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Queries Participated

manmeet singh   16 August 2013 at 20:53

Which has supermacy between order of hc and g. o.

Dear Visitors,


I am seeking your great opinion for a matter like contempt of court. Facts are as below:-

1. Central Government of India issued a Rehabilitation scheme in 200. I am entitling for the same.
2. State Governments is the nodal agencies to execute the same. State government issued an office memorandum to execute after the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court but this office memorandum is not accordance to central government scheme.
3. Hon’ble High Court directed in a PIL to state Government to decide the all matters according to the central Government Scheme.
4. After the above order, I approached the state Government to obtain the desired relief. Unfortunately state government decided my application state government office memorandum which is not according to central government scheme.
5. I again approached the high court. High court again passed an order to commissioner to pay specific relief according to central government scheme.

Now faced problem is as below:-

Commissioner said to me orally that state government had already paid compensation to me, so nothing can pay to me. Therefore I can not obtain justrice as per the Central Government Scheme.

The Question of Laws arisen in this matter as below which can not solved by me:-

1. Which is the supremacy order between High Court Order and State Government Office Memorandum?
2. What is the legal status office memorandum after the order of High Court?
3. Is commissioner behaving like contempt of Court?
4. What is the proceeding of contempt of Court?

manmeet singh   30 May 2013 at 15:42

What is the procedure to file caveat in sci

In a Case hon’ble High Court directed the respondents to comply with order of Government. I think that respondent can approach hon’ble Supreme Court of india. Can any person advice me on how to file caveat in supreme court?

manmeet singh   25 May 2013 at 08:51

Format of "memo of parties" in sci

Can any person supply the format of "Memo of parties" which is prescribed by SCI to submit with SLP in SCI

manmeet singh   18 May 2013 at 20:50

About language of supreme court for annexures

is necessary to translate in english to hindi of annexres which are in hindi to submit with SLP and appeals in Spreme Court of India?
please give your great opinion or advise.



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