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Queries Participated

jayanthilal   24 November 2015 at 11:06

Accident related

In May 2014,I was travelling to some remote place via jeep to my relatives place ,which is local transportation just like Bus in our area ,The jeep was fully crowded,Suddenly the bike coming from the opposite direction,gave a jerk to jeep,there are 2 people on that bike,one person died on the spot,and other person went to unconscious ,unable to talk,speak,walk also.I too got some fractures on my hand and as well as neck area.with in few minutes ambulance arrived ,we were rushed to Govt. hospital with in 30 mints.The Govt.staff made some treatment for my fractures and they collected some details regarding accident ,how the accident happened,when that way,I told them what has happened,I think so they have informed to the police department .After 3 days I got a call from police department ,and I went there,I told them that I was in drowsy mood means I was sleeping in the jeep,while the accident occurred,I don’t know exactly what has happened..I requested the writer not to mention my name as the eye witness,Y because I was working in another state which is 50 hours away from where the accident has taken place.He said that give one Identity-Proof Xerox and sign on it and signed there and hand overed to him ,Again I requested him not to mention and to involve me in these type of matters ,it will cause disturbances to my work life as well as daily life ,He said ok,I won’t include your name,and said just for formality purpose we are taking ur ID proof Xerox in that way.At present , nearly 15-18 months after that incident has occurred,one month back ,my relatives told me that Constable has enquired about you and about that incident,Constable told that I have to attend before court as a eye-witness, My relatives informed to me.Later, after 15 days ,My dad got a call from the constable to get my contact details,My dad told to Constable call me back after 5 mints ,I will Take out from my phone book and I will give it to you…But the constable didn’t called again..
Now what my question is,
1. I already informed to the writer on that day not to mention my name or not to involve me in that case,Now why he is including me and why he is saying me to attend before the court.
2. Actually I’m working in Bangalore,The incident occurred in remote village in Rajasthan,If I don’t present before court means,will it create any problems,why because I’m working in MNC Company, they won’t give leave easily ,Travelling burdens,expenses all are waste of time and money for me.
3. If you say it is compulsory to attend before court means ,is there any alternative I mean without going there ,I can give my written statement, and forwarded to the court, Tell me what is the procedure ,how to do it, where to submit it.
4. Finally I’m preparing for Govt. Exams ,will it effect my selection.
Thanking you sir,
yours sincerely,

jayanthilal   17 May 2013 at 12:49

Land case

please help us sir


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