Hi Sir/Madam, need one suggestion. One of my friend was working for one organization since last 4 years and 10 months. He was deployed on client site. Now client has decided to discontinue all contractual services. When this message was sent to his parent organization, parent organization communicated to deployed employees that since they do not have further projects/ clients, so they will be relieved after given date of client from parent organization also(lay-off). My friend requested to his client organization and they have agreed to offer him on roll job but now parent organization is not giving NOC by saying that client should clear all previous payment, 2 months salary of employee and replacement of that employee and most important they should come to his office and request. There is an agreement that no employee can be hired by client within 1 year of leaving the parent organization. We want to go legally in this case. Is there any clause or rule which can help?

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08 October 2018 at 17:48

Employee agreement bond breaks.

I recently quit from one of the MNC company due to Health and Family Issues. I haven't completed the agreement period of 2 years and i worked there 16 months unfortunately i resigned my job. My Employer is not accepting my resignation and also they sent one Lawyer notice to me. In that notice they asked me to pay the money or come and join immediately. Because of my health issues i resigned my job.

Experts Please help me how to get out from this situation?

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28 September 2018 at 18:29

Query related to early release

I am working with Delhi based company however I am deployed with one of their client in Gurgaon,
During joining my payroll company provided me appointment letter with below details

"Probation: Initially the appointment shall be for a probationary period of 3 months. Thereafter, if your services are found satisfactory, you shall be issued a letter of confirmation. Your probationary period can also be extended at the discretion of the company.During the probation period either the company can terminate the appointment or you by giving 15 days notice
Termination: a:) On confirmation of your services you may terminate this appointment by giving 90 days notice in writing. No adjustment to be made in lieu of notice period at the time of exit."

As of now they have not given me any confirmation letter that I am now their confirmed resource neither any letter that my probation period has been extended.
I am having some personal issues and will not be able to work longer in Gurrgaon and wanted to quit the organisation.
I have put down my resignation and asked for early release, Now they are forcing me to serve 90 days.
Though I have not received or signed signed any confirmation letter that say I am bound to serve 90 days notice period.
I tried for all negotiation already served 30 days notice period hoping for smooth exit but they are not agree to provide me any early date.
Please let me know any solutions.

Ravi Singh

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Procedure and possibility to debit freeze joint savings account

Kindly guide me as to how to debit freeze joint savings account.

It is joint account with 7 members of a family and can only 1 member request the bank to debit freeze account?

The joint account is misused with unauthorized withdrawal and transfers to other single account with no accountability by 2 members out of 7 and the rest 5 are unaware of it. The funds belongs to say 1st member but siphoned out by the 6th member and 7th member.

Requested Bank but not cooperating stating


"The account Mode of operation is with survivorship clause, we cannot block account on instructions of one of the holders."


Is there any regulation or rule available issued by Reserve Bank of India which can be presented to bank for getting the debit freeze.

Thank you for your help.

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18 September 2018 at 23:08

Mentally Harassed By Employer

Dear Sir/ Mam,

This issue is regards to my wife who was mentally harassed by employer and would seek guidance for the problem.

My wife was working with X company from last 9 months and suddenly her boss (Company Director) told her that your salary has been kept on hold and you are on probation and she being tensed thought to resign and she left the job in next 7 days.

She didn't received her F&F after following up for more than 2 months and her boss blocked her on WhatsApp and messages. After calling from multiple numbers , finally she asked to come office and gave commitment of paying salary next day but she didn't paid and after I jumped in between and finally after long follow up she paid the same after 1 month.

But angrily my wife wrote a message to her about her unprofessional behaviour and using few personal comment.

She immediately received a message from her Boss husband saying that he will send a legal notice on her name and now she is so much tensed.

I would need you advice and way ahead to get rid of this problem, even knowing my wife was somehow right . Pls help!

Sourav Taneja

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03 September 2018 at 10:05

Reagarding Serving Notice Period

I joined a private company in kolhapur ok 1 june 2017 as a Trainee Engineer.I was also given appointment letter as a Trainee Engineer.The stipend was 10,000/- and also it had clause that the job will terminate as soon as 1year of trainee period is concluded and had no mention of notice period.Also it had clause that i wont have any right over permanent job in company.Now the compay has sent me letter stating that i will have to serve notice period for one month and approve the resignation letter.Also My trainee period ended in 1 july 2018 since then neither the company offereed me any other offer letter nor any post nor did my salary incresed so i left job on 14 august 2018 and went there till 19 august so as to give my responsibility.But am i to give one month legal notice period to company?

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I am incorporating a new private limited company in MCA(RoC)
So, I am leasing a property for 3 years. But the company isn't Incorporated yet !!!

Question 1 - How/What kind of lease deed I should make ?
Question 2 - Is there any special changes I should make to lease deed ?
Question 3 - Should I register my lease deed ?
Question 4 - Is there any tax payable by lease / lessee ?
Question 5 - What are the things should I keep in mind while making lease deed ?

Thank you

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31 July 2018 at 09:28

Prolongation of contracts

dear learned colleagues

I shall be thankful to my colleagues for giving me the recent case references and reply 1. whether negative covenants of original contract shall continue in the prolonged contracts.. b. whether the contractor can claim extra amount in the extended period..

dr vedula gopinath advocate/arbitrator

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30 July 2018 at 21:47

Change of address

What to do if i want to change the regd. office address of a trust from delhi to Haryana state? What are the formalities and the procedure?

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25 July 2018 at 18:15

Refund of token amount

I have attended a expo on franchise and shown interest in one of the food franchise they asked to pay 51000 as token amount to book the location I have paid online I have SMS and mail conversation between us after searching for one month I have not found good place for rent or lease in prime location to start a business so I have decided to give up the franchise now they are saying they will not refund any amount. I have not signed single paper for booking or taking any franchise. Please suggest what to do???

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