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Queries Participated

veera venkata satyanarayana   08 October 2021 at 13:56

Whatsapp chat

Respected All,

1) Can whatsapp conversations be used as proof in Negotiable instruments act and money recovery acts. Will they be useful ?

2) If so, how to use them..Can we take screenshot of them and produce before court ?

Please help point by point.

veera venkata satyanarayana   23 September 2021 at 21:43

Regarding court fees, stamp duty fees etc paid in court

Hi Sir,

I have filed a case on a person who vows money to me but didn't gave. Promissory note case. Money recovery Act. Now that person is asking for compromise in lok adaalat.

I have spent money for some court challans, stamp duty etc at the time of filing the case. Now that we are getting compromised can I get that money from court? If so wats the procedure?

Means , what I want to ask is, amount which I have spent in initial stages for stamp duty, some challans etc Can I get them back if we settle the case in lok adaalat ? Please answer.

Anonymous   14 July 2021 at 13:29

Regarding money recovery act

Hi Sir,

I made online transfer of money from my bank account to someone's bank account. I have the transaction statement and with a sign and seal of bank. That person did not returned my money.

Can I approach to file money recovery act for that money ? I don't have promissory note for that...

Is bank account statement enough to file money recovery act ?

Can some one guide me . please.

veera venkata satyanarayana   23 February 2021 at 23:11

Regarding court challans, expenses etc in promisory note cas

Hi Sir,

Few months back I have filed a case for recovery of money (Promisory note case). I have paid some money as court challans, stamp duty & other expenses.

Now in that case, we are going for compromise. other party is ready to give me my money back. Now it will get settled. My query is


veera venkata satyanarayana   06 February 2021 at 23:10

Regarding serving notice

Please help on below3 points. Please . Some people intentionally avoiding, escaping from taking lawyer notice sent through postal service. Thats why asking this doubt.

1) can lawyer notice be served online either through whatsapp/email address/facebook messenger id ? any of them or all of them ?

2) Can I take pic of the notice prepared by my lawyer and send to other party in whatsapp or email from my whatsapp/email ? So that the other party cannot say that notice is not served. I as a client can send to other party from my whatsapp to his whatsapp ? This is in addition to sending through postal service.

3) or only lawyer can send from his whatsapp or email ?

veera venkata satyanarayana   26 October 2020 at 10:08

Regarding lok adaalat


My wife filed a case against her sister and brother in law. Section is 509. Now she is ready to take it back with terms and conditions. KINDLY HELP WITH THIS 4 POINTS ONE BY ONE. PLEASE.

1) is it enough if she writes terms and conditions on lok adaalat proforma paper in court AND get it Signed?

2) or is it better to write & get signed outside on a white paper?

3) or is it better to get them writes on bonded paper and get it notarized?

4) incase if they trouble again can she get the case opened anytime again? Is it possible to get case opened again if so what is the process?

veera venkata satyanarayana   24 September 2020 at 15:22

Regarding serving notices


Please help on the below 2 points. Please.

1) can lawyer notice be served online either through watsapp/ email address/ Facebook Messenger id? Any of them or all of them?

2) if so, who has to do it.

They have to be sent from my lawyers watsapp/email/ Facebook id?

Or I as a client have to take pic of content prepared by my lawyer and have to send from my watsapp/email address.

Kindly help with the above 2.

veera venkata satyanarayana   13 January 2020 at 12:05

Query on cheques lost

Hi Sir,

I lost my cheque book. But I have not signed on them. I have informed it to bank.

Anything else I need to do for this ? Kindly educate. Thanks.

Anonymous   24 October 2019 at 15:56

Regarding filing petition for cheque bounce case

Hi Experts,

I have a concern. Your help needed Kindly help.

In 2013 One person has given me a cheque for money which he vows to me. It got bounced and I have filed cheque bounce case on him in my city.

But later after few months , supreme court said that cheque bounce cases have to be filed in cities to which lenders bank account is with (person who has issued me cheque). and the court in which I have filed the case returned my case.

Now I have heard that supreme court rolled back the above judgement.

Could you please let me know how should I get the case opened ? how should I file petition for it ? Please guide me how to get the cheque bounce case opened ?

Please help. I will be thankful to you.

Anonymous   24 October 2019 at 15:46

Regarding attaching salary and property in promisory note ca

Hi Experts I have 2 queries on similar subjects. I will be posting one after another. Kindly help me with your knowledge.

One person has borrowed money from me. He is not giving me back. I have promisory note which is signed by him. He is a central government employee and also has a house in my city.

1)Could you please tell what are the documents required for attaching salary of an central government employee in a promisory note case?

2)Could you please tell what are the documents required for attaching property of a person in a promisory note case?

3)Which is a quick and safe for me in the above. Attaching salary or Property or both ?

Kindly help with all 3 queries.


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