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ABC Pvt Ltd has registered 2 projects under RERA, project completion date for 1 of the project was 10/08/2019 but the promoter didn't applied for extension till today & now he wants to apply for extension of project under RERA. Can he apply for the same, & Procedure for the same?

Kumari Cheenu

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I am to file a WRIT against the Order of Delhi CMM passed under Sarfaesi Act.

My question is, should I file a "Civil" or a "Criminal Writ"?


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My daughter was 7 when her dad expired in 2013. I married again in 2016 and my daughter is staying with me.
I had submitted the docs for EPF claim in 2019 and they dispersed amount that I was supposed to get before my marriage but for my daughter they asked me to submit the guardianship certificate as per the Christian Marriage Act.

Kindly guide me whether guardianship letter is required if I am a Christian and also the procedure involved in getting the legal guardianship certificate even though I am her natural mother,


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17 January 2020 at 16:39

Housing society rules

We have just shifted in a new housing society a few months back. We were told about certain rules w.r.t the bill payments, waste management etc ...but we were not given any society guide book or rule book. I just installed a new dth (airtel) for my house but after 2 days i suddenly found it disconnected. I was told i can only use local cable or Tata sky as my provider. We were then sent a 33 page handbook of society rules.

Had i known about this handbook or this rule, I would have happily complied but no one told us about this when we came here to live. On top of that I spoke to another association member about getting a new dth connection and she also had no clue about this rule.

I am happy to shift my connection to comply to society rules but what about my money that i just paid to airtel. I bought an airtel dth because no one told me about this rule...not even the management committee member....i dont want to lose my money coz they are unclear about their own rules and because i did out if ignorance.

Also how fair is that they just disconnected it without even informing me?

Syed Aamer

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Dear sir
I SYED AAMER S/O SYED GHANI where I want to change my surname Asper educational certificates
2) Asper Intermediate SHAIK AAMER S/O SHAIK GANI



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17 January 2020 at 12:56

Cooperative society matter.

We have 8 Buildings out of which 6 were completed by the builder and later he went in to liquidation. We falt holders came together and completed the 2 buildings at our cost. Mean while the cooperative society was formed even though the builder had promise the Apartment Association. Society took interest and got the completion certificate. Out of 60 flat holders the parking under stilt was available for 45 and 15 could not get the parking even though thry paid to the builder for parking and the agreement shows the parking.
Noe these 15 flat owners are parking in open randomly. The parking in open is available but those having more cars are also parking in open. Therefore not being fixed allotment we have to park everyday at different spots. We requested the society to allot a fixed place in open as we had paid for parking like others. Society is not budging and are telling us take up the matter with builder.
Can the society be forced to allocate the fixed parking as we had paid for it and already suffered by delay in getting possession as builder firm was in liquidation. Is there other way to get the rightful parking?

Kindly advice.


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16 January 2020 at 19:22

Early hearing of a case in supreme court

Which is the better way to get an early hearing of a case in Supreme Court either mentioning or IA for early hearing?
CJI SA Bobde has delegated the powers of mentioning to the Registry. Which court hears an IA for early hearing out of Court No 1 and concerned court?

Ikramuddin Saifi

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15 January 2020 at 15:11

Where i register ???

Dear Sir,
What is the procedure for opening an Accounting Institute (to teach full accounting with GST & other taxation), and where we can issue a certificate? The institute will be owned by only one person (Proprietor).
Thanks in Advance.


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Can i make Addendum to Partnership Deed for change in Name and Principle place of Business for Unregistered Partnership Deed and than apply for changes in PAN, having the same PAN No.

Can u also guide me with section no. of Partnership Act which does talk about the same, if any.


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Land grabbing is a lucrative source of police corruption as opined by the Apex Court in some cases. Following is an apt case of meticulous ill-design by Police Personnel.

1. In 1997, A dilapidated property was taken on lease by Victim from say “R” for running a School. “R” was made a member of Governing Body. Constructions were carried out from-time-to-time as per the requirement by the Victim with the consent of “R” and who was supposed to reimburse the Victim as per the terms of lease. Instead of reimbursing, “R” wanted to sell on cash the property to Victim.

In 2008 January, “R” agreed to take fragmented payment for the good cause. Final payment was made in April 2008 and there is proof that “R” purchased stamp papers himself and engrossed documents and notarized after signing by all [ in Lal Dora/ agricultural land area registration was not mandatory till 2011]. Unfortunately “R” died in July 2008 at his home.

2. Heirs [who have criminal background] of R trespassed and threatened Victim with the connivance of Police personnel. Although complaints were made to Police from top to bottom, no action was taken which complaints were destroyed as per RTI information whereas FIR was registered on a complaint by R’s heirs and law was set into motion. Thus equality before law was denied to Victim. {It is significant that the Police personnel who initiated FIR was arrested by CBI on bribery charges in a sting operation in another case}.

3. CORRUPT NEXUS/ LOBBYING: I/O in collaboration with ACP- Bank People- Magistrate against whom there is complaint in another case.

The FIR was transferred to EOW alleging land-grabbing at the recommendation of ACP contrary to parameters and operational norms w.r. to limitation of taking up cases of land-grabbing of more than Rs. 2 crores [as per RTI] whereas the subject property is valued at Rs. 15 lakhs as per Circle Rates and location.

Unscrupulous I/O link-in the lobby/nexus started his nefarious acts. He clearly fabricated documents with the connivance of Bank people and there is proof that Complainant tampered with witnesses.

4. False charge of absconding: Since victim did not give bribe on demand, Victim was arrested from her workplace /school [whereas FIR is in the school address]on false charges of absconding that too. I/O could not be trapped as he sent his subordinates for taking bribe.

5. Clear Involvement of ACMM - He sent Victim to Judicial Custody alleging forgery and with following audi alteram partem did not examine the mobile location of I/O and contrary to facts on record, i.e. Report of FSL that they could not fix authorship of questioned signature on Victim on evaluation of written specimens of Victim submitted by I/O. In another recent case, a victim recently reacted violently against the said corrupt ACMM.

6. PRESENT STATUS: charge sheet is filed and is on board trial court. As per Apex Court decisions in Indira Jai Singh case, investigation can be done in on-going cases.

I approached LSA in the Supreme Court, to explore the possibility for CBI investigation. They opined that I should file Petition in High Court u/s 482 and if rejected to approach the Apex Court.
Query is whom all I make Respondent/Opposite Party. Is it necessary to send copy of the petition to O/P. Any other relevant points which would be helpful, please.


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