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Queries Participated

Sundar   21 October 2021 at 14:14

Age or life of tamilnadu housing board dwelling

Dear Learned Members,

I live in a flat/colony which was constructed by Tamilnadu Housing Board in early 1980.
Is there a rule or act or notification that defines the criteria as a old or depleted building.
either from TNHB or CMDA or Corporation?


Sundar   18 September 2021 at 11:54

Ancestral property

Dear All,

I have a small question w.r.t ancestral property ...

There is an ancestral property(immovable) in India. One person (coparcener) living in India and the other coparcener living in other country trying to acquire the other country citizenship.

My understanding is that... if a person relinquish Indian citizenship(per Constitution) or willing to relinquish Indian Citizenship, then other coparcener looses the right on ancestral property.

Seeking your inputs in case my my understanding is incorrect.

Best Regards,

Anonymous   01 November 2020 at 12:20

Commodity trading while studying llb(3years)

Dear All,

I have enrolled for LLB(3years).

Can I do trading while doing my LLB course? I know that I should not be employed. But I believe trading is considered as a business. To be precise, I intend to do commodity business while studying.

I will also be attending the classes.

Please advice.
Best Regards,

Sundar   21 September 2017 at 00:36

Master of corporate law as a career

Dear Learned Members,
Recently I was informed about a course MCL(Master of corporate Law) Distance education mode from Dr.Ambedkar University, Chennai. I'd like to know the benefits and career scope on a long term basis. I'm working in IT field now. Best Regards,

Note:- Same topic has been posted in Forum as below
Read more at:

Sundar   30 April 2012 at 19:29

Cruelty - inlaws - urgent help needed

Dear Learned members,
My wife went home when she was 3 months pregnant and never returned. My efforts for a reconciliation failed. Also their relatives who mediated were not able to convince my wife to return to marital life. She completely deserted me after going to her parent’s home and she delivered a child. Her parents have constantly fuelled and fanned her. After great difficulty I was able to convince her and we moved to separate home near her parent’s home. Even after that there was constant brainwashing by her parent’s. She hardly stayed with me for a month’s time and again got conceived. We already have a girl child who is 1.6 months old. My inlaws convince her for an abortion. In spite of my request not to abort she aborted. Again she went back to her parent’s home and there was no whereabouts for more than 3 months and she again returned. She said that she would scarify everything for the sake of the child and just stayed for one night. My inlaws habituated my kid in AC. The very same night the kid was not able to sleep and she wanted me to drop her at her parent’s place at 2.30 am. The next day morning she came back and said that unless and until I arrange for and washing machine she will not return. She also stopped communicating and stopped my access to my child. She always threatens me saying that even if I move to court the custody of the child will be with her only. I am amazed as all I want is a family and kid and nothing more.
1. I intend to complain against my inlaws for intervening in my family.
2. Hope and pray my wife and kid come back.
3. In case she is not willing to return.
4. Is there possibility that she false case against me and my family with vengeance and revenge?
5. Already, she took all the jewels and other articles with her long time back.
Seeking desperate help.

Best regards,


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