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04 April 2020 at 02:08



Some joint family property come to the share of father revenue record's transferred in his name. There is apprehension that my father can sell that without our knowledge, therefore, I wanted update RTC in joint name of my father and me, how I can do that. What is the procedure to enter joint katha



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03 April 2020 at 23:03

Right under hindu succession act

Unmarried son died without will. Out of his own income he purchase one immovable property. He was staying with his step mother. Step mother is alive. Whether step mother includes in class 1 of Legal Heir defination.


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01 April 2020 at 14:24

Registered will got leaked.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Mother has written a WILL and got it registered in the registered office. She has excluded my elder brother's name in the will.

My elder brother already got his share which is more than what remaining brothers are going to get. He also sent some people to our home. they attacked us including my mother who is 60 years old and gave us a warning. So that's is the reason my mother got scared and worried about remaining brothers. So she wrote a WILL excluding my elder brother's name in it. She mentioned in the WILL that all properties on her name should be shared equally among brothers(not to elder brother).

Now somehow my elder brother got that copy of the WILL from the registered office. I am not sure how did he get it. he might have bribed the government officers in the office in order to get it. He is also sending threat messages from anonymous mobile numbers.

WILL is meant to be revealed in case if anything happened to our mother, right ?. But somehow it has been leaked.

So my question is,

can my elder brother approach legally( through court or police station) to cancel the WILL?
can he challenge against that WILL in the future?
how can we take actions legally against him for sending us thread warnings?
can we take any legal action again to registered officials as WILL got leaked?

Really grateful to you for your help and for guiding us on the right path.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Who owns the space in front of the shop?
Flat member or shop owner

Imran Khan

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28 March 2020 at 23:39


Dear Sirs,

I have a 2 BHK flat in Pune which has Completion Certificate in the year 1988, but no apartment deed has been done by the developer. currently the builder has expired so we are not in a position to contact him or the original land owner.

Kindly guide us with the process for forming an apartment without the help of builder or land owner and get the property conveyance done in name of apartment.

there are total 12 flats and one garage.

Thanks in advance.


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Jo admi power attorney se humko makaan bech Raha he .to kis type ki power of attorney honi cahiye jisse wo humko wo Ghar sell ker sake or hum us Ghar ki registry sub registrar office se kara sake or Kya ye ligal hoga


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Sir ek dda flat jiska allotment latter or kabja latter dono hen .beech ke buyer ki chain bhi he .or last buyer ke pass power of attorney he wo mujhe makaan bechna cahta he Kya me wo makaan ki registry karwa sakta hun Kya ye law ke khilaf he .supreme Court ka 2011 ka fesla ki power attorney se titel transfer nahi hoga eska ulanghan hoga kya


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23 March 2020 at 17:44

Signatories to sale deed

Thanks to all experts for their valuable advice. Now, I wish to ask a follow up question to my original query. When I posted my original query, I had not written about a particular mention in the sale deed dated 11th October 1954 executed by the original owner in favour of my mother, which when translated from Kannada into English conveys the following meaning:
" since your father, for the purpose of fulfilling his desire to gift you a residential house suitable for living, with full blessings by way of 'HARISHINA' (haldi in Hindi) 'KUMKUMA' (kumkum in Hindi) is himself remitting the entire consideration, the said sale consideration will be received by me in the presence of the Sub Registrar at the time of registration"
The endorsement by the Sub Registrar on the last page of the registered sale deed reads as:Quote: " Rs xxxxx in words (Rs ...... in figures) only. Paid in my presence by
to: ------------------ --------------------------
Vendor's signature signed by my mother's father
Alongside his signature, he has written
for-------(my mother's name xxxxxxxx
alias yyyyyyyy) (both her names) "
In view of the above, my query now is whether such a mention about 'HARISHINA and KUMKUMA' and 'gifting' in the sale deed executed by the original owner in favour of my mother will make any difference to the persons required to sign in the sale deed/s to be executed separately by self and brother in favour of the prospective buyer/s in respect of the portions separately gifted to me and my brother by our mother in 2012?

pratibha ajbani

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20 March 2020 at 23:13

Parking rules

I am owner of flat , parking charges for owner is RS 50/ I have rented my flat ,my tenant is not using parking as he doesn't have car.
I am packing my car for two hours . society had charged me RS 250/ tenant charges
Please advise is it legal.


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19 March 2020 at 17:55

Property tax

i had purchased a premises in March 2016 in mumbai which was commercial. i converted it to residential flat and accordingly it was changed in bmc's record and i started getting property tax on residential basis. now bmc has come down with differential liability on the basis of capital value for the period from 2015-2016 till date there are 2 queries:-
1. 4 flats are of same size as my flat all residential but capital value for all the flat differ. is it possible?(its 4 floor bldg. with lift)
2. while considering the property tax which is considered as 0.775% of capital value for residential units, the other flat owners are given a benefit of levying only 40% additional tax over there existing tax. but in my case since the unit was previously used for commercial purpose and the tax was more than what it is now for residential purpose the benefit of 40% additional tax over existing tax considering the unit as residential is not considered and given. I am levied rate at 0.775% of capital value directly.

Please do guide at the earliest


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