We are in process of a land purchase. We have a query in Legal verification. The land was sold by a pvt limited company to another private limited company in 2017. A person (Not a signatory authority of the company) from the seller company has signed in the sale deed, however, he has not given a GPOA, rather he was given only authority to sell the property as a Board of Directors resolution. Also the BOD resolution is Not a form part of the registration document.

Questions here are
1., is BOD resolution document is enough to sell the land by a person who is not a signatory authority?
2. If yes, should it be a form part of the registration document?


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29 July 2019 at 19:52

Degree equivalent

Soon I'm going to face interview for the post of Assistant professor in commerce for aided college in Maharashtra. As per UGC minimum qualifications required is Master degree (Mcom)+ NET or PhD. (I have Mcom, NET, PhD).

As I have completed my graduation in Bachoer of Business Management (BBM). I am looking court judgement on equivalency of BBM (3 yr regular degree under the faculty of Commerce & Management) will be treated as equivalent to (3 yr regular degree under the faculty of Commerce & Management).

It's humble request kindly help me in this regard.

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29 July 2019 at 15:23

Validity of stamp paper issued

Sir A stamp vendor issued Rs. 20 stamp paper to a person. That person gave me an agreement on that paper reg a lease of my small building. In the stamp paper there is Stamp vendor name address seal licence No. date of issue sl. No of the paper n party name etc. After due verification of the genuines of the stamp paper with district registration officer he hasgiven me information n monthly sale details of the stamp vendor. I come to know from this that the stamp paper has not issued in the name of to the person sold to. The stamp vendor himself accepted In his monthly statement of sales details . For ex. SV showed the stamp paper as sl. No. 985. But In his monthly return he himself states that he has sold to buyers from sl. No. 644 to 856. I request the experts to take precautionay steps should I take action now itself against the stamp vendor n the agreement given person. Kindly advice Sir

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The plot is registered on my fathers name and he is not alive now. The sale deed is lost. As we know the survey numbers and area of the plot we bought the CC without any FIR and posting ad in newspaper. Now our family has decided to gift the property to my elder sister. Can we proceed with registration with the help of only CC and death certificate? or do we need to file an FIR and post an ad in newspaper along with CC and death certificate? [We are not interested to sell the property to someone else anytime soon]. Awaiting your valuable suggestions. Thank you.

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23 February 2019 at 01:09

What documents to be asked

We are a CHS society.Our developer xyz has sold one flat free of cost thru it's partner A ( promoter/ developer) to B (Allottee/Land owner) free of cost with C as " confirming party ". The transfer deed is done and registered but society was not told about it as maintenance bill is still raised in the name of developer xyz. A&B are brothers and C is the father and said property is the ancestral property of C ---" Confirming party ". B has passed away and is no more.Further wife of B has requested the flat to be transferred in her and two childrens name. Now our query is as follows: (1) is B the sole owner or now C or his remaining sons can claim the property also (2) whose name share certificate has to be prepared(3)what documents we have to ask from wife and children (4) what care should society take for indemnifying itself and it's members from future issues / litigation (5)what is the meaning of
" confirming party " in legal terms.

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16 February 2019 at 12:56

Whietner use in caste certificate

Dear sir i m a sc candidate. I had made a caste certificate 6 month ago from agra in it all the detail is accurate but in the colony address shastri nagar in it a minute whitener applied and then colony name written. Does it create any problems.
As on the back of certificate patwari wrote his report and colony name is written correctly.
While i asked to authority about it they said its normal we did it and dm tehsildar signatures is intact. Certificate no is duly verified with online record of certificate.i used it in job interview they also not said any objection.
Is there any issue sir

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it is well settled when the attorney expires his/she"s signed power of attorney becomes legally in valid,
Query, does this same principle/law apply to the MoU (unregistered) of family settlement in respect to the immovable property, when one of the beneficiary dies , does the MoU In question become Legally invalid-?

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15 January 2019 at 14:23

Eligibility for up obc certificate

Dear sir
I born and brought in up but from last 2 year our family have shifted to other state. Now i need central caste obc certificate.

1) can i get central obc certificate from UP i have father voter id ration card and proof to show that we are resident of up.

2) But no one from our family leave there at UP should we take a room on rent for certificate issue or authoirty issue that certificate simply on basis of document and filed verification that we lived in UP FOR FOR 20 YEAR AND OUR NATIVE STATE IS UP. I M UP RESIDENT BY BIRTH

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08 January 2019 at 06:18

Letter of continuing security

Bank ask my company to pay stamp duty on letter of continuing security relating to the CC limit, my query is only about is it necessary to pay stamp duty on letter of security because I ask other banks they said Rs. 500 stamp duty need to pay but when I ask my bank from which I took CC limit they said to pay 0.2 percent on total amount. However my company already paid 0.2 percent stamp duty on deed of hypothecation relating to same CC limit. Request to expert kindly guide me on above how much stamp duty need to pay in Maharashtra.

CS Roshan Kalmegh

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There is a property in the name of my uncle who passed away recently.

They have only one son who is a US Citizen and does not want to have a share of the inherited property and is currently in India temporarily.

Hindu Law applies here and There is NO WILL

The parents of the deceased are not alive The only family members are : Deceased, Deceased's wife, their son, their daughter in law, their grand-kids who are well below 10 yrs of age (I assume the grand-kids need not to be involved here as they are minors)

The process for the transfer of Khata is :
Transfer property jointly in name of deceased's son and wife (all the legal heirs)
Transfer property in name of a single family member with an NOC affidavit from the other legal heirs (No Gift deed needed)

In this case, to transfer the property to deceased's wife name, the authorities will demand an NOC Affidavit from the other legal heir i.e, the son who is A US Citizen
Hence, can he provide an affidavit on an Indian Stamp paper sworn in front of an Indian Notary even though he is a US Citizen?
Should he get the affidavit done in US local state, get it notarized and Apostiled there and Attest it by Indian Embassy and send it to India?

Also, do the same rules apply for a general Power of Attorney (POA) as well ? (For other transfers like Electricity, Water Supply etc)

Thank You

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