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Queries Participated

LoneFighter   31 October 2014 at 23:28

Filing private complaint after fir complaint

Dear experts,
I am unsure if this forum can be used to post my queries. I have seen others who are not Experts posting queries here.
Please ignore if i am not supposed to post here.

Complainant filed a complaint against A1 false promise of marriage after getting physical with her. A2 and A3 are parents. Police investigated and gave statement that there are no allegations in the complaint and nothing done by A2 and A3.

Even in the complaint and investigation diary, its only mentioned that they did not agree for the marriage. Police has taken off their names from the chargesheet adding only A1.

Complainant is trying to give a private complaint asking judge to make A2 and A3 attend the hearings or include them in the case.

-----> Can someone file a private complaint in the same court on the same issue once the investigation is already done based on her complaint given to police.

LoneFighter   11 September 2014 at 04:43

Best procedure to organize mediation meeting

Dear Experts,

My friend is framed under 417 and 420 for false promise of marriage. Police framed guys parents also, i dont know under what offense. She said, they are not accepting for marriage. So they became A2 and A3.

Any how my question is, A2 and A3 got the bail, they would want to talk to other party if they could settle the matter amicably. Other party is prone to audio recording and faking everything etc. What is the best way one could organize this meeting so that it wont create problem to A2 and A3 later if they don't agree on settlement options.

Is it good to have a law officer like Police officer in the premises, so that there wont be any issue later.

This is just to have a discussion, nothing much. Please advice.


LoneFighter   11 September 2014 at 04:17

Character evidence

Women has filed a fake complaint on a guy that he had promised her to marry and got physical with her and did not honor the promise later.

-> Her resume has fake details that she worked with some company, but she mentioned different ones in FIR. Her resume was sent from her mail ID.

She has mentioned some company names etc which she claims to have worked, but she has not worked there.

Can the above piece of evidence shows that she is dishonest.

-> She has proposed for love initially that she loves him, but in the FIR, a big story is made up. He initially rejected her and she threatened him of suicide.
This was taken to her mothers notice by guys sister, when this happened.

can Accused's Sister's evidence be treated as a proof. I know her mother will deny everything. She did have habit of threatening of suicide.

Last query, is it good to apply for speedy trial in high-court as the case was applied in a remote town and probably they favor women's words.



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