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28 September 2020 at 20:08

Farming land problems


We are four brothers and we have 30 acres of land and out of it 12 acres is ancestor property and the rest 18 acres is bought on my money as I was a working person alone in the family and the rest 3 are looking after the land in the village and we were not separated till 2018 and in 2019 we got separated and our ancestor property was divided with 4 brothers i.e., 3 acres each and rest 18 acres have been registered on my name and their willingness also have been asked as the other 18 acres was purchased when we were together and they had no dispute in this matter.

Its been a year we have separated and we wanted to develop the land now, but now they are asking for equal distribution of land as it was purchased when we were together and they are approaching the court for it

Kindly help me with the legal procedure to protect my property which was purchased by myself.


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26 September 2020 at 19:22

Becoming an advocate

I completed my LLB in 2015 but could not proceed ahead as I was in job. Now i am retiring. how do i proceed with becoming a registered lawyer. I have only completed LLB and nothing after that. Thanks


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25 September 2020 at 19:19

Waqf related

Hello Sir
One Waqf Institution belongs to X ancestors. but when survey was conducting in 1960's it has wrongly entered the name of the sweeper Y as mutawalli instead of the X. many representations given to the Waqf board regarding correction of name and later given will and consent of the Y sweeper that he is no way related to the institution or ancestor of X. Neither Waqf board changed nor corrected the name of mutawalli. Now X came to know that his name is not present in the Gazzette. X assumed that waqf board corrected his name. And served by protecting the institution from encroachers, and he is performing all the rituals, customs to the institution. from nearly 46 years. of the X is a senior citizen nearly about 85 years of age and belongs to the waqf institution ancestral property. What is the remedy to X ? Please kindly suggest Sir.

amit kumar singh

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While concluding a tender for management of guesthouse including housekeeping and catering. There were 5 items
1. Manpower
2. Welcome kit
3. Water bottles
4. Tea Kit
5. Housekeeping
All firms have quoted similar rates for the item No. 1 i.e. manpower, but L1firm has quoted very low rates for other items.
Can a contract be awarded to this firm.

Punita Singh

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Hello Team,
I want to transfer my bar council membership from patna bar council to delhi bar council. Please advise me a solution how can it be possible by virtual forum.


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19 September 2020 at 11:46

Chit fund

Hi my father in law have due amount in chit fund he has expired 4 years back and there are two nominees first my mother in law and second deceased person brother, since they issued to notice to my mother in law to settle the amount many times we went to discuss and asked required documents in order to pay the amount but they are not giving required documents / copies since they send an another notice to my wife as well as sister in law as a legal heirs is there any possibilities in chit fund act legal heirs are responsible for recovery and also only primary nominee only responsible to recovery or both ?


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17 September 2020 at 16:27

Nomination of bank deposit

My father in law has deposited an amount in a local cooperative society on 24.12.14 and filed a nomination in favour of my mother in law.The society has accepted the nomination and registred the same in their system
After death of father in law my mother in law claimed the deposit amount as nominee.But the society refused to pay the amount stating that the nomination was invalid as only name of the nominee is mentoned in the nomination.Copy of the nomination form has not been produced despite demand.A statement of account relating to the deposit shows that nomination has been registered.
Can the Society go back on thier acceptance of nomination after 6 years??
Is there any proven case? Is there any provision in the law to help her?
Plz guide me

starlin jebarajjebaraj

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17 September 2020 at 12:52

Change bar council

sr i enrolled in karnataka bar council,but now want to change to tamil nadu bar council.please end details about to change and what documents are need,what certificate will recieve from karnataka bar council?

Russell Trent Hawkins

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16 September 2020 at 20:37


Intake website for debit card.


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16 September 2020 at 20:32

New subject

Intake website for my debit card.



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