for the same?
3. If, no. What are the legal impediments for the same?

04 August 2020 at 12:02


My husband cheated on me i have his gf's chats and some audio in which she is confessing to me that she is pregnent even after our marriage. She even told me that they were in physical relations even after our marriage. He was not loving me or giving me any attention and was treating me vry bad so i got depressed and involved in a emotional relationship with my x bf. I have not done any intercourse with my x after marriage but we have sexted each other. My husband got that chat from my phon evn when it was deleted. Now he is trying to prove me wrong in this marriage and wants to divorce how should i proceed and can he show that chat as he has taken it without my consent?

31 July 2020 at 15:52

Special leave petition


Please guide me...
I want to file a special leave petition criminal in the supreme court against the order passed by the high court allahabad under section 125 cr. P.c. my lawyer at the high court made the state of U.P. a party to the case. So would i also have to make the State of U.P. a party in the SLP and how would it be mentioned in the cause title of SLP.
1. State of U.P.
Please advise




A person was a Government employee who was deceased onduty itself recently. His first wife was deceased a long time ago and she had two children one son (35yrs) and a daughter (30yrs). After his first wife death he got married and she(45yrs) is having two daughters (16 yrs and 14 yrs). Now, as per law,
1. what is the share of his claims and assets.
2.Second wife got government job recently and it is under probitionary. Is she having any chance of getting her husband's job if she leaves her present job.
3.Who will be given first priority for job, Son of first wife or second wife.

please give me a proper solution for the above.

23 July 2020 at 17:19

Girl forcing boyfriend for marriage

A girl is in relationship with a boy from last 2 years. Now girl is forcing boy for getting married and she had filed application in women police station regarding their relationship and she said in her application that the boy married her in vrindavan temple but now not telling anybody and after faking about marriage the boy is doing rape of her by saying that now we are married. Boy dont want to get married to the girl but the girl is tick to the point that either the boy marry her or she will file the case against him as the boy is in air force and the story made by her regarding marriage is fake. What should the boy do?

20 July 2020 at 11:18

Kill threat

Dear Experts,

My girlfriend's brother is threating to kill her or me and hurt families. We both don't want to get married as family is not agreeing because we are cousins. So we decided to stay single and live independently. But her brother wants her to marry someone, else he would hurt her family and he will kill her an go to jail. He is threating and fighting with family everyday.

Kindly advise, What actions can be taken here.


I am posting my query succinctly, but if you need more details, please respond. Can I file a fresh O.P at Family Court under Section 12 of GW Act for permanent visitations along with IA? I am not sure which other section in law I can use to obtain visitation rights in this situation.



after the marriage the relatives of the girl come and take away the girl and deserted her from the husband and now trying to force her and wrongfully restraint her in the house photographs of the marriage are there what can we do to brought back wife

The family court principal judge was made party in
Mrs. Komal S. Padukone vs Principal Judge, Family Court, ... on 19 February, 1999.

Please clarify how and according to which law it was made possible ???

Previously I ask how a judge was made party ? All here repled that a judge cannot be made party .


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