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21 February 2020 at 13:59

Compensation, pf ,gratuity eligibility .

Iam a professional doctor , worked for a NGO for 12 years and 6 months. Initially I joined as a salaried employee , after 5 years the management told me that they will hereafter consider me as a consultant(no document or agreement signed) for which I was told about some tax benefits (which I was not aware of at that time) will be there .
I left the institute in September 2019 as they said they were closing the institute for non availability of funds . They paid me August 2019 salary . But to my surprise , it was a conspiracy to send me and I came to know that the hospital was running right from the next day itself and they also employed an other doctor .
So now my question is , is this the right way to send me out who gave my prime 12+years to that institution to develop it and what all benefits like PF , Gratuity , compensation am I eligible for ?
Kindly help me .



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17 February 2020 at 20:03

Money not paid

I sold a FOOD TRUCK to a person for one lakh twenty thousand in three installments. And we had an agreement the full amount should be complet before 29th november 2019. But till now they paid only 60,000. They vacated from my town. One of the person number is switched off. Not responding to my messages. I am having their bank cheques and their address only. Plz help what i have to do. I approached to local police station also. They adviced to file a cheque bounce case.


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I have joint saving bank account with my wife on Either or Survivor basis. we have been given two separate customer IDs. We are holding Two Separate FDs of 5 lakh each......

I have one FD for 5 Lakhs in which I am the first Holder (Primary) and my wife is second holder (Secondary) with my PAN Number.

In second FD of 5 Lakhs my wife is the first holder (Primary) and am second holder
( secondary) with her PAN Number.

Does the insurance cover of 5 Lakh is covered for each FD or for both the FDs.

Pleasw give me clarification. Both, my wife and I are Senior Citizens and are worried about safety since lot of scams are taking place in banking sector.

Also clarify whether this insurance cover applies for Private. Public and cooperative Banks.



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13 February 2020 at 14:17


Sir... Good noon....
Can a trust purchase a school running under different trust... The old trustees will resign and new will be added.. school name will be changed... If yes, How to make the payment and will the seller trust accept the payment through Bank...

Amol Lugade

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08 February 2020 at 23:27


I got my notice this Crps 160 and no166/2020and8561/2020please what is this


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Dear Friend, Kindly send any useful information about enrollment procedure A.P. Amaravathi Bar council,
thanks for your kind reply. Urgent Thanks Siva 8056123773


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Recently i ordered a product from amazon and at the day when i had to recieve the product the delivery agent called me and told me that the delivery couldn't be done to your home. He told me that our delivery service has only bikes and your product couldn't be delivered with it. And i should travel 10km to receive my product and cuts the call. So i contacted the customer service atleast 4 times and they told me that they will make sure that the product will be delivered to my doorsteps. But nothing was done the product was returned by saying that i wasn't available. And again i called the customer service, they are saying that we arr sorry to hear this and next time this wont happen. I am planning to order the same product again. If the same thing happens can anything be done against it. Can any legal action be taken to prevent it.Hoping to get a reply.
With regards

Deepanshu Bhardwaj

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07 February 2020 at 07:54

Withdrawal of fee.

Hello, My name is Deepanshu Bhardwaj. I have taken admission in Galgotias University on 17/July/2019 with deposition of 20,000 Rs. but cancelled my application on 31/July/2019 due to some personal reasons. Initially, they started to give dates which are nearby but after that they almost denied. I've met Chancellor, HOD, Dean and almost every official in Accounts Department but nothing could be done. Also, I have...
- A fee Receipt
- A Withdrawal Form (Signed by Accounts Department)
- A Written Application to CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
- A Sound Record of Chancellor in which He is saying " I am the Officer who will sign the forms to generate your Cheque, currently I do not have Cheque Book to give you a "

I wasted my a lot of time in waiting many & many hours outside. I come from one side of 55 KM's. to know about progress in my application and even they do not talk. If I insists them to do then they started to give dates like " Come next month, come next to next monday/wednesday/friday " etc are their favorite slogans to delay any conversation. Whatever is date or day they just fix NEXT TO NEXT in them.

Also, I messaged personally to Mr. Dhruv Galgotia (CEO) on Instagram, Commented on his You tube Videos and don't know how many times I mailed..

PS : I would like to say that there is not any rule and regulation mention in prospectus in which they can deny to refund. Even I have withdrawal form given by them. I had posted this query just because they have no right to keep my money on behalf on their terms & conditions.

Member (Account Deleted)

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06 February 2020 at 20:23

Legal help

We some group of people are effected by an issue and want to file a case, most likely a PIL. We can't afford a lawyer. Is there a way we can get a free lawyer to fight our case in delhi.


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05 February 2020 at 20:00


Does inspection of personal records through RTI application be carried out without consent of the third party clause.


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