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Unfortunately my husband my only daughter and my mother die

Querist : Anonymous (Querist) 01 November 2017 This query is : Resolved 
please advice me...
My husband ,my only daughter and my mother in law unfortunately died in massive car accident . i left alone in the world. It was mentioned in Post mortem report that my husband AGe48 , my mother in law age 63 and my daughter age 13 brought dead in 12:00pm, 12:15 pm , 12:30pm respectively. i found suddenly a notice from court that brother of husband suite a T.S. against me and Banks ,LIC mentioning that he is one of legal heir of his brother's immovable or movable properties like my husband Lic commission(as he was LICI agent), General insurance, bank balance etc.
He wants to indicate that as in PostMortem it was mentioned that mother-in-law was brought dead later my husband and he is one legal heir of his mother . So he demand one part of the immovable and movable property of my husband.
After death of husband when i was unconsciousness he has taken important briefcase of husband . Later i found including mobile phone to every thing he has taken. But due to respect i have not made any direct police complaint accept a general lost diary.
Now he is continuously spreading bad against my characters . i have no mercy for him . Not I want to share any thing of my husband to him . please advise my how do i handle him in court.
Ms.Usha Kapoor (Expert) 02 November 2017
As yo0ur husbanfd anfd your only daughtrer and yourMIL; DIED IN A MSASSIVE CAR ACCIDENT YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER AND YOUR LATE MIL you belong to clas 1 legaol heircategory. So if you obtain a Legal heir certificate frm local Tehsildar you alone would be sole legal heir of your hlate husband's entire propety with full ownership rights and yor rbrother inlaw has no rightds in your late hubsand's property whatsoever.Let him file a suit and face the Music.
Ms.Usha Kapoor (Expert) 02 November 2017
As yo0ur husbanfd anfd your only daughtrer and yourMIL; DIED IN A MSASSIVE CAR ACCIDENT YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER AND YOUR LATE MIL you belong to clas 1 legaol heircategory. So if you obtain a Legal heir certificate frm local Tehsildar you alone would be sole legal heir of your hlate husband's entire propety with full ownership rights and yor rbrother inlaw has no rightds in your late hubsand's property whatsoever.Let him file a suit and face the Music.
Vijay Raj Mahajan (Expert) 02 November 2017
The post-mortem report states that your husband brought dead at 12.00 pm and mother in law at 12.15 pm, this by itself does not confirm the exact time of death of your husband prior to your mother in law, it only says they were brought dead at particular time.
Your brother in law has sought the share of his mother in the share of the property of your husband on the ground that the mother died after the death of the husband hence at the time of the death of your husband the mother was alive and at that very moment inherited one share in the property of your husband along with you the surviving wife/widow according to the Hindu Succession Act,1956.
There is no confirmation who died first, whether the husband or the mother in law, the post mortem report does not clarify this fact hence the claim of the brother in law in the property of your husband cannot be taken just on the basic of the present post mortem report. The onus to prove that mother in law dies after the death of the husband is on your brother in law and without confirmed post mortem report about the exact timing of death of both, namely your husband and mother in law he won't be able to prove his claim in the court of law.
You should engage some experienced lawyer to fight out your case otherwise you will loose a part of the property of your husband.
Rajendra K Goyal (Expert) 02 November 2017
No advice to an author who is anonymous.

You can post the query in fresh thread with your identity and material facts.
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Well advised by Ms.Usha Kapoor and Mr.Vijay Raj Mahajan
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
The One who insults Anonymous querist should first define Anonymous
Rajendra K Goyal (Expert) 02 November 2017
If expert does not know the meaning of insult consult dictionary. Word not to be used in wrong reference / place.
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
The Guilt is Exposed
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Thanks for the Acceptance................
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Although the query seems to be of purely an academic nature, yet, I find that the case is well analysed by the expert Mr. Vijay Raj Mahajan.

Time of death (not the time of bringing the dead body) of your mother in law is crucial to decide your claim for the share of your husband's mother.
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
@Mr. NJS Rajkumar

You have stated, "Well advised by Ms.Usha Kapoor and Mr.Vijay Raj Mahajan." Don't you think that your answer can confuse the querist, as on the basis of which answer she should act upon. Apparently, answers of both the experts cannot be correct at a time, particularly, when the time of death of the mother-in-law of the querist is not sure.

You may like to make a review of your opinion.

Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
I am in full agreement with the views of Shri Vijay Raj Mahajan. Only postmortem report can be the deciding factor for the time of death of the mother-in-law of the querist. She has not discussed anything about the time of death as per the postmortem report. Postmortem reports also state the probable time of death.

Of course the problem does not seem to be a real one. Query being of academic nature cannot be overruled.
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Dear Querist Irrespective of the time of death your mother in law had made no claims on your husbands Rights as property cash etc and nothing was allotted to her Legally.Your brother in law has No Rights and instead of wasting time obtain the Legal Heir Certificate First in your Concerned Tehsildar Office /Revenue dept and legally safe guard your Rights.Consult and Discuss with a Local Good Senior Advocate Immediately with out wasting time
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Jiga alias Dhingra do not interfere with me to safe guard your self.
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Hai Jiga Alias Dhingra I know you very well.Stay out from me and I would ignore you but still I am ready to face you please
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Jiga alias Dhingra you are just no one to advise any one here what to be posted and how to be posted.It is their own wish and liberty and choice and even their point of views could be changed or altered any time and you have no business to question
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
OK, why not practically help the querist to get the claim decided as per your conviction without proving the time of death of mother-in-law?

You need not face me. I am not interfering with you. But, why are you so afraid of me, if I have asked you merely to make a review of your opinion in the light of the opinion of the expert Mr. Vijay Raj Mahajan?
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Jiga alias Dhingra More over I am not Mr.Kumar Doab to tolerate your nuisance.
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Jiga alias Dhingra Remember Twice you were suspended here and i helped you in bailing you out and third time if you get suspended you could never be back
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Mr. NJS,
OK, no issue for me, if you also prefer to continue to confuse the querists, like some others. However, I take exception to your terming me as someone else. Some day probably you will call me as Kumar Doab or Rajendra K Goyal also.

Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Jiga alias Dhingra I could only Pity You and you are just no one to be afraid of
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Mr. NJS, Pity can be taken only on the experts, who try to mislead others. I do not prefer to mislead anyone.

Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Jiga alias Dhingra Your Preference is immaterial Just mind your business Also do not insult the Innocent Queists with your insulting Remarks as Academic; If at all you have a Reply Post it or Just Ignore the Query if you do such insult you will not be Tolerated.Mind it
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Hai Jiga alias Dhingra I know you very well.Just Stay out from me and I would Ignore you But still I am ready to face you
Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017

You are a great person, who can face any person, except reality. Also, what I observed, if you are made to face reality, you get fully perturbed. But, you have just repeated your earlier post in the last post also. I can very well understand that you just try to find any vague reason just to play your number game, like Mr. Kumar Doab and Mr. Rajendra K Goyal, while even not having any knowledge about the subject matter.

Anyway, you may continue with playing of the number game.

Guest (Expert) 02 November 2017
Jiga alias Dhingra once again stay out from me and with your next post you had it from me.Lastly Warned
Kumar Doab (Expert) 02 November 2017
AQ………….so NO reply…………..
Kumar Doab (Expert) 02 November 2017
Pls post with your ID and you can get many replies……………
Kumar Doab (Expert) 02 November 2017

In all of IT's=@PSD's multiple fake ID's ie. 11,12,13th post in this thread and many thereafter................

Imitator, freemonger IT=@PSD had published that Shri Kumar Doab and Sudhir kumar are one and same person and now having finished with IT's=@PSD has started new and fresh hallucinations......................
Kumar Doab (Expert) 02 November 2017
Out of generosity let us wish IT=@PSD for the 1st time eternal peace and sleep in this thread for the 1st time.............
Querist : Anonymous (Querist) 02 November 2017
thank you all for yourkind help I am Srabani from West Bengal. There is nothing left for me to hide my name . It is very true fact happened with me few month back. I am a lost mother, and lost wife too and not even fully out of mental trauma. But i was compelled to rush court in this situation where a mother lost her only kid and husband due to her relative. it is quit painful for me. The accident happened three month back. unfortunately i was not travelling with them .otherwise i would be with them.Any how as the accident was massive , post mortem report only mentioned they are brought dead . and death happened due to severe shock and internal hemorrhage . actually the car in high speed hit a track from behind and struck at the bottom of truck . Police said it was very difficult task to pull car outside . I checked the post Mortem report. It was not mentioned the probable time of death. rather mentioned the accident time . So I like to thank you again for kind co-operation. My problem was not academic at all. i have checked the petition of my brother in law. He has mentioned me as 'I used black mail my husband to extract money. i didn't love my daughter , i pressured him to commit suicide like accident. i am crooked , incompatible lady' like so many word in this petition. Whereas god knows only the truth.we were husband and wife and moreover i had a baby who was travelling with his dad. I am depressed due to his spreading bad about me everywhere. Whereever i go,it seems to me that people look me like i am a greedy ,crooked and bad mother as well as wife. i am shocked. any how thank you for your kind reply. this is fact . Now your advice would help me more.thank you again.
Kumar Doab (Expert) 02 November 2017
Anyone that helped freemonger IT=@PSD later realized that IT=@PSD has been littering IT's=@PSD's TRADEMARK TAMASHAA, NUISANCE, ABUSE, QUARRELS....................from day1 from all of IT's multiple fake ID's to make points and later show picture of a very sick, old entity to escape.............

Querist : Anonymous (Querist) 03 November 2017
what mr Kumar Doab is saying i couldn't understant. can you please make it easy for me?
Querist : Anonymous (Querist) 03 November 2017
my mail id Please advise .
Rajendra K Goyal (Expert) 03 November 2017
Some experts are in the habit of posting cheap comment on me / experts. They should not take pain to send message for feeling sorry and regret to me atleast.

Any regret message from anyone embarrasses me. I do not like anybody feel sorry before me and hence feel small. I believe in respect and equality to all.
Guest (Expert) 03 November 2017
Only the Concerned Police could Confirm that No Criminal Cases/ Complaints Pending Please
Guest (Expert) 03 November 2017
Police Report / Certificate would be mandatory
Guest (Expert) 03 November 2017
Any how the Guilt is Exposed please
Guest (Expert) 03 November 2017
Thanks ................................................
Guest (Expert) 03 November 2017
@Anonymous Querist,

It is not your fault if you have not been able to understand what the fake expert, Mr. Kumar Doab, has said. The querists usually get confused what he wanted to say by his riddles, wrong and misleading advice.

In fact, if you can seriously go through his posts, you can find that he often demonstrates the state of his chronically sick unsound mind by making multiple irrelevant posts with two aims, (1) the querists should falsely be impressed that he is an expert on account of undue multiple number of posts; and (2) to play a number game to falsely ride above majority of the experts in the ladder of the team of the experts by gathering maximum scores through his multiple number of vague posts.

But, when you have asked him to contact you by giving him your mail ID, how are you sure that he is not a hardened criminal or he does not belong to a suspected terrorist group, when he has not posted his real name, picture and even place of location in his profile at LCI, even on hundreds of requests so far by experts and querists also?

If not sure, even on your own specific request, he is sure not to reveal his real name, identity and place of location. Most probably, out of a fit of rage, he may start abusing you also, like he did against others.

You can see, as I tried to reveal dark side of his character, after this post of mine, he is likely to start posting of multiples of his abusive posts even against me just to sidetrack the issue on your asking for his real identity. YOU MAY TRY YOUR LUCK!
P. Venu (Expert) 03 November 2017
Obviously, the brother - in - law is playing mischief, though it could be that the letter of law is there to assist him. The crux of the matter is that there is great inequity inherent in the provisions of Section 15 of the Hindu Succession Act, in the case of the mother inheriting the properties of the pre-deceased son, when that son is married and has his own family. Kerala has already amended this Section as follows:

Amendment of section 15.-In the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 (Central
Act 30 of 1956), in section 15, after clause (b) of sub-section (2), the following
clause shall be inseried. namely:-
"(c) any property inherited by a female Hindu from her predeceased son
shall devolve, not upon the other heirs referred to in sub-section (l) in the order
specified tberein, but upon the heirs of the pre-deceased son from whom she
inherited the property.".

It is not known whether similar amendment has been carried out in the querist's State. Please verify. If not, a competent lawyer can convince the Court to read down the provisions for ensuring justice to the hapless widow. However, the matter may involve protracted litigation and only the High Courts and Supreme Court can read down the statutory provision, unless there are established precedents.
Kumar Doab (Expert) 04 November 2017
IT=@PSD has continued with IT’s=@PSD’s trademark TAMASHA, NUISANCE, SARCASM, NUISANCE in this thread also.

Nothing new in all posts of IT=@PSD as usual from all of multiple fake ID’s from Day1, in this thread also.

IT=@PSD has been playing the number game from day1 in all of IT’s=@PSD’s multiple fake ID’s (even flush of Anonymous Queries) and in this thread also, without any knowledge of subject matter……………………And IT=@PSD has proved that IT=@PSD can’t understand leave apart learn despite years of tutorials to IT=@PSD at LCI also (forget other forums).
IT=@PSD shamelessly ( Besharmi se) advertises LCI and features of LCI e.g; ‘Hall of Fame’, ‘Featured Member’ as IT’s=@PSD’s qualification at forums (other than LCI also) to allure and fleece unsuspecting querists.

IT=@PSD shamelessly ( Besharmi se) is now willfully enacting drama of abusing NJSR ( other than Dr. J.C.Vashista, Shri Kumar Doab, Shri Rajendra K Goyal and others) since and although NJSR has disclosed that ‘ The ID’s of IT=@PSD’ were suspended ( rusticated, shunted out…………….Dhakke Mar Kar Nikal Diya) by LCI many times and NJSR helped IT=@PSD to get readmitted at LCI…………
Now anytime IT=@PSD as per IT’s=@PSD’s ‘Die Hard habit’ can allege, advertise that IT=@PSD paid considerations for such act of kindness.

IT=@PSD must advertise what was fraction and % of ……………IT=@PSD’s earnings from LCI and others.

IT=@PSD wants to retain the TITLE of The Only Terrorist and Besharam at LCI.

IT=@PSD has not advertised which, who and how many of all from IT’s=@PSD chain above, parallel, below ……….were gifted to terrorists and which, who and how many were received back as Jakaat, Khairaat (not gift) and net earnings….
Guest (Expert) 04 November 2017
@ Kumar Doab,

With your latest and the most irrelevant post, Mr. Kumar Doab (unreal name used by him) you have openly demonstrated the state of your unsound mind. Why don't you get proper treatment?

You need to be the querist or approved LAWyersclub expert to take part in this query .

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