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Queries Participated

Kalyani   29 April 2021 at 17:40

Power of attorney

1)My mother has some agricultural land which her nephew has been looking after it for a very long time. Now having checked land records on line I realize that one of the section of the land which was 1.12 acres according to the original documents has now reduced to 0.25 acres. My cousin who is looking after the land and has been enjoying the land has stopped all communications with me since I have queried how the land has disappeared. I have requested one of the local lawyer to investigate . I have sent him copies of the documents. Now the local lawyer has also stopped communicating. I am unable to go because I am the only daughter and main carer for my elderly disabled mother ( 91 years old)
2)My mother has a house which the care taker is looking after. Now he has moved his children and wife in to the house. It has been six years since the house has been left in the hands of the care taker. I really need to dispose otherwise I will loose the properties. My father has passed away .
I have no POA registered in India. My mother has made a WILL registered in India . All her properties will be passed to me upon her death.
The Will only come in to action after her death. I understand that I need to take a court order to act on my behalf. Do I apply for a court order in INDIA or do I apply for court order in UK.. I have a registered POA in UK to look after her assets in UK . Unfortunately the POA is not valid in India.

I will be grateful for any advise.

Kalyani   29 April 2021 at 04:50

Court of protection or poa

My mother has some self acquired properties in India. Unfortunately she had a stroke ,which has left her paralysed both physically and mentally.
She will never be able to travel to India again. I am her only daughter and I do not have a power of attorney registered in India. She is not in state to issue a power of attorney. I need to dispose of the properties in India quickly or I will lose them.
How can I act on my mother's behalf in India to take control of the properties.?

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