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hello sir,
i am dinesh kumar we have one house belongs to my grandfather who is no more and he has one wife (my grand mother ) she to expired and my grand father has 4 children (with two daughter and two sons) my father is youngest son.
sir i need clarification that my grand father has given will deed to his two son (1 for to my father and to my fathers elder brother ) now my fathers elder brother is no more and my father has decided to make a registration our house on my name sir can anyone give legal advise for the procedure for registration on my name.
and a common man says if v had paid house property tax and water tax for more than 10 years that property belongs to that tax payer is it so sir please clarify

Harry Singh

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10 December 2019 at 00:32

Property issue

We have family property originally bought by my grand father about 100 yr back. after his death it was trans to his 4 sons. Now we are 3 brother and my father expired too and it will be transferred to 3 of us.
Now i want to sell my part and the property land is so small that i can get my share only if we sell the property. My other 2 brothers are not willing to sell it and and they are not in condition to pay me in cash for my part.
What can i do in this conditions.


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09 December 2019 at 01:34


Sir I purchased a land in 2005 got registration in 2005, but I didn't do mutation from him. But land is under mine I am cultivation from 2005 till now, he did mutation to his brother for his loan purpose under my knowledge, I have take affidavit from his brother once you repay loan then you need to mutation on my name. Now things are change he is not ready to do mutation on my name, I submitted all documents to vro, but he also not corporate with me. So please suggest me how to do mutation.

Pabitra Hazra

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07 December 2019 at 10:48

Land buying

I bye a small plot of 6 foot land in 2012 writing in a 10 rupess stump paper for life time... & now they r claim to bring back that plot... What can i do now...??

Rupali Chugh

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06 December 2019 at 19:50

Regarding mutation/intkal of land problem

We have bought a house in Khanouri town(Sangrur).We were heading for intkal of that property.But someone has made an objection letter regarding our intkal. And the seller from which it was bought had also made intkal on his name a month ago.There was no problem at all. and he himself his saying that he has no problem and it should be on our name. but someone has deliberately made an objection and tehsildar is not doing the intkal.So what can be done?. Please help


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05 December 2019 at 22:28

Seller required for rectification deed

Hello sir,
Recently I bought a new house, unfortunately I missed to update the plot no and partial name in the sale deed document. My seller is aged person and living in different city. Since I need to update the plot no and complete name, whether I ne3x to have seller while changing the details. Kindly advise


Mohammed Rizwan Shaikh

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02 December 2019 at 18:36

Section 38 specific relief act

Namaste Experts,
An RCS has been filed under section 38 of Specific Relief Act in 2018 at Chalisgaon to refrain the Defendant from entering upon the suit land and it is not a Declaration Suit.and since the filing of the said RCS no Status-Quo or Stay has been granted yet. However, an application before the Mandal Adhikari has been moved for mutation entry of the name by the Petitioner in the above said Suit. Can the Mandal Adhikari proceed with the case in his Court fort Mutation Entry? If yes then help me with the judgments, its a very humble request. The hearing before the Mandal Adhikari has been scheduled on 04.12.2019.
Rizwan Shaikh


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30 November 2019 at 22:03

Sarfaesi act

I am a successful bidder for a property in Chennai. Paid the full sale value amount. One day before auction day, borrower approached DRT for stay and DRT said "Sale will proceed as per sale notice. Confirmation stayed. Counter by (date)".
The Bank instead of filing counter, informed DRT that they are withdrawing the Sale Notice, and the DRT agreed to it.
In the sale notice issued by the bank there is no clause on the right of the bank to postpone/cancel/withdraw the e-auction. The bank returned the full amount paid by me.
As a successful purchaser do I have third party right on the property? Can I take legal action via DRAT? Please advise.
Thanks in advance for your advise.

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30 November 2019 at 15:53

Doubt on gift deed


property is in my mother name and home loan is in my name and my mother name. To avail tax exemption I need to take a gift deed from my mother. Is it possible to take gift deed by informing the bank and without closing the existing home loan.

Please help me out.


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26 November 2019 at 22:07


Hello mohit here! I live in vasai! I'm a rental and my bldg has decided such a bad thing! That who are rentals they cannot keep their two wheelers inside the society, they have to keep out side of the society! Is this is a legal thing??? And it its not, then Plz let me know that how can i fight with this stuff!!


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